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Sunday , September 24
11:00 pm2-D Correlation Spectroscopy I
11:00 pm2-D Correlation Spectroscopy II
11:00 pmOther Ways to Get the Job Done with ICPMS - Sample Introduction Alternatives I
11:00 pmOther Ways to Get the Job Done with ICPMS - Sample Introduction Alternatives II
11:00 pmOptical Detection in Bioanalysis
11:00 pmApplications of Nanoparticles and Other Techniques
11:00 pmNew Methods for Characterization of Chiral Pharmaceuticals
11:00 pmChemometrics and Industry: A Successful Marriage?
11:00 pmSymposium to Honor the Retirement of Peter C. Jurs
11:00 pmNavigating an Entangled Web: Raman Spectroscopy of Polymeric Systems
11:00 pmMonday Morning Plenary
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Correlation Spectroscopy
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Chemometrics
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Pharmaceutical and Process Analysis
11:00 pmMonday Posters - Education
11:00 pmImaging Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmNIR Used as Process Analytical Tool
11:00 pmStudent Award Winners
11:00 pmFACSS Young Investigator Symposium I
11:00 pmFACSS Young Investigator Symposium II
Monday , September 25
11:00 pmANACHEM Award
11:00 pmAtomic Spectroscopy in the Clinical Laboratory
11:00 pmFrom Elemental Speciation to Metallomics
11:00 pmRecent Advances in Forensic Sciences II
11:00 pmRecent Advances in Forensic Sciences I
11:00 pmMultivariate Imaging, Wavelets, and Genetic Algorithms for 21st Century Applications
11:00 pmChemometrics for Sensors
11:00 pmPharmaceutical Raman: Process and Screening Applications
11:00 pmCharles Mann Award Symposium
11:00 pmMicrofluidic Chips and Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmAnalysis of Dissolved Organic Matter in Seawater using Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmSeparation of Carbon Nanotubes I
11:00 pmSeparation of Carbon Nanotubes II
11:00 pmApplications of NIR Spectroscopy: Diversity in Action
11:00 pmInnovations in NIR - Advancing the Field
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance I
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance II
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Nanoscience and Microscopy
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Materials
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Environmental
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Separations
11:00 pmTuesday Posters - Bioanalytical
11:00 pmTuesday Morning Plenary
Tuesday , September 26
11:00 pmApplications in Atomic Spectroscopy
11:00 pmIon Processing, Detection and Laser Sampling in Plasma Source MS
11:00 pmMeggers Award Symposium: New Approaches in Raman Spectroscopy of Turbid Media
11:00 pmMicrochip-CE
11:00 pmStandard CE & HPLC of Biomolecules
11:00 pmSpectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry in Forensic Science I
11:00 pmSpectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry in Forensic Science II
11:00 pmAdvances in IR Spectrometry, sponsored by Coblentz Society
11:00 pmRaman Microscopy
11:00 pmIlluminating the Biological World with Raman Microscopy
11:00 pmField Deployable Mass Spectrometers
11:00 pmElectron Transfer Chemistry of Nanostructured Material
11:00 pmNanotubes and Nanowires for Sensing
11:00 pmProcess Analysis: Spectroscopic Monitoring Tools
11:00 pmProcess Analysis: Interfaces for Spectroscopic Measurements
11:00 pmProbes for Spectroscopic Bio-Analysis
11:00 pmLester Strock Award: Ion Generation, Transport and Detection in MS
11:00 pmWednesday Morning Plenary
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Atomic Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Atomic Spectroscopy
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Infrared Spectroscopy
11:00 pmWednesday Posters - Fluorescence
Wednesday , September 27
11:00 pmVapor Generation for Atomic Spectroscopy
11:00 pmBioelectronics and Biosensors
11:00 pmApplications of Novel Materials to Fluorescence Spectroscopy
11:00 pmDevelopments in Luminescence Spectroscopy and Instrumentation
11:00 pmHighlighting Diversity in Forensic Applications of Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmFrontiers in Spectrochemistry I Honoring Gary Horlick
11:00 pmFrontiers in Spectrochemistry II Honoring Gary Horlick
11:00 pmGas Analysis by IR Spectrometry, sponsored by Coblentz
11:00 pmAdvances in Vibrational Spectroscopy, sponsored by Coblentz
11:00 pmCombining Raman and Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) - Are we there yet?
11:00 pmIn Situ Raman Analysis in Non-Traditional Environments
11:00 pmInnovations in Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmAdvances in Nebulization and Plasma Spectrometry
11:00 pmProcess Analysis: New Spectroscopic Technologies
11:00 pmThursday Posters - Molecular Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmThursday Posters - Forensics
11:00 pmThursday Posters - Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmThursday Morning Plenary