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Announcement July 8: The SciX 2020 team is pleased to announce that SciX will be going virtual for our 2020 meeting! We're excited to showcase top research and provide valuable networking opportunities in this new format. Sign up for email alerts using THIS LINK, and keep connected to us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest information. 


SciX 2020 is led by Conference General Chair Linda Yarlott and Program Chair Mary Kate Donais. We are pleased to announce preliminary session titles in each section. Check back for updates as the program is developed, and refer to the Program At-a-Glance for the overall meeting schedule.


20AES01: Electrokinetic Fundamentals

Chair: Victor H. Perez-Gonzalez

20AES02: Applications of Electric-field Driven Techniques

Chair: Jeffrey Moran

20AES03: ACS ANYL-AES Joint Session

Chair: Mark Hayes

20AES04: Electric-field Mediated Microanalytical Devices

Chair: Tayloria Adams

20AES05: 3D Printing and Other Novel Microfabrication Approaches

Chair: Ana Egatz

20AES06: Leader in the Field

Chair: Wenwan Zhong

20AES07: Electric-field Mediated Techniques Coupled with Other Analytical Techniques

Chair: Chris Baker


20ART01: Archaeometry Research in Indigenous Cultures

Chair: Rachel Popelka-Filcoff

20ART02: Student Symposium on Chemistry in Art and Archaeology

Chair: Jayde Hirniak

20ART03: IR and Raman Spectroscopy in Museum Science

Chair: Peter Vandenabeele


20ATOM01: Atomic Spectroscopy Techniques for Nuclear Applications

Chair: Benjamin Manard

20ATOM02: Atmospheric-pressure Plasmas for Chemical Analysis and Transformations

Chair: Jacob Shelley

20ATOM03: Laser Ablation: Fundamentals and Applications

Chair: Amy Managh

20ATOM04: Advances in Elemental Analysis for Food and Agricultural Applications

Chair: Todor Todorov

20ATOM05: Advances in Correlative Microscopy Techniques: Beyond a Pretty Picture

Chair: Terri Bruce

20ATOM06: High-end ICP-MS Instrumentation

Chairs: Johanna Irrgeher, Michael Wieser

20ATOM07: Solving Problems with ICP-MS

Chairs: Steve Ray, Kelsey Williams

20ATOM08: Low Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopies

Chair: Jorge Pisonero


Coming soon


20BIM01: Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging for Cancer

Chair: Michael Schmitt

20BIM02: Spectroscopic Approaches to Tackle Infectious Diseases

Chair: Juergen Popp

20BIM03: Musculoskeletal Tissues

Chair: Nancy Pleshko

20BIM04: Overcoming the Challenges in Applying Vibrational Spectroscopy for the Clinical Screening and Diagnosis of Cancer

Chair: Fay Nicolson

20BIM05: Spectroscopic Imaging of Living Cells

Chair: Rohith Reddy

20BIM06: Machine and Deep Learning for Biomedical Diagnostics

Chair: Thomas Bocklitz

20BIM07: New Frontiers in Biomedical Analysis

Chair: Karen Esmonde-White


20CHEM01: New Frontiers in Chemometrics

Chair: Federico Marini

20CHEM02: Chemometric Opportunities in the Forensic Sciences

Chair: Brooke Kammrath

20CHEM03: Chemical Feature Extraction from Hyperspectral Images

Chair: Thomas Bocklitz

20CHEM04: Chemometric Approaches to Food Security

Chair: Mengliang Zhang

20CHEM05: AI and Deep Learning

Chair: Ludovic Duponchel

20CHEM06: Industrial Strength Chemometrics

Chair: David Hopkins

20CHEM07: Advances in Calibration

Chair: Peter Harrington


20CTP01: Innovations in Education

Chairs: Christopher Harrison, Rebecca Airmet

20CTP02: Women in Science

Chair: Rina Dukor

20CTP03: Global Climate Measurement Science

Chair: Rebecca Airmet

20CTP04: Making Measurement Personal: From New Medicines to Health Apps

Chairs: Karen Esmonde-White, Rebecca Airmet


20EARLY01: Learning from the Ghosts of Early Career Scientists Past and Present

Chair: Jacob Shelley

20EARLY02: The Early Career Spectroscopists Yet to Come

Chair: Ashley Allen


20FORENS01; Nuclear Forensics

Chairs: Robert Lascola, Dallas Reilly

20FORENS02: Food Forensics

Chairs: Betsy Yakes, Luis Rodriguez-Saona

20FORENS03: Forensic Analysis in the Lab and at the Crime Scene

Chair: Igor Lednev

20FORENS04: Methods for Challenging Forensics Applications

Chair: Robert Lascola


20LIBS01: Fundamentals of LIBS

Chair: Alessandro De Giacomo

20LIBS02: Frontiers in Femtosecond LIBS

Chair: Vassila Zorba

20LIBS03: Promising Directions for LIBS

Chair: Vincent Motto Ros

20LIBS04: LIBS Calibration Strategies

Chair: Matthieu Baudelet

20LIBS05: Spectroscopies for Space Exploration

Chair: Javier Laserna

20LIBS06: Optical Spectroscopy Tools for Nuclear Applications

Chair: Sivanandan Harilal

20LIBS07: LIBS for Biological Applications

Chair: Noureddine Melikechi

20LIBS08: LIBS for Geoanalysis: Current Applications, Future Trends

Chair: Andrew Somers

20LIBS09: LIBS for Soil Analysis: Applications and Challenges

Chair: Christian Goueguel

20LIBS10: Hybrid LIBS: Methodologies and Applications

Chair: David Hahn

20LIBS11: LIBS in Harsh Environment

Chair: François Doucet


20MASS01: New Developments in MS Sampling and Ionization

Chair: Elyssia Gallagher

20MASS02: Photons in mass Spectrometry

Chair: Kermit Murray

20MASS03: Ion Mobility-MS: Fundamentals and Applications

Chair: Theresa Evans-Nguyen


20IR01: Optical Photothermal IR Spectroscopy

Chair: Curtis Marcott

20IR02: Nanoscale IR - I Fundamentals and Instrument Development

Chair: Georg Ramer

20IR03: Nanoscale IR - II Materials

Chair: Andrea Centrone

20IR04: NanoscaleIR - III Life Sciences

Chair: Simone Ruggeri

20IR05: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques in PAT I

Chair: Michael George

20IR06: IR Frequency Combs

Chair: Bernhard Lendl

20IR07: New Advances in Brillouin Spectroscopy

Chair: Francesca Palambo

20IR08: 2DCOS I

Chair: Isao Noda

20IR09: 2DCOS II

Chair: Isao Noda

20IR10: New Components and Systems for Mid-IR Sensing

Chair: Markus Brandsetter


20PAT01: SAS PAT Technical Section: PAT in the Pharmaceutical Industries Session I

Chair: Jim Rydzak

20PAT02: SAS PAT Technical Section: PAT in the Biopharmaceutical Industries Session II

Chair: Dan Hill

20PAT03: Industrial Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy

Chair: Mark Rickard

20PAT04: Online Analysis of Industrial Processes and Reactions

Chair: Bo Gong

20PAT05: Advances in On-line Process Analysis

Chair: Alison Nordon

20PAT06: PAT Enabled Flow Chemistry and Continuous Manufacturing

Chair: Jim Rydzak

20PAT07: Process Analytical in the Petroleum/Refineries Industry

Chair: Toni Miao


20PMA01: Solving Industrial Problems using Vibrational Spectroscopy

Chair: Patrick Wray

20PMA02: Importance of Chirality in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Chair: Rina Dukur

20PMA03: Biopharmaceutical Raw Material Characterization

Chair: John Bobiak

20PMA04: Artificial Intelligence in Pharma

Chair: Jeremy Shaver

20PMA05: Drop Coat Deposition

Chair: Ravi Kalyanaraman

20PMA06: Atomic Investigations in Pharma

Chair: Lydia Breckenridge

20PMA07: Pharmaceutical Investigations

Chairs: Anna Luczak, Jim Wasylyk

20PMA08: Advanced Biopharma Techniques

Chair: TBD

20PMA09: TBD

20PMA10: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques in Pharma II

Chair: Michael George


20RAM0: Emerging Raman

Chair: Pavel Matousek

20RAM02: Raman in Regenerative Medicine

Chair: Ioan Notingher

20RAM03: SERS 1

Chair: Roy Goodacre

20RAM04: SERS 2

Chair: Karen Faulds

20RAM05: SERS 3

Chair: Colin Campbell


Chair: Karen Faulds

20RAM07: Biomedical Raman (Clirspec)

Chair: Nick Stone

20RAM08: Transmission Raman Spectroscopy

Chair: Mark Mabry

20RAM09: Raman Imaging/Microscopy

Chair: Katsumasa Fujita

20RAM10: Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS)

Chairs: Sara Mosca, Fay Nicolson

20RAM11: Stand-off Raman

Chair: TBD

20RAM12: Low Frequency Raman

Chair: Anjan Roy

20RAM13: Food Security

Chair: Roy Goodacre

20RAM14: Raman Spectroscopy for Security and Forensics Purposes

Chair: Igor Lednev

20RAM15: Nano Raman

Chairs: Andrew Whitley, Andrey Krayev

20RAM16: Industrial Raman

Chair: TBD


20SPECIAL01: Cannabis Testing Insights

Chair: Derek Averill

20SPECIAL02: Spectrochimica Acta B Best Paper Award Session

Chair: Alessandro De Giacomo

20SPECIAL03: Exhibitor Technology Innovation Award Presentation

Chair: Scott Rudder

20SPECIAL04: Coblentz Clara Craver Session

Chair: TBD


20SPR01: Plasmonic Sensors

Chair: Amanda Haes

20SPR02: Chemical Effects with Plasmon Resonances

Chair: Zachary Schultz

20SPR03: Plasmon-Driven Processes

Chair: Emilie Ringe

20SPR04: New Materials for Plasmonics

Chair: Jennifer Shumaker-Parry



Chair: Yukihiro Ozaki


Chair: Yukihiro Ozaki

20SPSJ03: Near Infrared Spectroscopy I

Chair: Shigeaki Morita

20SPSJ04: Near Infrared Spectroscopy II

Chair: Christian Huck

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