2017 Final Program
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The Analytical and Economic Challenges of Maintaining Food Safety in a Global Supply Chain; Janie Dubois, University of Maryland, JIFSAN

Spectroscopy Magazine's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award. The Small Matter of Bioanalysis:  Adventures at Less Than 10 nm with Quantum Dots and/or FRET; Russ Algar, University of British Columbia

Ellis R. Lippincott Award Plenary. Vibrational Engineering: From Superlattices to Coherent and Squeezed Phonons; Roberto Merlin, University of Michigan

Sir George Stokes Award Plenary. Tackling Global Health Challenges with Biosensor Technologies; Tony Cass, Imperial College London

Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy. Mann up, SERS Can be Useful!; Duncan Graham, University of Strathclyde

Coblentz Society Craver Award. The Technology Behind Coherent 2D IR Spectroscopy and its Application to Amyloid Diseases; Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award.  Infrared Response of Sub-Micron-Scale Structures of Poly (Oxymethylene): Surface Polaritons in Polymers; Naoto Nagai, Industrial Research Institute of Niigata Prefecture

Lester W. Strock Award.  The Wonderful World of High-Precision Isotopic Analysis using Multi-Collector ICP-MS; Frank Vanhaecke, Ghent University

ANACHEM AwardDevelopment of Ultraviolet Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry for Characterization of Proteins; Jennifer Brodbelt, University of Texas at Austin

AES Mid Career Award.  Using Microchip Electrophoresis and Electrochemical Detection to Investigate Cellular Communication; R. Scott Martin, Saint Louis University

Announcement of the 2017 Innovation Award winner
Closing Session: The New Vision of Analytical Science by the World

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SciX 2017 Sessions and Abstracts:

Tuesday , October 10

17IR06: Quantum Cascade Lasers - II

Location: Carson 1
1:30 pm
QCL based dispersion spectroscopy of gases and liquids
Bernahard Lendl; 1Vienna University of Technology
1:50 pm
Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) hyperspectral imaging applied to live cell analysis
We will present the first example of QCL hyperspectral imaging and show the advantages of the technique to live cell analysis
Bayden Wood1, Dale Christensen1, Ellen Lowry1, Philip Heraud1, David Perez-Guaita1; 1Monash Univeristy
2:10 pm
On-Chip Quantum Cascade Laser/Detector System for Remote Gas Sensing
Gas sensor with laser and detector monolithically integrated on the same chip enables crucial miniaturization
Rolf Szedlak1, Andreas Harrer1, Benedikt Schwarz1, Martin Holzbauer1, Johannes Paul Waclawek2, Hermann Detz3, Aaron Maxwell Andrews1, Werner Schrenk1, Bernhard Lendl2; 1Institute of Solid State Electronics, TU Wien, 2Institute of Chemical Technologies, TU Wien, 3Austrian Academy of Sciences
2:30 pm
Time-resolved spectroscopy of biological samples using QCL dual-comb technique
We observe protein conformal changes using QCL dual-comb spectrometer for speed and high spectral bandwidth.
Markus Geiser12, Markus Mangold1, Pitt Allmendinger1, Andreas Hugi1, Filippos Kapsalidis2, Pierre Jouy2, Jérôme Faist2; 1IRsweep AG, Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1, 8093 Zurich, CH, 2ETH Zurich, IQE, Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1, 8093 Zuric
2:50 pm
Field-resolved spectroscopy in the mid-infrared region: A highly sensitive tool for molecular fingerprinting
The temporal molecular response is measured in a background free manner to achieve high sensitivity.
Marinus Huber12, Wolfgang Schweinberger23, Liudmila Voronina12, Syed Ali Hussain2, Christina Hofer12, Michael Trubetskov1, Mihaela Zigman12, Ferenc Krausz12, Ioachim Pupeza12; 1Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, 2Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 3King Saud University