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Atomic, Forensics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Mass Spectrometry

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Coblentz Award Sessions



Contemporary Issues/Early Career

Process Analytical, Art and Archaeology, Raman



Mass Spectrometry 

Pharmaceutical Analysis


Eigenvector Research, Inc. - Atomic

Elemental Scientific, Inc. - Atomic

ESL - Atomic 

Glass Expansion, Inc - Atomic

Hamamatsu Corporation - Forensics

Harrington Center for Intelligent Instrumentation - Chemometrics

Ionflight - Atomic

Leco Corporation - Atomic

Meinhard - Atomic

Mike and Mary Carrabba - FACSS Student Awards

Mobilion Systems - Mass Spectrometry 

Nanocomposix | Fortis Life Sciences - Atomic

Necsel Ip, Inc. - Lanyards

Nu Instruments - Atomic

PerkinElmer - Atomic

Royal Society of Chemistry - Raman

Sciaps Inc - Art & Archaeology, Chemometrics

Sociedad de Espectroscopia Aplicada - Atomic

Society For Applied Spectroscopy - Chemometrics

Spectruma Analytik GmbH - Atomic

tec5usa Inc. - Process Analytical Technology

Teledyne - Atomic

Tofwerk Ag - Atomic

Wasatch Photonics - Conference Bags

Waters - Mass Spectrometry 


Excelitas Canada Inc. - Atomic

Ownby Analytical, Llc - Art and Archaeology

Mibic GmbH & Co KG-  Biomedical & Bioanalytical

Society for Archaeological Sciences - Art and Archaeology

Thorlabs, Inc.

Spu System Inc.


Premier Media Partner


Media Partners 

American Pharmaceutical Review

Applied Spectroscopy

The Analytical Scientist


BioPharma Asia

BioPhotonics, A Photonics Media Publication

ICP Winter Conference


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