2017 Final Program
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The Analytical and Economic Challenges of Maintaining Food Safety in a Global Supply Chain; Janie Dubois, University of Maryland, JIFSAN

Spectroscopy Magazine's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award. The Small Matter of Bioanalysis:  Adventures at Less Than 10 nm with Quantum Dots and/or FRET; Russ Algar, University of British Columbia

Ellis R. Lippincott Award Plenary. Vibrational Engineering: From Superlattices to Coherent and Squeezed Phonons; Roberto Merlin, University of Michigan

Sir George Stokes Award Plenary. Tackling Global Health Challenges with Biosensor Technologies; Tony Cass, Imperial College London

Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy. Mann up, SERS Can be Useful!; Duncan Graham, University of Strathclyde

Coblentz Society Craver Award. The Technology Behind Coherent 2D IR Spectroscopy and its Application to Amyloid Diseases; Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award.  Infrared Response of Sub-Micron-Scale Structures of Poly (Oxymethylene): Surface Polaritons in Polymers; Naoto Nagai, Industrial Research Institute of Niigata Prefecture

Lester W. Strock Award.  The Wonderful World of High-Precision Isotopic Analysis using Multi-Collector ICP-MS; Frank Vanhaecke, Ghent University

ANACHEM AwardDevelopment of Ultraviolet Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry for Characterization of Proteins; Jennifer Brodbelt, University of Texas at Austin

AES Mid Career Award.  Using Microchip Electrophoresis and Electrochemical Detection to Investigate Cellular Communication; R. Scott Martin, Saint Louis University

Announcement of the 2017 Innovation Award winner
Closing Session: The New Vision of Analytical Science by the World

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SciX 2017 Sessions and Abstracts:

Wednesday , October 11

17RAM13: Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industrial Applications of Raman Spectroscopy

Location: Carson 3
3:50 pm
Process Optimization Strategies for Cell Culture Bioreactors using Raman Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis
Bioreactor Control of titer and quality attributes by spectroscopy
Karin Balss1, Ann Edwards1, Wan Su1, Carl Rafferty1, Dan Trout1, Steve Mehrman1, Priya Ramachandrula1, Raghunath Shivappa1, Olav Lyngberg1; 1Janssen Pharmaceuticals
4:10 pm
Use of PAT in the Selection of a Design Space based on Process Understanding: A Case Study
A design space that ensures drug substance quality was selected using a combination of mechanistic understanding and PAT
Antonio Ramirez1, Daniel Hallow2, Michaël Fenster1, Sha Lou1, Nathan Domagalski1, Srinivas Tummala1, Sushil Srivastava1, Lindsay Hobson1; 1Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, 2Noramco
4:30 pm
Aldehyde detection, speciation, and quantification using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Standard colorimetric tools can be extended with SERS for detection, speciation, and quantification
Mark Peterman1, Samuel Kleinman1, Merwan Benhabib1; 1OndaVia, Inc.
4:50 pm
Label free approach to monitor ultra-violet radiation induced changes in skin cells
Label free identification of cellular processes and response.
Surya Singh1, Jeon Woong Kang1, Ramachandra Rao Dasari1; 1Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5:10 pm
Substrate Evaluation Using Single Molecule SERS
This work is important for the development of new SERS platforms for ultra-sensitive chemical analysis
Alexandre Brolo, MuYang Zhang1; 1University of Victoria, Dept of Chemistry