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Sunday , October 14
11:00 pmHidden Isotope Ratio Information - Yours to Discover with MC-ICP-MS I
11:00 pmHidden Isotope Ratio Information- Yours to Discover with MC-ICP-MS II
11:00 pmBioanalytical Electrochemistry
11:00 pmChemometrics Applied to Expert Systems for Identification of Materials
11:00 pmEnvironmental Applications of Analytical Chemistry
11:00 pmAdvances in Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry in Forensic Sciences
11:00 pmFundamentals of Electrospray Ionization
11:00 pmFundamentals of Laser Desorption Ionization
11:00 pmChemometrics Along Spatial and Chemical Dimensions
11:00 pmCoherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy I
11:00 pmVibrational Spectroscopy: Advances in Instrumentation and Theory
11:00 pmInstrumentation & Appli. of Process Analytical Chem for Industrial Process Understanding & Control
11:00 pmProcess Analytical Monitoring - SAS Technical Session
11:00 pmBioanalytical Applications of SERS
11:00 pmQuantitative Raman in Pharma
11:00 pmImaging and Spectroscopy in the THz Region
11:00 pmFACSS Young Investigators I
11:00 pmFACSS Young Investigators II
11:00 pmPLENARY - Ira W. Levin
11:00 pmMonday Poster Session
Monday , October 15
11:00 pmElectrothermal Atomization vs. Electrothermal Vaporization Techniques
11:00 pmCurrent Advances in ICPMS From Them That Knows
11:00 pmANACHEM Award - Isiah M. Warner
11:00 pmMass Spectrometry for Bioanalysis
11:00 pmCapillary Electrophoresis
11:00 pmSpectral and Multiway Pattern Recognition
11:00 pmApplications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Related Techniques
11:00 pmMolecular Spectroscopy in Forensic Science, organized by the Forensic Technical
11:00 pmEmerging Technologies for Homeland Security
11:00 pmStudent Awards Symposium
11:00 pmNovel Methods for Biological Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmCoherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy II
11:00 pmNIR Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry
11:00 pmNIR Imaging
11:00 pmElectrochemistry and Functional Nanomaterial
11:00 pmISA Analysis Division - Best of the Best
11:00 pmProfessor Charles Mann Award: Neil Everall (Awardee)
11:00 pmCurrent Analytical Technologies for Drug Discovery
11:00 pmTuesday Morning Poster Session
11:00 pmTuesday Afternoon Poster Session
11:00 pmPLENARIES - ANACHEM Award and Charles Mann Award
Tuesday , October 16
11:00 pmDevelopments in Plasma Spectroscopy - organized by SAS Atomic Spectroscopy Technical Section
11:00 pmMeggers Award Symposium - Richard Medelsohn
11:00 pmCoblentz Society - Craver Award in Applied Vibrational Spectroscopy
11:00 pmBioanalytical Microfluidics
11:00 pmElectrophoretic and Microfluidic Bioanalysis
11:00 pmAnalysis and Modeling of Spectral Data
11:00 pmDevelpments in Luminescence Spectroscopy and Instrumentation
11:00 pmParticle Mass Spectrometry: Techniques and Applications
11:00 pmNew Approaches to Environmental Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmAdvances in FTIR Imaging
11:00 pmNanotubes and Nanowires for Sensing I
11:00 pmNanotubes and Nanowires for Sensing II
11:00 pmNovel Sensors and Instrumentation of Tomorrow
11:00 pmInitiative (NeSSI) to Improve Process Quality and Control
11:00 pmEvolving Dev in the Use of Raman Spec in Conjunction w/other Physical Measurements
11:00 pmOpportunities for Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmBiomedical Applications of Atomic Spectroscopy
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance: Innovation and Application I
11:00 pmPLENARIES-SAS Applied Spectroscopy William F. Megggers Award and Coblentz Society Clara Craver Award
11:00 pmWednesday Morning Poster Session
11:00 pmWednesday Afternoon Poster Session
Wednesday , October 17
11:00 pmFundamental Advances in Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmStrock Award - Detlef Gunther
11:00 pmFabrication Strategies for Micofluidics: Beyond the Cleanroom
11:00 pmMultivariate Curve Resolution
11:00 pmPharmaceutical Forensics, organzied by the Forensic Technical Section of SAS
11:00 pmRecent Developments in Explosive Detection Technologies organized by Forensic Tech Section of SAS
11:00 pmDirect Ionization Methods for High Throughput Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmAdvances in Biomolecular Imaging Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmBiovibrational Spectroscopy
11:00 pmNovel Miniature Spectroscopic Instrumentation
11:00 pmCarbon Nanotube Separation
11:00 pmNanoscale Structures and Their Application
11:00 pmProcess Analysis for Food Quality and Safety
11:00 pmPAT Across the R&D and Manufacturing Interface
11:00 pmRaman Spectral Imaging - Diversity in Applications
11:00 pmEmerging Applications and Technologies in Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmCommemoration of Dr. Radu Mavrodineanu
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance: Innovation and Application II
11:00 pmThursday Poster Session
11:00 pmPLENARIES-SAS Lester Strock Award and "The Centrality of Chemistry" by Bruce Bursten