AES Mid-Career Award

Recognizes exceptional contributions to the field of electrophoresis, microfluidics, and related areas by an individual who is currently in the middle of their career.

2021 Recipient

Nathan S. Swami

Nathan Swami serves as Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia, with joint appointments in Chemistry and the Cancer Center departments. His research group specializes in development of label-free microfluidic devices for biofabrication, biophysical single-cell isolation for phenotypic analysis and for integration with nanoconfinement to enable signal amplification for biomolecular sensing. Prior to University of Virginia, he served on the scientific staff of the MEMS group at Motorola Labs and at Clinical Microsensors, Inc., a Caltech start-up interfacing microelectronics to bio-analysis. He seeks to impact diagnostic systems within point-of-care and resource-poor settings for enabling precision medicine. More information on his research is at:


Due each year on November 15. For details on requirements and nomination process, visit

Past recipients

2020        Alexandra Ros

2019 Christopher J. Easley

2018 Michael Roper 

2017 R. Scot Martin 

2016 Amy E. Herr

2015 Adam T. Woolley 

2014 Kevin Dorfman

2013 Todd Squires

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