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Wednesday , October 20

Drop Deposition and Dynamics

2:00 am"Blood, sweat and tears: What can DCDRS tell us about bodily fluids?"
DCDRS provides disease specific molecular information in bodily fluids.
Stone, Catherine Kendall, Jacob Filik; 1"Gloucestershir Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK, 2"Cranfield University, UK"
2:20 amDrops on superhydrophobic surfaces provide new analytical tools
New approaches to analytical chemistry
Weiss, Antonio Garcia, Mark Hayes; 1"Arizona State University, Chemistry", 2"Arizona State University, Bioengineerin
2:40 amMorphological and Chemical Analysis of Dried Biofluid Drops
An automated technique for examining dried biofluid drops
Esmonde-White, Francis Esmonde-White, Blake Roessler, Michael Morris; 1University of Michigan Medical School, 2University of Michigan
3:00 amTowards the Use of Levitated Drops as Microreactors to Study Enzyme Kinetics
Small drops are big for free radical kinetics research.
Scheeline, Zakiah Pierre, Oluwafemi Masha, Edward Chainani; 1University of Illinois at CU
3:20 amQuantitative Protein Characterization using Drop Coating Deposition Raman Spectroscopy
Extend the DCDR technique for quantitative protein characterization
Zhang; 1Mississippi State University