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Sunday , September 29
6:15 pmSunday Evening Keynote Lecture
Monday , September 30
8:00 amMonday Plenaries
9:00 amMonday Posters - AES
9:00 amMonday Posters - Infrared Spectroscopy
9:00 amMonday Posters - LIBS
10:20 amChemistry in Art and Archaeology
10:20 amContributed Papers in Chemometrics
10:20 amElectrically Driven Processes in Nanofluidic Devices
10:20 amTechnological Advances and New Applications Using Quantum Cascade Lasers
10:20 amNew Instrumentation in LIBS
10:20 amIon Structure and Energetic
10:20 amIndustrial Process Analytical Real Time Assurance
10:20 amPharmaceutical Raman
10:20 amACS-RSC Symposium on Sustainability in Atomic Spectroscopy
10:20 amApplied Spectroscopy Focal Point Session: Bioimaging and Bioanalysis with Quantum Dots
10:20 amNuclear Forensics
1:20 pmSix Degrees of Separation: Jim Holcombe's Career in Atomic Spectroscopy
1:20 pmAES Award Session Honoring Todd Squires
1:20 pmChemometrics for Handheld Embedded, and Medical Devices
1:20 pmContributed Papers in Surface and Nanotechnology and Material Characterization
1:20 pmMaterials Characterization Using Vibrational Spectroscopy
1:20 pmChemistry in Art and Archaeology
1:20 pmBiological Applications of LIBS
1:20 pmSAS PAT Section Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical PAT Session I
1:20 pmEmerging Raman Techniques and Applications
1:20 pmAnalytical Chemists Easing World Poverty I
3:50 pmUnderstanding the Underlying Mechanisms in Plasma Spectrochemistry: Gateway to Improved Performance in Elemental Analysis
3:50 pmFACSS / SAS Student Awards
3:50 pmPractical Chemometrics for Industry
3:50 pmContributed Papers in Bioanalytical Research
3:50 pmDielectrophoresis
3:50 pmIonic Liquid Facilitated Smart Materials for Analytical Chemistry
3:50 pmFundamentals of LIBS Plasmas
3:50 pmBiological MS and Proteomics
3:50 pmNanotechnology and Sustainability
3:50 pmSAS PAT Technical Section - Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical PAT Session II
3:50 pmRecent Innovations in Stand-off Raman for the Detection of Hazards
Tuesday , October 1
8:00 amTuesday Plenaries
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Environmental Analysis
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Mass Spectrometry
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Pharmaceutical Analysis
9:00 amTuesday Posters - raman
10:20 amNanoparticles, Metals, and More: Young Investigators in Atomic Spectroscopy
10:20 amFACSS Charles Mann Award Session Honoring Volker Deckert
10:20 amThe Birth of Chemometrics - In Honor and Memory of Bruce Kowalski I
10:20 amCell and Organelle Electrophoresis
10:20 amPlanetary LIBS: Geological and Gemological Applications
10:20 amTandem Mass Spectrometry Big and Small
10:20 amSpectroscopy and Surface Characterization of Semiconductor Nanomaterials
10:20 amFlow/Continuous PAT I
10:20 amAdvances in Biological SERS Analysis
10:20 amACS-RSC Symposium on Sustainability in Molecular Spectroscopy
10:20 amMass Spectrometry in Forensics
1:20 pmCoblentz Society's Craver Award Honoring Rohit Bhargava
1:20 pmThe Birth of Chemometrics - In Honor and Memory of Bruce Kowalski II
1:20 pmContributed Papers in Bio-medical and Bio-analytical Research
1:20 pmElectrophoresis and Omics
1:20 pmQuantification in LIBS Plasmas
1:20 pmSpray Desorption Ionization Methods
1:20 pmFlow/Continuous PAT II
1:20 pmChemical Imaging in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
1:20 pmDepartment of Defense Forensic Needs and Application
1:20 pmAnalytical Chemists Easing World Poverty - II
1:20 pmLow Field NMR
3:50 pmAdvances in Materials Characterization via Glow Discharge Spectrometry
3:50 pmACS Analytical Chemistry Division Award in Chemical Instrumentation Honoring Charles Wilkins
3:50 pmThe Birth of Chemometrics - In Honor of Bruce Kowalski III
3:50 pmIon Chromatography
3:50 pmNanoscale IR
3:50 pmIndustrial Applications of LIBS
3:50 pmPharmaceutical Mass Spectrometry
3:50 pmNano-facilitated Sensing
3:50 pmAnalytics in Pharmaceutical Counterfeit Detection
3:50 pmA New Age of Raman Imaging
3:50 pmAnalytical Chemistry as Detection: Case Studies in Forensic Science
Wednesday , October 2
8:00 amWednesday Plenaries
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Atomic
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Biological, Bioanalytical and Biomedical
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Chemometrics
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Microscopy, Imaging Spectroscopy, Forensics and Education
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Raman, SERS & TERS
10:20 amAdvances and Atypical Applications of Novel Plasmas
10:20 amSAS's Applied Spectroscopy Meggers Award Accepted by Paul Pudney
10:20 amApplications of Analytical Sciences in Diabetes
10:20 amGel Permeation Chromatography
10:20 amContributed Papers in Instrument Development and Sensor Design
10:20 amCoherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy I
10:20 amSpectroscopic Techniques in Forensic Investigations
10:20 amChemometrics in LIBS
10:20 amActive Nanocomposites
10:20 amMacromolecular Biopharmaceuticals: Recent Trends and New Analytical Challenges
10:20 amHome Made Explosives
1:20 pmSAS's Lester W. Strock Award Session Honoring Richard E. Russo
1:20 pmAnalytical Science Applications in Burns, Trauma and Wound Care
1:20 pmFast LC: Honoring LCGC Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award Winner Davy Guillarme
1:20 pmPharmaceutical Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy
1:20 pmCoherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy II
1:20 pmAnalytical LIBS
1:20 pmMaking the Most of Spectral and Other Process Analysis Data
1:20 pmVibrational Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis
1:20 pmSERS - State of the Art by the Artists
1:20 pmTerahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging
1:20 pmSurface Analysis of Organic and Pharmaceutical Materials
3:50 pmNew Instrumentation and New Approaches at the Frontier of Atomic Spectrometry
3:50 pmSpectral Analysis of Pathogens
3:50 pmContributed Papers in Raman Spectroscopy
3:50 pmCoherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy III
3:50 pmIndustrial Applications of Spectroscopy
3:50 pmTerahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging
3:50 pmLIBS - Plus
3:50 pmUV Raman Spectroscopy: Instrumentation, Development and Application
3:50 pmNovel Raman Techniques
3:50 pmBioanalytical Applications of Plasmonics
3:50 pmReal-World Applications of Surface Analysis
Thursday , October 3
8:00 amThursday Plenaries
9:00 amThursday Posters - Biological & Bioanalytical Applications
9:00 amThursday Posters - Chromatography, Microfluidics and Separation Science
9:00 amLate Breaking Posters
9:00 amThursday Posters - Molecular Spectroscopy
9:00 amThursday Posters - Nanotechnology and Materials Characterization
10:20 amMetallomics: The Vibrant Role of Metals in Biology, Disease, and Treatment
10:20 amTranslation and Commercialization in Biomedical Applications
10:20 am2D HPLC: Honoriung LCGC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Peter Carr
10:20 amContributed Papers in LIBS and Atomic Spectroscopy
10:20 amContributed Papers in Molecular Spectroscopy
10:20 amA Spectroscopic Slant on Lab-on-Chip Diagnostics
10:20 amThe Next Frontier: The Future of LIBS
10:20 amThe Digital Crystal Ball
10:20 amRaman in Biochemical Analysis
10:20 amNanomaterials for Plasmonics I
10:20 amWomen in Science
1:20 pmANACHEM Award Session Honoring Norman Dovichi
1:20 pmSupercritical Fluid Chromaography
1:20 pmContributed Papers in Raman Imaging
1:20 pmInnovative Applications of Mid- and Near-IR Spectroscopy
1:20 pmIRENI - Synchrontron Based Widefield Infrared Microspectroscopy
1:20 pmNew Applications of LIBS
1:20 pmWhat is the State of Process Analytical Technology: A Technical Panel
1:20 pmTobacco Analysis by MS
1:20 pmMedical Applications
1:20 pmEarly Career Scientists in Raman Spectroscopy
1:20 pmNanomaterials for Plasmonics II
3:50 pmFACSS Innovation Award Plenary Session
Friday , October 4
8:00 amSpecial Plenary Session: Welcoming a New Member Organization into FACSS and Much More....