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Sunday , September 27
6:15 pmSunday Evening Keynote Lecture
Monday , September 28
8:00 amMonday Morning Keynote
9:15 amRSC/ACS Symposium - Analysis with Photons - Laser & Synchrotron Spectroscopy Science & Applications I
9:15 amFundamentals and Novel Applications of LA-ICP-MS: Part I
9:15 amBeyond PCA and PLS: New Frontiers in Chemometrics
9:15 amAnalysis of Counterfeit Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances
9:15 amIndustrial LIBS
9:15 amSensing Techniques for Counterfeit Drug Detection I
9:15 amSERS
9:15 amExtending the Scope of Raman: ROA and Other Recent Advances
9:15 amNovel Teaching Methods in Analytical Chemistry
9:15 amAdvanced Techniques for Infrared Spectroscopy on Structure-Function Relations of Proteins
9:15 amCharacterization and Surface Science of Nanomaterials
11:00 amMonday Posters - Atomic Spectroscopy I
11:00 amMonday Posters - Forensic & Security
11:00 amLIBS I
11:00 amMonday Posters - Materials Characterization
11:00 amMonday Posters - Nanomaterials
1:20 pmFundamentals and Novel Applications of LA-ICP-MS: Part II
1:20 pmAward Session Honoring 2015 ACS Spectrochemical Award Winner Frank Bright
1:20 pmBiomedical and Forensic Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy
1:20 pmEnsuring Public Safety by Chemometric Authentication of Food and Botanicals
1:20 pmExplosive Detection I
1:20 pmStandards, Protocols and Quantitative Analysis
1:20 pmSensing Techniques for Counterfeit Drug Detection II
1:20 pmBioanalytical SERS I
1:20 pmRaman Microscopy
1:20 pmAdvocating for Women in Science
1:20 pmNon-linear Optical Spectroscopy for Surface Science
3:50 pmBioapplications of ICP-MS
3:50 pmVibrational Spectroscopy: Toward Clinical Applications
3:50 pmChemometric Keys for the Interpretation of Forensic Evidence
3:50 pmNuclear Forenics
3:50 pmNear IR
3:50 pmLIBS for Pharmaceutical and Biological Diagnostics
3:50 pmPharmaceutical Applications of Low Wavenumber Spectroscopy
3:50 pmHot Topic Discussion Session - TERS Resolution
3:50 pmPharmaceutical Raman
3:50 pmCareers and Diversity in Analytical Science Discussion Panel
3:50 pmIn-situ Surface Science
Tuesday , September 29
8:00 amCoblentz Society Craver Award Plenary
8:30 amCharles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy Plenary
9:15 amICP-MS in the Analysis of Nanomaterials
9:15 amCraver Award Session Honoring Ji-Xin Cheng
9:15 amMetabolomics and Personalized Medicine
9:15 amChemometric Tools to Discover the Next Magic Bullet via Biological Spectroscopy
9:15 amGC-MS Based Detection of Emerging Flame Retardants in the Environment
9:15 amExplosive Detection II: Trace , on-site and in-situ
9:15 amNanoscale IR I
9:15 amNew Hardware and Novel Methods in LIBS
9:15 amContinuous/Flow PAT
9:15 amEmerging Raman Techniques and Applications I
9:15 amBioanalytical Applications of Plasmonics
11:00 amTuesday Posters - Atomic Spectroscopy II
11:00 amTuesday Posters - Chemometrics
11:00 amTuesday Posters - LIBS II
11:00 amTuesday Posters - Raman I
1:20 pmInnovative Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Ionization Sources
1:20 pmCharles Mann Award Session Honoring Sanford Asher
1:20 pmChemometrics in Pharmaceutical Industry
1:20 pmLC-MS Based Detection of Perfluorinated Contaminants in the Environment
1:20 pmMass Spectrometry in Forensics
1:20 pmNanoscale IR II
1:20 pmElectro- and Liquid Phase-separation Techniques
1:20 pmHandheld LIBS
1:20 pmAdvances in Applications of Handheld/Portable Spectrometers
1:20 pmEmerging Raman Techniques and Applications II
1:20 pmRaman Imaging/Microscopy II
1:20 pmNanostructured Materials for Plasmonics I
3:50 pmAtmospheric Pressure Plasmas & Liquid Cathode Glow Discharges
3:50 pmKowalski Award Honoring Thomas Bocklitz: Chemometrics for Spectroscopic/Spectrometric Data
3:50 pmDiabetes and Its Complications
3:50 pmAmbient Ionization and Non-Chromatographic Approaches in Forensics and Homeland Security
3:50 pmNanoscale IR III
3:50 pmMiniaturization
3:50 pmLIBS for Environmental and Food Monitoring
3:50 pmSAS PAT Technical section: PAT in the Pharmaceutical Industries Session I
3:50 pmForensic Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
3:50 pmAnalytical Chemists Easing World Poverty
3:50 pmNanostructured Materials for Plasmonics II
Wednesday , September 30
8:00 amLester W. Strock Award Plenary
8:30 amApplied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award Plenary
9:15 amMicrofluidics and Electrophoresis for Bioanalytical Applications
9:15 amFundamentals and Novel Applications of Glow Discharge Spectroscopy I
9:15 amLester Strock Award Symposium Honoring R. Kenneth Marcus
9:15 amSuper-Resolution Microscopy and Imaging
9:15 amChemometrics/Data Analysis for Forensics
9:15 amNew Developments in QCL Technology
9:15 amStandoff LIBS
9:15 amMass Spectrometric Techniques in Environmental Analysis
9:15 amSAS PAT Technical section:  PAT in the Biopharmaceutical Industries  Session II
9:15 amBioanalytical SERS II
9:15 amBioanalytical Applications of Plasmonics II
11:00 amWednesday Posters - Biomedical and Bioanalytical
11:00 amWednesday Posters - Environmental/Oceanographic
11:00 amWednesday Posters - Molecular: IR/Near IR
11:00 amWednesday Posters - Raman II
1:20 pmMicrofluidic Electrophoresis Modes for Mass Spectrometric Analysis
1:20 pmA Lifetime of Spectroscopy: Celebrating Work of Edward Steers
1:20 pmMeggers Award Symposium Honoring Dr. Eric Brauns
1:20 pmPathogens
1:20 pmQuantum Cascade Lasers - Applications
1:20 pmLIBS for Forensics and Homeland Security
1:20 pmAmbient Ionization Methods: Developments and Applications
1:20 pmIn Situ Analysis of Industrial Processes and Reactions during R&D
1:20 pmSpatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy
1:20 pmChemistry in Art and Archaeology
1:20 pmNew Plasmonic Materials and Techniques
3:50 pmRSC/ACS Symposium - Analysis with Photons - Laser & Synchrotron Spectroscopy Science & Applications II
3:50 pmBiopolymers in Electric Fields
3:50 pmFundamentals and Novel Applications of Glow Discharge Spectroscopy II
3:50 pmTranslation and Commercialization of Analytical Technologies
3:50 pmDifficult Data Sets
3:50 pmIsotopic Analysis in Laser Induced Plasma
3:50 pmDirect Inject Mass Spectrometry
3:50 pmDedicated (24/7) Online Analysis of Industrial Processes and Reactions
3:50 pmChiral Analysis
3:50 pmBiomedical Raman Spectroscopy
3:50 pmRaman in Cultural Heritage
Thursday , October 1
8:00 amANACHEM Award Plenary
8:30 amAES Mid Career Award Plenary
9:15 amBioanalytical Dielectrophoresis
9:15 amAtmospheric Pressure Innovative Sources: Micro & Microwave Plasmas (M&M)
9:15 amANACHEM Award Symposium Honoring Jonathan Sweedler
9:15 amMusculoskeletal Diseases
9:15 amBiomedical Applications of IR Spectroscopy and Imaging
9:15 amHistorical LIBS
9:15 amAdvances in On-line Process Analysis
9:15 amAmyloids and Aggregates: What Do We Know About Structure?
9:15 amIRDG Raman Session - Biological Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
9:15 amCompact Raman Applications
11:00 amThursday Posters - Mass Spectrometry
11:00 amThursday Posters - Microfluidics
11:00 amThursday Posters - Molecular Imaging
11:00 amThursday Posters - Pharmaceutical
11:00 amThursday Posters - Raman-SERS
1:20 pmAES Mid-Career Symposium in Honoring Adam Woolley
1:20 pmOptical Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Cancer
1:20 pmChemometrics and Experimental Design
1:20 pmDecoding Circulating Biomarkers with Spectroscopy: Quo vadis?
1:20 pmFundamental Studies for Analytical Development
1:20 pmRecent Advances in IMS-MS Techniques and Measurements
1:20 pmBioAnalytical Techniques for Higher Order Structure
1:20 pmBiological/Biomedical Raman
1:20 pmGeneral Applications of Low Wavenumber Spectroscopy
3:50 pmFACSS Innovation Award
Friday , October 2
8:15 amA Trans-Spectral Celebration of the International Year of Light: From X-Rays to THz Spectroscopy