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Monday , October 1
8:00 amKeynote Lecture: The Search for Life on Other Worlds, Chris McKay, NASA Ames Laboratory
9:00 amMonday Posters - Biological Applications of Spectroscopy
9:00 amMonday Posters - Microfluidics, Electrophoresis, Chromatography, and Bio-Analysis
9:00 amMonday Posters - Mass Spectrometry
9:00 amMonday Posters - New Approaches to BioAssay
10:20 amNew Plasmas, New Instrumentation, and New Approaches at the Frontier of Atomic Spectrometry
10:20 amCurrent Status of the Analytical Sciences: Focus on Human Health II (organized by RSC and ACS, Analytical Div)
10:20 amApplied Spectroscopy Focal Point Session: Advanced Techniques in Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy
10:20 amNew Applications of Quantum Cascade Lasers in Chemical Analysis
10:20 amChemistry in Art and Archeology
10:20 amMicrobes in Mass Spectrometry
10:20 amSAS PAT Technical Section: PAT in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries I
10:20 amRaman Spectroscopy in Astrobiology and Planetary Sciences
10:20 amNontraditional Approaches for Chemical and Biological Sensing
1:20 pmChemistry in Arts and Archaeology
1:20 pmBioAnalytical Applications of Micro- and Nanofluidics
1:20 pmCalibration Maintenance and Transfer for NIR Instrumentation Networks
1:20 pmIonic Liquids for and by Analytical Chemistry
1:20 pmFundamental Aspects of LIBS
1:20 pmin vitro and in vivo Modifications of Biomolecules Assessed by Mass Spectrometry
1:20 pmSAS PAT Technical Section: PAT in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries II
1:20 pmEmerging Raman Techniques & Applications
1:20 pmNuclear Forensics
3:50 pmIsoscapes: Redefining the Landscape in the Archaeological and Geological Sciences with High Fidelity Isotope Ratio Analysis
3:50 pmFACSS Student Awards
3:50 pmHigher-Order Structure in Proteins by MS-based Approaches
3:50 pmMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics
3:50 pmAdvances in NIR Spectroscopy in the Pharmaceutical Industry
3:50 pmData Analysis in LIBS
3:50 pmIndustrial Process Analytical Spectroscopy
3:50 pmStandoff Raman: Applications and Key Issues
3:50 pmInfrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Organic Semiconductors and Conductors
Tuesday , October 2
8:00 amCraver Award: Duncan Graham and the Charles Mann Award: Don Pivonka
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Glow Discharge Spectroscopy
9:00 amTuesday Posters - NEw IR and Raman Instrumentation
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Laser Ablation and Atomic Analysis
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Microscopy and Spectroscopy
9:00 amTuesday Posters - Pharmaceutical Analysis
10:20 amCurrent Status of the Analytical Sciences: Focus on Human Health I (organized by RSC and ACS, Analytical Div.)
10:20 amCharles Mann Award Session Honoring Don Pivonka
10:20 amApplied Spectroscopy Focal Point Session: Novel Optical Reporters, Dyes, and Tags in Molecular and Raman Spectroscopy
10:20 amForensic and Environmental Applications of Chemometrics
10:20 amRecent Advancements in Electrophoretic Separation
10:20 amPushing the Limits of LIBS in Analytical Science
10:20 amInstrument and Method Development in Mass Spectrometry
10:20 amTip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: New Trends
10:20 amVery Remote Spectroscopy: Exploring Extreme Environments
10:20 amSurface Plasmon Resonance Applications and Instrumentation
1:20 pmSpeciation Analysis: Progress in Trace Metal Speciation
1:20 pmThe Ever Expanding Capacities of the Analytical Glow Discharge
1:20 pmCoblentz Craver Award Symposium
1:20 pmNext Generation Electric-Field Driven Separation
1:20 pmTwo-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy I
1:20 pmAdvanced Vibrational Probes for Biomedical Sensing
1:20 pmLaser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
1:20 pmTopics in Tandem Mass Spectrometry
1:20 pmPharmaceutical Applications of Raman Imaging
1:20 pmOn the Scent: Vapor and Aroma Analysis for Forensic and Security Applications
3:50 pmAtomic Spectrometry and the Analysis of Nanomaterials
3:50 pmBiological Applications of Chemometrics
3:50 pmMicroscale Phenomena - Joint AES and FACSS Section
3:50 pmTwo-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy II
3:50 pmPharmaceutical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
3:50 pmUV Raman / UV SERS
3:50 pmElemental Signatures for Forensics
3:50 pmRecent Progress in SERS
3:50 pmPortable Instrumentation and Standoff Detection Techniques
Wednesday , October 3
8:00 amACS Divison of Analytical Chemistry Award: Gary Hieftje and the ANACHEM Award: Peter Griffiths
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Ambient Mass Spectrometry
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Chemometrics and Spectroscopic Investigation
9:00 amWednesday Posters - Forensic Applications of Spectroscopy
9:00 amWednesday Posters - SERS: new Substrates and Analyses
10:20 amACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award Honoring Gary Hieftje
10:20 amApplied Spectroscopy Focal Point Session: Spectroscopy in the Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
10:20 amChemometrics and Molecular Spectroscopy
10:20 amLight and Separations: A Powerful Combination
10:20 amForensic Investigations with Molecular Spectroscopy
10:20 amRaman Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical Surveillance and Process Control
10:20 amMaking the Most of Spectral and Other Process Analysis Data
10:20 amRaman Optical Activity
10:20 amNanomaterials for Plasmonics I
1:20 pmFundamental Aspects of Plasma Spectrochemistry: Using What We Learn to Improve Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy
1:20 pmNovel Applications using the Inductively-Coupled Plasma
1:20 pmANACHEM Award Symposium
1:20 pmInformation-Rich Approaches in BioMedical Spectroscopy
1:20 pmMolecular Spectroscopy as a Physician's Friend
1:20 pmYoung Scientists in SERS
1:20 pmAmbient Ionization Techniques for Forensics, Security and Biological Analysis
1:20 pmInnovations in Optical Instrumentation
1:20 pmNanomaterials for Plasmonics II
3:50 pmSampling the World with Laser-Ablation and Atomic Spectrometry
3:50 pmNovel Microscopic and Spectroscopic Techniques at the Nanoscale
3:50 pmDroplets, Digital Microfluidics, and Discrete Chemical Analysis
3:50 pmIndustrial Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy
3:50 pm120 Years of the IRDG and the Coblentz Society
3:50 pmDisease Diagnostics using SERS
3:50 pmAmbient Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals Finding and the Future
3:50 pmNanomaterials for Plasmonics III
Thursday , October 4
8:00 amSAS Meggers Award: Mike Angel and the SAS Lester Strock Award: Ralph Sturgeon
9:00 amThursday Posters - Atomic Spectrometry: Sample Introduction & New Technology
9:00 amThursday Posters - Atomic Spectrometry: Speciation Analysis and Environmental Applications
9:00 amThursday Posters - Environmental Analysis
9:00 amThursday Posters - Food, Bio-Extract, and Materials Characterization
9:00 amThursday Posters - Fuel, Biomass, and Exhaust Analysis
9:00 amThursday Posters - Polymer Spectroscopy and Materials Analysis
10:20 amLester Strock Award Symposium Honoring Ralph Sturgeon
10:20 amRaman Spectroscopy: A Noninvasive Method for Discrimination of Cells and Cell Populations I
10:20 amOptical and Photoacoustic Tomography and Microscopy
10:20 amFrom Ag to Ag(riculture): Analytical Chemistry in the Midwest
10:20 amHand-Held Devices for PAT and Industrial Uses
10:20 amNanoparticles and SERS for Analysis
10:20 amAdvances in Analytical Forensics
10:20 amPolymers, Polymerization, and Spectroscopy
10:20 amNovel Spectroscopic Approaches in Analytical Chemisry
1:20 pmNovel Sample Introduction Techniques and Tools for Atomic Spectroscopy
1:20 pmNew Plasmas, New Instrumentation and New Approaches at the Frontier of Atomic Spectrometry - the Coda
1:20 pmSAS Meggers Award Honoring Mike Angel
1:20 pmRaman Spectroscopy: A Noninvasive Method for Discrimination of Cells and Cell Populations II
1:20 pmApplications of Chemometrics in Vibrational Spectroscopy
1:20 pmNew Techniques and Materials in the Separation Sciences
1:20 pmInstrumentation and Applications: Probing the Limits in Molecular Spectroscopy
1:20 pmApplications and Advances in Handheld and Portable Spectroscopy
1:20 pmApplications of Raman Spectroscopy and Microscopy
3:50 pmFACSS Innovation Award
Friday , October 5
8:00 amFriday Plenary Session