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Monday , September 29
9:00 amPosters - Raman
9:00 amPosters - Forensic Science and Security
9:00 amPosters - Nano Technology and Materials Characterization
9:00 amPosters - Instrumentation
10:20 amMC-ICPMS Applications and Fundamental Studies
10:20 amChemometrics, -Omics, and Biological Systems
10:20 amAnalytical Chemists Easing World Poverty
10:20 amNanoscale IR I
10:20 amIR and NIR
10:20 amFundamental Studies for Analytical Developoment of LIBS
10:20 amAdvances in Direct, Ambient Mass Spectrometry Approaches
10:20 amMaking the Public Safe: Investigations using Spectroscopy
10:20 amEmerging Raman Techniques and Applications
10:20 amDetection and Analysis of Explosives and Propellants
1:20 pmAtomic Tools for Molecular Problems
1:20 pmData Visualization, Analytics, and Chemometrics for Large Data Sets
1:20 pmAdvances in Separation Sciences
1:20 pmNanoscale IR II
1:20 pmTechnical Developments for LIBS
1:20 pmPharmaceutical Products: Spectroscopy Applications in Uniformity
1:20 pmSERS - Applications
1:20 pmChemical Weapons Analysis
1:20 pmSpecial Topics in Bioanalytical Chemistry
1:20 pmWomen in Analytical Sciences
3:50 pmNanoparticle Analysis
3:50 pmVibrational Spectroscopy: Working Towards Medical Diagnostics
3:50 pmCreative Applications in Chemometrics
3:50 pmTwo Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy I
3:50 pmProtocols and Quantitative Analysis by LIBS
3:50 pmPharmaceutical Products: Spectroscopy Applications in Tabletting
3:50 pmLife at the Microbial Interface: Bioanalytical SERS
3:50 pmNuclear Forensics I: New Methods
3:50 pmNanomaterials for Plasmonics
3:50 pmAnalysis of Live Cell Surfaces
Tuesday , September 30
8:00 amCharles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy Richard P. Van Duyne, Northwestern University
8:30 amAES Mid-Career Award Kevin Dorfman, University of Minnesota
9:00 amPosters - LIBS
9:00 amPosters - Bioanalytical
9:00 amPosters - Biomedical
9:00 amPosters - Fluorescence
10:20 amBioanalytical Dielectrophoresis
10:20 amACS Award in Chemical Instrumentation Honoring David Koppenaal
10:20 amMusculoskeletal Diseases
10:20 amChemometrics Development and Application I
10:20 amTwo Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy ii
10:20 amLIBS for Environmental and Food Monitoring
10:20 amHybrid Mass Spectrometry-Optical Spectroscopy Methods and Instrumentation
10:20 amSAS PAT Technical Section: PAT in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries I
10:20 amRaman Microscopy and Imaging
10:20 amChemometrics/Data Analysis for Forensics
10:20 amMann Award Session in Honor of Richard Van Duyne
1:20 pmVanguard Techniques and Instrumental Innovation in Atomic Spectroscopy
1:20 pmAtomic Spectroscopy Fundamentals I
1:20 pmAES Mid-Career Award Symposium in Honor of Kevin Dorfman
1:20 pmClinical Metabolomics
1:20 pmTwo Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy III
1:20 pmLIBS for Biological and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics
1:20 pmSAS PAT Technical Section: PAT in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries II (1:00 pm - SAS PAT Technical Section Annual Meeting before session begins)
1:20 pmBioanalytical Raman
1:20 pmMass Spectrometry in Forensics
1:20 pmBioanalytical Applications of Plasmonic Sensors
3:50 pmCapillary Electrophoresis
3:50 pmLaser-Based Tandem Techniques for Chemical Analysis
3:50 pmBurns, Wounds, and Trauma
3:50 pmChemometrics Development and Application II
3:50 pmMid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers: New Opportunities for Advanced Chemical Analysis
3:50 pmPermanent Magnet NMR: Low Field, Big Impact
3:50 pmIndustrial Process Analytical: Lessons from the past and what is next? Sponsored by Coblentz
3:50 pmBiomedical Raman
3:50 pmMolecular Spectroscopy in Industrial and Criminal Forensic Investigations
3:50 pmPlasmonics: Contribution of Richard Van Duyne
Wednesday , October 1
8:00 amLester W. Strock Award Steven Ray, Indiana University
8:30 amApplied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award Rohit Bhargava, University of Illinois
9:00 amPosters - Molecular Spectroscopy
9:00 amPosters - Chemometrics
9:00 amPosters - AES
9:00 amPosters - Surface Plasmon Resonance
10:20 amMetallomic I
10:20 amMeggers Award Session Honoring Rohit Bhargava
10:20 amSynergistic Use of Plasmonics and Vibronic Spectroscopy to Combat Cancer
10:20 amHandheld Spectrometers and PAT
10:20 amAdvanced Analytical Technologies that Enable the Discovery, Development, and Characterization of Biologic Drugs
10:20 amStandoff/Remote Raman: Instrumentation, Development & Applications
10:20 amFood Authentication and Food Safety
10:20 amLow Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopy
10:20 amNanomaterials for Plasmonics II
10:20 amNovel LIBS Techniques
1:20 pmMicrochip Electrophoresis and Related Applications
1:20 pmMetallomic II
1:20 pmSAS's Lester W. Strock Award Honoring Steven Ray
1:20 pmSpectral Pathology I
1:20 pmDevelopments in Liquid Chromatography - Infrared Spectroscopy
1:20 pmDeveloping Technologies for On-Line Process Analysis
1:20 pmCharacterization of Novel Biotherapeutics
1:20 pmNuclear Forensics II: Laser Sampling
1:20 pmInnovative Applications of GD Plasma
1:20 pmLIBS Applications
3:50 pmDroplets and Electrophoresis
3:50 pmAtomic Spectroscopy Fundamentals
3:50 pmSpectral Pathology II
3:50 pmThe Latest in Biomedical Imaging I
3:50 pmNovel Near Infrared Spectroscopic Technologies in Life Sciences
3:50 pmBioimaging using Vibrational Spectroscopy
3:50 pmFlow/Continuous PAT
3:50 pmPharmaceutical Applications of Low Wavenumber Raman Spectroscopy
3:50 pmPharmaceutical and Process Control Raman
3:50 pmAtmospheric Pressure GD Spectroscopy
Thursday , October 2
8:00 amANACHEM Award David E. Clemmer, Indiana University
8:30 amCoblentz Society Craver Award Lynne S. Taylor, Purdue University
9:00 amPosters - ICP
9:00 amPosters - Laser Ablation
9:00 amPosters - Atomic Spectroscopy
9:00 amPosters - Chromatography
9:00 amPosters - Mass Spectrometry
10:20 amChallenges in BioAnalytical Complexity
10:20 amArts and Analytical Chemistry i
10:20 amMass Cytometry
10:20 amCoblentz Society Craver Award Session Honoring Lynne Taylor
10:20 amEmerging Biomedical Technologies
10:20 amQuantitative Near Infrared and Spatially Resolved Mid-Infrared Imaging
10:20 amCURIOSITY: The LIBS Analysis: 100,000 LIBS Spectra from the Red Planet, and What You Can Learn From Them
10:20 amForensic Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
10:20 amRecent Development of Laser Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
10:20 amPowder Characterization
10:20 amSpecial Topics in Laser and Raman Spectroscopy
1:20 pmAdvances in Plasma Source MS Techniques and Applications, sponsored by RSC and ACS
1:20 pmArts and Analytical Chemistry II
1:20 pmANACHEM Award Session Honoring David Clemmer
1:20 pmThe Latest in Biomedical Imaging II
1:20 pmPerspectives in Clinical Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy (organized by Clinical Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy "CLIRSPEC" Network)
1:20 pmPublic Outreach and Education in Atomic Spectroscopy by LIBS
1:20 pmApplications of Low Wavenumber Spectroscopy
1:20 pmTopical Raman
1:20 pmSpecial Topics in Imaging and Raman
1:20 pmSpecial Topics in FTIR and Spectral Analysis
3:50 pmFACSS Innovation Awards
Friday , October 3
8:00 am8:00 - Announcement of Innovation Award Winners. 8:15 - Revisiting the Early FACSS Meetings: Are We Still Talking about the Same Things?