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Sunday , October 17
11:00 pmMaterials Characterization using Vibrational Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmCelebrating 30 Years of ICP-MS
11:00 pmLaser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy I
11:00 pmCelebrating 30 Years of ICP-MS
11:00 pmLaser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy II
11:00 pmACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Arthur F. Findeis Award Symposium
11:00 pmNovel But Important Data Analysis Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
11:00 pmChemometrics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
11:00 pmPortable NMR and Hyphenation of NMR to Chromatography and Electrophoresis
11:00 pmChromatography in the Pharmaceutical Industry
11:00 pmEmerging and Non-Traditional Electrophoresis Techniques
11:00 pmNear-and Mid-Infrared Imaging
11:00 pmIonic Liquids and Spectroscopy: A Green and Happy Marriage
11:00 pmQuantum Cascade Laser Applications
11:00 pmMemorial Session: How One Man Changed the World of FTIR and Infrared Spectroscopy;Don Sting Legacy
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Bioanalytical
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Chemometrics
11:00 pmMonday Posters - General Analytical
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Spectroscopy
11:00 pmPAT in BioPharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries; SAS Process Session
11:00 pmPAT New Technology
11:00 pmPlenary Presentation
11:00 pmEmerging Areas in Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmBiomedical Raman Spectroscopy
Monday , October 18
11:00 pmHeadspace Analysis for Chemical Signatures
11:00 pmLasers in Analytical Chemistry: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Laser
11:00 pmICPMS - A Lot More than Total Metals Analysis
11:00 pmChemistry in Art and Archaeology
11:00 pmAtomic Analyses in the Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical Industry
11:00 pmThe JAAS Silver Anniversary Celebration: Highlighting Young Investigators in Atomic Spectroscopy
11:00 pmANACHEM Award Symposium
11:00 pmCharles Mann Award Session
11:00 pmChemometrics in Forensics
11:00 pmChemometrics for Biological and Biomedical Spectroscopy
11:00 pmDielectrophoresis and Related Techniques
11:00 pmEmerging Technologies for Standoff Detection for Homeland Security
11:00 pmSpecial Session to Honor William G. Fateley I
11:00 pmSpecial Session to Honor William G. Fateley II
11:00 pmPractical Aspects of Chiral Analysis Using VCD and ROA
11:00 pmNext Generation Spectroscopic Techniques for the Analysis of Pharmaceutical Systems
11:00 pmMS Fundamentals and Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry
11:00 pmNanotechnology: Applications to Sensing and Energy I
11:00 pmNanotechnology - Applications to Sensing and Energy II
11:00 pmSAS Process Analytical Technology
11:00 pmPlenary Presentations
11:00 pmTip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy - Pushing the Limits of Resolution
11:00 pmRaman Microscopy and Imaging
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Bioanalytical
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Chromatography
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - General Analytical
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Spectroscopy
Tuesday , October 19
11:00 pmNovel Sample Introduction Methods for ICP-MS and ICP-OES
11:00 pmFundamental Studies and Exciting New Applications of Glow Discharge Spectroscopies
11:00 pmMeggers Award Symposium - Advances in Hyperspectral Imaging
11:00 pmLester Strock Award Symposium - Atomic Spectroscopy Progress Reports
11:00 pmFACSS / SAS Student Award Symposium
11:00 pmBioanalyitical Separation Science
11:00 pmNear-IR Spectroscopy: Applications and Calibrations
11:00 pmVibrational Spectroscopy at Work in the Pharmaceutical Industry, sponsored by Coblentz
11:00 pmTwo-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy I
11:00 pmTwo-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy II
11:00 pmOptical Effects in Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging
11:00 pmBiomedical Applications of Spectroscopic Imaging
11:00 pmAdvances in Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation
11:00 pmProbing Interactions Between Biomolecules and Nanomaterials
11:00 pmSustainability and PAT Applications
11:00 pmMonitoring Continuous Chemistry and Chemical Processes
11:00 pmPlenary Presentations
11:00 pmPlenary Wednesday afternoon
11:00 pmNew SERS Architectures
11:00 pmApplications of SERS
11:00 pmNanomaterials for Surface Plasmon Resonance
11:00 pmTerahertz Spectroscopy
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Bioanalytical
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Environmental
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - General Analytical
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Microfluidics/Nanotechnology
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Spectroscopy
Wednesday , October 20
11:00 pmDrop Deposition and Dynamics
11:00 pmRSC, Analytical Division: Applications, Advances, and Deduction by Vibrational Spectroscopy
11:00 pmAtomic Spectroscopy Techniques for Solid Surface Analysis in Biology, Geology, and Astronomy
11:00 pmPlasmas for Atomic and Molecular Analyses
11:00 pmCraver Award Symposium Honoring Professor Boris Mizaikoff
11:00 pmLippincott Award Symposium
11:00 pmChemometrics Applied to Oceanography, Marine Life, and Coastal Waters
11:00 pmContributed Chromatography
11:00 pmContributed Capillary Electrophoresis
11:00 pmComputer Directed/Supported Spectroscopy
11:00 pmRaul Curbelo - The Hidden Innovator in FTIR
11:00 pmFrom Forensics to Pharma - Applications of Chemical Imaging
11:00 pmH/D Exchange Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmDevelopments and Applications in Biological Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmMicroreactors: Chemistry, Technology, and Success
11:00 pmPlenary Presentations
11:00 pmRaman Spectroscopy in the Pharmaceutical Industry
11:00 pmPharmaceutical Raman II
11:00 pmBiological and Biomedical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy II
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance: Instrumentation and Applications I
11:00 pmThursday Posters - Bioanalytical
11:00 pmThursday Posters - Spectroscopy