SciX Short Courses and Workshops

Half Day

Laser Induced Plasma Emission: From Atomic to Molecular Spectra                                                                                

Alessandro de Giacomo- University of Bari

Joerg Hermann- CNR of Marseille 

Advance Applications of LAICPOES, LAICPMS and LIBS Jhanis Gonzales- Applied Spectra / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Variable Selection Robert T. Roginski- Eigenvector
Hands on Applications of LIBS for Real Analytical Problems François Doucet- Elemission
Sweetwater Brewery **offsite event, 21 and over, closed toed shoes** Ben Chambers- Sweetwater Brewery
Intro to Raman with Imaging Applications   David Tuschel- HORIBA Scientific   
Laser Fundamentals for Spectroscopy  Robert Chimenti- Innovative Photonic Solutions / Rowan University 
Navigating the Startup World as a Female or Minority Founder  Samantha Friedman- Fair Founders 
Developing Strategies and Hands-On Activities for Effective STEM Outreach  Melodie Knowlton- Vertex Pharmaceuticals 

Full Day

Basic Chemometrics                   Neal B. Gallagher- Eigenvector
Classification of Unknown Materials Using  Microscopy and Spectroscopy  Raya Greenberger- MVA Scientific Consultants 
Non-Linear Methods for Regression and Classification  Donal O’Sullivan- Eigenvector 
Basics of Multivariate Modeling of Spectroscopic Data  Heather Brooke- CAMO Software