Monday , October 22

18PMA03: New Frontiers in Chirality

Location: A704
9:15 am
Application of Raman Optical Activity Spectroscopy for quality assessment of pharmaceuticals products
Advance spectroscopic technique for pharmaceutical application
Sergey Arzhantsev1; 1US FDA
9:35 am
Exploiting Biocatalysis to Enhance Chiral Pharmaceutical Synthesis
Biocatalysis enables sustainable and stereoselective access to chiral pharmaceuticals for global health and pervasive diseases.
Katherine Belecki12; 1Virginia Commonwealth University, 2The Medicines for All Institute
9:55 am
HPLC Enantiomeric Separation of Aromatic Amines Using Crown Ether Tetracarboxylic Acid
Elucidate the interactions solutechiral stationary phase occuring in chiral chromatography.
Nelu Grinberg, Ling Wu, Shengli Ma, Sherry Shen, Mark Grinberg, Cristina Manolescu; 1Grinberg Consulting
10:15 am
Understanding Reaction and Crystallization Kinetics Using Raman and IR as PAT Tools
Raman and IR as PAT tools provide key information for process understanding in pharmaceutical process.
Shengli Ma1; 1Genentech Inc.
10:35 am
Chiral Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products, Intermediates, and Impurities by Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy
MRR is emerging as a powerful technique for chiral mixture analysis.
Justin Neill1, Matt Muckle1; 1BrightSpec, Inc.