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David R. Walt

Measuring Scientific Impact

David R. Walt is the Hansjörg Wyss Professor of Bioinspired Engineering at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is a Core Faculty Member of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, Associate Member at the Broad Institute, and is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor. Dr. Walt is co-Director of the Mass General Brigham Center for COVID Innovation. Dr. Walt is the Scientific Founder of Illumina Inc., Quanterix Corp., and has co-founded several other life sciences startups including Ultivue, Inc., Arbor Biotechnologies, Sherlock Biosciences, and Vizgen, Inc. He has received numerous national and international awards and honors for his fundamental and applied work in the field of optical microwell arrays and single molecules. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, and is inducted in the US National Inventors Hall of Fame.

David pioneered the use of microwell arrays for single-molecule detection and analysis, which has revolutionized the process of genetic and proteomic sequencing, enabling the cost of DNA sequencing and genotyping to plummet nearly a millionfold in the last decade. This technology is now the gold standard for sequencing in a wide variety of applications including screening embryos for genetic defects before in vitro fertilization, studying disease in preserved/frozen tissues, improving crop disease resistance, and identifying individuals’ metabolic profiles to ensure proper drug dosage. David’s current research employs optical fiber microarrays for the detection and analysis of single enzyme molecules to provide mechanistic insight into enzyme mechanisms. In another project, his lab is investigating the limits of creating high-density sensing arrays containing thousands of microsensors and nanosensors, and are preparing arrays to perform high-density nucleic acid and protein analysis. One application of this effort is an integrated diagnostic platform for performing medical diagnostics using saliva as a sample instead of blood. The arrays can also be used to study living cells, both as cell populations and as individual cells, and analyze the contents of individual cells by integrating microfluidics with single-molecule detection. They are also studying the behavior of large numbers of cells to understand the distribution of cell behaviors in a population.


6:15 pm – 7:15pm      Keynote: Measuring Scientific Impact
               David R. Walt, Harvard University

7:15 pm – 9:15 pm      Welcome Mixer and SAS Sponsored Student Poster Session



21ATOM05: Atomic Spectrometry and the Impact of Ramon M. Barnes

Chairs: Gary M. Hieftje, R. Kenneth Marcus

Ramon M. Barnes: Stalwart of Spectrochemistry
Gary M. Hieftje

All I really needed to know I learned…in graduate school
Gary Meyer

Ramon Barnes: How a Sage of Atomic Spectroscopy Paved the Road Ahead
Steven Ray

The Winter Conference: An Enabling Technology for My Career in Academia
R. Kenneth Marcus

San Diego 1992 to Tucson 2020 - a ride through (LA-)ICPMS
Detlef Guenther

21BIM03: Vibrational Spectroscopy for Cancer Screening and Diagnostics

Chair: Fay Nicolson

Pharmacokinetic Tomography: Mapping Drug Uptake in Tissue with Coherent Raman Imaging
Conor Evans

Estimating the depth of inclusion and the optical properties of biological tissues using Deep Raman Spectroscopy
Sara Mosca

Nanoscale plasmonics for cancer lipid biopsy: practical aspects of detecting extracellular vesicles amidst the nano-junk
Randy Carney

21FORENS01: Nuclear Forensics

Chair: Rob Lascola

Direct Analysis of Swipe Surfaces for Uranium by a Novel Microextraction-ICP-MS Approach
Ben Manard

Using a Quadrupole ICP-MS for Isotope Ratio Measurements
Derek McLain

Matrix-Assisted Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Detection and Characterization of Uranium Species
Danielle Mannion

Laser Ablation Plasma Spectroscopy for Nuclear Material Analysis
Kyle Hartig

Exploration of Trace Elements in Pu Using Hand-Held LIBS
John Auxier

21IR01: Nanoscale IR I

Chair: Georg Ramer

Infrared Nanospectroscopy at the Single Molecule Scale
Simone Ruggeri

Nanoscale imaging (PTIR) and Engineering mid-IR Hyperbolic Phonon Polaritons in 2D Materials
Andrea Centrone

Advanced AFM-IR Studies of Functional Nanomaterials: When Scanning Probe Microscopy Teams up with Vibrational Spectroscopy
Bert Weckhuysen

Analytical measurements of pristine interplanetary dust particles: What do we expect from AFMIR analysis?
Ariane Deniset-Besseau

21LIBS02: Consolidation of LIBS Methodology

Chair: Noureddine Melikechi

Getting LIBS results outside the laboratory: lessons from the field
Steve Buckley

Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown spectroscopy in Environmental and Biological areas of Research
Martin Madhavi

LIBS Intelligence: autonomy and decision-making from spectral data.
Pablo Sobron

Auto-focus LIBS applications for the process control using long and short laser pulses
Yoshihiro Deguchi

Listening for rock coatings on Mars: Understanding acoustic signals from laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Nina Louise Lanza

21SPECIAL03: Remote Teaching Chemistry

Chairs: Christopher Harrison, Chuck Lucy

Paper Microfluidics as a Safe and Flexible Method for Delivering Active Learning Laboratory Experiments At-Home or In-Person
Kimberley Frederick

A Resource for Remote and Virtual Learning in Analytical Chemistry – ASDLIB Remote Labs
Thomas Spudich

Distributed Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab (DPAL) Project
Marya Leiberman

Priming Remote Learning of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry Using a Custom and Free Micro-Textbook
Russ Algar

Open Discussion

21SPSJ01: NIR Spectroscopy

Chair: Christian Huck

It is not like we thought. New insights into NIR spectral features of water and hydrated molecules as unveiled by quantum chemical calculations
Krzysztof Bec

Modern tools of NIR spectroscopy in natural products analysis
Christian Huck

Water analysis using Near Infrared spectroscopy - Basic research and applications to biology
Mika Ishigaki

Adding value to speciality foods – the unreasonable roles of NIR spectroscopy
Daniel Cozzolino

Miniature NIR Spectrometers: Possibilities and Pitfalls
Richard Crocombe

10:10 am – 10:45 am   Poster Session and Break

10:45 am – 11:00 am   Award Presentations

11:00 am – 11:30 am   ANACHEM Award

Electrochemical/Optical Sensors in Medicine: Meeting Needs for the 21st Century
Mark Meyerhoff

11:30 am – 12:00 pm   Coblentz Society Clara Craver Award

SERS Detection and Imaging - Applications Derived from Basic Science
Zachary Shultz

1:30 PM – 3:10 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21ATOM01: Medical & Pharma

Chair: Uwe Karst

One-year gadolinium retention in healthy rats after repeated injections of macrocyclic and linear contrast agents
Sabrina Funke

More presentations and speakers coming soon.

21AWD04: ANACHEM Award Symposium Honoring Mark Meyerhoff

Chair: Mark Meyerhoff

Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring: Challenge of the Background
Mark Arnold

Ultrasensitive Protein Assays for Clinical Applications
David Walt

Real-Time Detection of Erythrocyte-Camouflaged Microsensors for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Heather Clark

Detection of Clinical and Environmental Targets via Microfluidic Droptrodes
Ryan Bailey

Manufacturing of Miniaturized Sensors for Clinical Applications
Sohrab Masnouri

21BIM04: Nanotheranostics: Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease using Nanomaterials

Chair: Samuel Mabbott

Deep Raman enabled search-(SERS)-ing of cancer tumour through >5 cm of animal tissue.
Priyanka Dey

Engineering the tumor microenvironment to improve immunotherapy
Isaac Adjei

SESORS for pre-clinical cancer imaging
Fay Nicolson

21IR03: Nanoscale IR II

Chair: Simone Ruggeri

Vibrational exciton nano-imaging: molecular ruler probing coupling and disorder on the molecular scale
Markus Raschke

Nanoscale Structural Characterization of a-Synuclein Oligomers Grown in the Presence of Phospholipids
Dzmitry Kurouski

Advancement of Peak Force Infrared Microscopy into Fluid Phase and Two-dimensional Spectroscopy
Xiaoji Xu

21LIBS03: LIBS Analytical Applications I 

Chair: Christian Goueguel

Josette El Haddad

Chet R. Bhatt

21RAM07: Nano-Raman

Chair: TBD

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21SPSJ03: DUV Spectroscopy

Chair: Igor Lednev

Deep UV Raman for biomedical applications
Juergen Popp

Reinventing reflection objective for high-resolution deep ultraviolet microscopy
Atsushi Taguchi

Stability of nucleic acids in Deep Eutectic Solvents as revealed by Synchrotron UV Resonance Raman spectroscopy
Barbara Rossi

Recent advances in instrumentation for deep UV resonance Raman explosive detection
Sergei Bykov

DUV Raman spectroscopy for biomedical diagnostics
Igor Lednev

3:10 pm – 3:50 pm      Poster Session and Break

3:50 PM – 5:30 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21ATOM02: Single Cell and Nanoparticle ICP-MS

Chairs: Heidi Goenaga-Infante, John Olesik

Practical approaches for single particle analysis of nanoparticles in natural waters
James Ranville

The application of single cell ICP-MS in microbiology: a world to explore
Maria Montes Bayon

Automated Single-Particle-ICP-TOFMS for Quantification and Classification of Nanoparticles in Environmental Samples
Alexander Gundlach

Building A Robust Nanomaterial Measurement Infrastructure: Successes and Challenges
Karen Murphy

Novel methods for the characterization of upconversion nanoparticles by single-particle ICP-MS
Sarah Meyer

21AWD08: Coblentz Society Clara Craver Award Symposium Honoring Zachary Schultz

Chair: Zachary Shultz

Surface-Area Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Label-Free Biosensing in Porous Silica Supports
Joel Harris

Laura Fabris

New Bioorthogonal Probes for use in Bioanalysis using SRS
Duncan Graham

Multi-parameter single nanoparticle imaging
Kallie Willets

Patrick El-Khoury

21FORENS02: Food Forensics

Chairs: Betsy Jean Yakes, Luis Rodriguez-Saona

Rapid Analysis of Declared and Undeclared Anorectic Drugs in Dietary Supplements and Weight-loss Drugs using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) with Handheld Raman Spectrometers
Martin Kimani

Fast, Cheap and Easy: Portable Arsenic Speciation Using Off the Shelf Technology
Patrick Gray

Optimization of Optical Sampling Design for In-line Monitoring of Heterogeneous Foods by NIR Interaction Spectroscopy
Jens Wold

Determining Food Freshness with Low-cost Electrical Sensing of Water-soluble Gases
Max Grell

Portable Optical and Spectroscopic Techniques for Food and Water Contaminants
Wei-Chuan Shih

21IR04: Evanescent Wave Sensing: New Developments and Applications

Chair: Bernhard Lendl

Mesoporous silica, titania and zirconia for improved selectivity and sensitivity in evanescent wave IR spectroscopy 
Bernhard Lendl

An immuno-infrared sensor (iRS) for indicating risk for future clinical Alzheimer’s disease in individuals
Klaus Gerwert

Innovative ATR-Spectroscopy System for Bioprocess Monitoring
Géraldine Baekelandt

Mid-IR plasmonics for next generation liquid sensing
Borislav Hinkov

21LIBS01: Deep Dive in LIBS Principle

Chair: Alessandro De Giacomo

Artifacts in Laser-Ablation Absorption Spectroscopy
Jonathan A. Merten

Alessandro De Giacomo

21PMA04: Structure Elucidation of Chiral and Biological Molecules

Chairs: Rina Dukor Dukor, Christian Johannessen

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21SPSJ02: VUV/FUV Spectroscopy

Chair: Yusuke Morisawa

Multielectron-ion coincidence spectroscopy of atoms in intense EUV-FEL fields
Mizuho Fushitani

Cavity enhanced XUV generation at 60 MHz for photoemission spectroscopy.
David Jones

Far- and deep-ultraviolet spectroscopy applied for organic semiconductor/ionic liquids interfaces
Ichiro Tanabe

Study for electronic states of water in high-concentrated aqueous solutions of lithium salts
Yusuke Morisawa

Investigation of electronic structure and transitions of biological molecules by using ATR-FUV spectroscopy
Kousuke Hashimoto

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm      Welcome Reception with Exhibitors



21AES01: Lifetime Achievements Award Session

Chairs: Alexandra Ros, Juan Santiago

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21ATOM04: Unique Plasma-based Sources for Chemical/Isotopic Analysis

Chairs: C Derrick Quarles Jr., Benjamin Manard

The LS-APGD/Orbitrap Coupling: Uranium Isotopic Analysis and Beyond
Ken Marcus

Cold Atmospheric Micro Plasma: A Powerful Tool From Biomaterials to Biomedical Applications
Prasoon Diwakar

Jake Shelley

Modulation of the solution-cathode glow-discharge and solution-anode glow-discharge using a rotating magnetic field
Nick Hazel

Systematic investigation of fundamental parameters of μs-pulsed radiofrequency and direct current glow discharge under optical emission spectroscopy elemental mapping conditions via laser scattering
Kevin Finch

21FORENS03: Forensic Analysis in the Lab and at the Crime Scene

Chair: Igor Lednev

National Institute of Justice: Opportunities for Novel Spectroscopic and Analytical Techniques Applied to Forensic Problems
Gregory Dutton

A New Paradigm for Mass Spectral Identifications
Glen Jackson

Trace Detection of THC using Raman Spectroscopy
Amanda Haes

Differentiation Between Hemp-type and Marijuana-type Cannabis Using the Fast Blue BB Color Test
Alexander Acosta

Raman spectroscopy to tackle the analysis of bloodstains in crime scene conditions
Alexis Weber

21IR02: Advances in Photothermal Spectroscopy

Chairs: Rohith Reddy, Curtis Marcott

Analysis of fixed and live single cells using optical photothermal infrared with concomitant Raman spectroscopy
Peter Gardner

21LIBS05: Microanalysis Using LIBS

Chair: Kheireddine Rifai

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21PAT02: PAT Pharma/Biotech

Chair: Daniel Hill

Spectroscopy-based sensors in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Karin Balss

Application of Online UPLC in ASO Process Development and Manufacturing
Andrew Argo

Improving Biologics Downstream Processes with Real-time Measurements
Jim Cronin

In Situ Particle Size Measurements in Biologics Downstream Processing

21SPECIAL02: Spectroscopy-based Sensors for COVID-19

Chairs: Jean-Francois Masson, Rob Chimenti

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

10:10 am – 10:45 am   Poster Session and Exhibits Viewing Break

10:45 am – 11:00 am   Award Presentations 

FACSS Charles Mann Award for Raman Spectroscopy
Making Sense of Microbial Systems and their Products with Raman Spectroscopy and Its Variants
Roy Goodacre

SAS Lester W. Strock Award
Uwe Karst

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm    Exhibits Viewing/Lunch On Own

1:30 PM – 3:10 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21AES04: Electrophoretic Bioanalytical and Pharmaceutical Analyses

Chair: Erin Henslee

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21AWD03: FACSS Charles Mann Award for Raman Spectroscopy

Chair: Roy Goodacre

Mann alive! … or is he …….
Duncan Graham

Is this Mann awake?
Karen Faulds

The bacterial heavyweight ranking via single-cell Raman spectroscopy
Howbeer Muhamadali

MS-based metabolomics for synthetic biology applications
Katherine Hollywood

Raman optical activity: Raman spectroscopy for the twisted
Ewan Blanch

21BIM01: Biophotonics Technologies Fighting Infections at the Point of Care

Chairs: Ute Neugebauer, Juergen Popp

High-throughput imaging and deep learning for detecting blood clots in COVID-19
Keisuke Goda

Planar Waveguide Biosensor for Point-of-Care Fluorescent Immunoassays
Christopher Myatt

Biophotonics light the way for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics
Stefanie Deinhardt-Emmer

Biophotonic analysis of the immune response to enable rapid detection of infection
Ute Neugebauer

21LIBS04: LIBS Analytical Applications II

Chair: Vassilia Zorba

LIBS and acoustic frequency spectra correlated. Towards an improved strategy for rocks and minerals identification with the SuperCam instrument of the MARS 2020 rover
Javier Laserna

193nm-Excimer Tandem LIBS and LA-ICP-MS – the case of geological samples
Jhanis Gonzalez

Tracing the provenance of minerals using advanced machine learning methods on LIBS spectra
Prasoon Diwakar

21PAT03: PAT for Industrial R&D

Chairs: Shawn Chen, Mark Rickard

Indirect Water Measurement in Refined Acrolein Stream by Process Raman Spectroscopy
Bo Gong

Artificial Intelligence and Micro Spectral Sensors Technologies Shaping The Future of Spectroscopy
Yasser Sabry

Globally monitoring 9,000+ molecular groups in whole crude using spectroscopy
Bryan Bowie

21RAM05: Raman Microscopy

Chair: Katsumasa Fujita

On self-assembling intracellular Raman reporters and plasmonic nanocavities
Ishan Barman

Lu Wei

Tamiki Komatsuzaki

21SPR01: Sensing and Actuating Chemistry

Chair: Amanda Haes

Plasmonic Platforms for Polaritonic Chemistry
Matthew Sheldon

Jing Zhao

Hybrid Plasmonic Reactors for Photocatalysis and Microbe Inactivation
Bjorn Reinhardt

Emilie Ringe

3:10 pm – 3:50 pm      Poster Session and Exhibits Break 

3:50 PM – 5:30 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21AWD05: SAS Lester W. Strock Award Symposium Honoring Uwe Karst

Chair: Uwe Karst

Jacob T. Shelley

Jorg Bettmer

Development of a diagnostic tool for the determination of Wilson disease
C. Derrick Quarles

Element analytical strategies for the characterization of nano- and microstructures
David Clases

Elemental and molecular bioimaging of nanoparticles and their impact on biological tissues
Ilona Nordhorn

21BIM02: Translation of Multimodal Imaging Technologies into Clinical Routine

Chairs: Thomas Bocklitz, Anuradha Ramoji

FLIM in the Operating Theater
Laura Marcu

Detection of COVID-19 in Saliva Using Label-Free Raman Spectroscopy
Frederic Leblond

Translation of Multimodal Imaging Technologies into Clinical Routine
Thomas Bocklitz

Raman Spectroscopy Imaging to follow Septic Liver Restoration
Anuradha Ramoji

From whole body to sub-cellular imaging by applying single bimodal fluorinated probes compatible with both MRI and Raman imaging
Renzo Vanna

21IR05: Probing Orientation/Anisotropy by Infrared Spectroscopy

Chair: Takeshi Hasegawa

Template-Free Orientation Control in Thin Films of Small-Molecule Organic Semiconductors
Nobutaka Shioya

Determination of the tilt angle of the axis of α-helix of specific residue of α-synuclein(61–95) in amphiphilic monolayer
Chengshan Wang

Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Self-Assembled Monolayers
Christian Pellerin

Micro ATR-FTIR imaging to analyze spatial distribution of molecular orientation in films
Ryohei Ishige

Infrared spectroscopic polarimetry of anistropic thin films and structured surfaces
Karsten Hinrichs

21LIBS06: LIBS in Environmental and Heritage Science

Chair: Rosalba Gaudiuso

Nanomaterials, solid phase microextraction and LIBS: A synergistic association for the development of analytical methodologies easily integrable in portable systems
Montserrat Hidalgo

LIBS, an open field of research for heritage science applications
Vincent Detalle

Richard Hark

21PMA07: End-to-end analytical development in Cell and Gene Therapy

Chair: Deniz Temel

CMC and Analytic Challenges for cell-based therapies
Junxia Wang

Satyakam Singh

Addressing the issues around low throughout testing for AAV characterization using SECMALS.
Vikas Bhat

To separate or not to separate? A simple IEX-UV approach for AAV Empty/Full capsid determination
Ruth Frenkel

Product Characterization for Cell Therapies
Yu Qian

21RAM04: Clirspec Biomedical Raman Session

Chair: Nick Stone

Selective sampling Raman spectroscopy techniques for ex-vivo intra-operative assessment of surgical margins and lymph nodes in breast cancer surgery
Ioan Notingher

FT-CARS flow cytometry or how to measure the Raman spectra of hundreds of cells per second
Julia Gala de Pablo

Ben Gardner

 21SPR02: Plasmonic Sensors

Chair: Emilie Ringe

Plasmonic Sensors for Metal Oxide Species
Amanda Haes

SPR Sensors for COVID Antibodies to Measure Seroprevalence, Immunity and Other Ventures
Jean-Francois Masson

Understanding Local Interfacial Properties of Organic/2D Materails Heterostructures via Ultrahigh Vacuum Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Nan Jiang

Right-Handed Twisting Motions of Gold Nanorods Visualized in Live Cell Membranes
Ning Fang

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm       Happy Hour with Exhibitors



21AES02: Electrokinetic Fundamentals

Chair: Christopher Harrison

All presentations in this session will be chosen from contributed abstracts.

21ATOM03: Laser Ablation

Chair: Todor Todorov

Characterization of new float glass standards for use in forensic comparisons using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Jose Almirall

Isotope analysis of geologic materials by LA-MC-ICP-MS
Kate Souders

U-Pb age mapping of titanite by LA-ICP-MS
Alicia Cruz-Uribe

Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry exploration of metal solubilization from implanted pellets in rat tissues
Diane Smith

New ways of chemical imaging: combining species-specific solute sampling by diffusive gradients in thin films with high-resolution LA-ICP-MS analysis
Stefan Wagner

21CHEM01: Bringing it All Back Home: Data Integration Through Chemometrics

Chair: Federico Marini

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21MASS01: Rapid Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry for Structural and Mixture Analysis

Chair: Ian Webb

Real World Applications of Sub-second HDX for Drug Development in Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disease
Derek Wilson

Elyssia Gallagher

Local and Global HDX of Nascent Gas-Phase Protein Ions
Ian Webb

Standardizing gas-phase H/D exchange measurements across different platforms
Miklos Guttman

21PAT01: PAT Biopharma

Chair: Edita Botonjic-Sehic

Index of Refraction monitor as part of a PAT strategy for downstream processing
Mark Schofield

Detection and Quantitation of Protein Aggregates by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy
Eugene Ma

21PMA02: Advanced Spectroscopy for Biopharmaceutical Characterisation: Using Multidimensional Fluorescence and Light Scattering Techniques for Protein Characterisation

Chair: Alan Ryder

In-line size determination of nanoparticulate biotherapeutics using spatially resolved dynamic light scattering
Carl Schuurmans

Delving Deeper Into AAV Attributes: Enhanced Characterization Using Multiple Technologies
John Stenson

Monitoring protein conjugation reactions for Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) synthesis using polarized Excitation Emission Matrix (pEEM) spectroscopy
Ana Luiza de Faria e Silva

10:10 am – 10:45 am   Poster Session and Exhibits Break

10:45 am – 11:00 am   Award Presentations 

AES Electrophoresis Mid-Career Award

Biophysical Heterogeneity and its Role on Cell Function Elucidated by Microfluidic Spectral Method
Nathan Swami

SAS and Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award

Atomic Limit in Confinement of the Photon and Microscopy
Vartkess Apkarian

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm    Exhibits Viewing/Lunch On Own

1:30 PM – 3:10 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21AES03: Emerging Leaders in Electrophoresis, Electrokinetics, and Related Applications

Chairs: Jason Dwyer, Nicole Hill

Significant heterogeneity in stem cell populations useful for transplantation
Tayloria Adams

Thermal Gel Electrophoresis for Biological Analyses
Tom Linz

Electromechanical Lysis and Rapid Enzymatic Assay of Droplet Encapsulated Cells
Robbyn Anand

21AWD07: SAS and Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award Symposium

Chair: Vartkess Apkarian

Quantitative analysis of surface-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering signals
Eric Potma

Probing chemistry of surface-supported nanostructure at the angstrom-scale
Nan Jiang

Wiring pyridine through its Raman bonds: TERS driven by tunneling plasmons
Joonhee Lee

Poincaré engineering of the nanofemto topology of surface plasmon polariton fields
Hrvoje Petek

Local Optical Field Nano-Imaging and Nano-Spectroscopy via (Non)Linear Raman Scattering
Patrick El-Khoury

21CTP/EARLY01: We, the Scientists: Strategies to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Chair: Karen Esmonde-White

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21MASS02: Ionization in Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals and New Applications

Chair: Kaveh Jorabchi

Vibrating Sharp Edge Nebulization:  New Interfacing for Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry
Lisa Holland

Development of Novel Microwave-Assisted Techniques for Mass Spectrometry
Steven Ray

Absolute Quantitation of Peptides and Proteins by Coulometric Mass Spectrometry
Hao Chen

Enahnced Elemental Ionization for Quantitation Using Intrinsic Elemental Tags
Kaveh Jorabchi

Ionization mechanisms of alkanes
Hilkka Kenttamaa

21PMA03: Innovating PAT in Bioprocessing

Chairs: Anja Mueller, Géraldine Baekelandt

Microsecond resolved infrared spectroscopy on non-repetitive protein reactions by applying caged-compounds and quantum cascade laser frequency combs
Florian Eigenmann

PAT for Real-Time Monitoring of mRNA Production
Elliott Schmitt

Optical Spectroscopy for Biopharma Development and Manufacturing
Christian Grimm

21RAM06: Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy

Chairs: Sara Mosca, Fay Nicolson

‘SORS – How Deep?’
Pavel Matousek

Spatially offset femtosecond stimulated Raman microscopy for monitoring real-time exciton diffusion dynamics
Renee Frontiera

Facing challenges of Cultural Heritage materials using micro-SORS
Claudia Conti

SESORS detection through bone and tissue
Bhavya Sharma

Physicochemical analysis of chemicals and biological tissues using spatially offset Raman spectroscopy
Hyung Min Kim

21SPECIAL05: A Session in Honor of Peter Griffiths' 80th Birthday

Chair: Ian Lewis

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

3:10 pm – 3:50 pm      Poster Session and Exhibits Break 

3:50 PM – 5:30 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21ATOM06: ICP-MS/MS and advanced applications using ICP-MS

Chair: Jenny Nelson

What Advantages does ICP-MS/MS offer? Current and Future applications of ICP-MS/MS
Jenny Nelson

Single Cell ICP-MS Analysis Of Solid Tissues Using Pneumatic Nebulization: The Analytical Challenge
Roberto Alvarez-Fernandez Garcia

Speciation Analysis as a Tool to Investigate the Wash-Out Effect of Intravenous Iron by Perioperative Cell Salvage
Marcel Macke

Single-cell ICP-MS Analysis of Essential Element Distributions in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Algae with Nutritional Iron Deficiency
Matthias Elinkmann

Measuring Rare Earth Elements in Biological Samples: Challenges, Strategies, and Progress
Aubrey Galusha

21AWD06: AES Mid-Career Award Symposium Honoring Nathan Swami

Chair: Nathan Swami

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

21CHEM04: Chemometrics for Food and Drug Analysis

Chair: Mengliang Zhang

Mengliang Zhang

Machine Learning Enabled Nondestructive Paper Chromogenic Array Detection of Multiplexed Viable Pathogens on Food
Boce Zhang

Detecting Seafood Decomposition with Portable Devices and Chemometric Modeling
Betsy Yakes

21PAT04: Advances in On-Line Process Analysis

Chair: Alison Nordon

Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Gas Detection, Identification, and Quantification
Benjamin Saute

William Wang

21PAM06: Small Molecule and Metabolic Screening

Chairs: Kat Hollywood, Roy Goodacre

Triboelectric Nanogenerator Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry for In-Depth Lipid Annotation
Facundo Fernandez

Metab-endotyping as a route to precision medicine
Rachel Kelly

21RAM01: Emerging Raman Spectroscopy Breakthroughs

Chair: Pavel Matousek

Noninvasive glucose monitoring using NIR Raman spectroscopy
Jeon Woong Kang

Raman spectroscopy and imaging of single cells in flow
Kotaro Hiramatsu

6:30 pm                       SciX 2021 Gala (badge and ticket required)



21ART01: Student Research in Archaeological Chemistry

Chair: Alex Bertacchi

Modern Methods on Old Mandibles: New Analysis of Caprines from Tepe Yahya
Melina Seabrook

Interpreting geochemical data in archaeological context; a case for interdisciplinary methodology in paleoclimate and site formation research
Elena Skosey-LaLonde

Removing the Unwanted: A Systematic Comparison of Decontaminating Protocols for Ancient Dental Calculus Research
Sterling Wright

Establishing Provenience of a Miocene Fossil Collection from Kenya - A Standardless pXRF Method Proof of Concept
Kimberly Foecke

Using concentrations of rare elements to detect diagenesis in archaeological hard tissues
Alex Bertacchi

21AWD02: Spectroscopy's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award Symposium Honoring Bhavya Sharma

Chair: Bhavya Sharma

Recent Advances in Remote Raman Spectroscopy and LIBS for Planetary Exploration
Shiv Sharma

Bringing spectroscopy back to Raman microscopy to visualize structural dynamics and molecular interactions in biological systems
David Punihaole

Taking a Closer Look at Art: Applied Spectroscopy at the Museum
Stephanie Zaleski

Factors impacting standoff ultraviolet resonance Raman trace detection
Sergei Bykov

Anti-Virals and Other Chiral Drugs: the Importance of VCD in Pharma R & D
Rina Dukor

21CHEM03: Chemometric Opportunities in the Forensic Sciences

Chair: Brooke Kammrath

Probabilistic Reporting of Glass Evidence Comparisons from Elemental Data Acquired by LA-ICP-MS
Jose Almirall

Spatial Domain Forensic Applications of the Fourier Transform
Jacqueline Speir

Data analysis strategies for the elemental analysis of tire evidence
Matthieu Baudelet

21PMA05: Industrial Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy

Chairs: Patrick Wray, Andrew Chan

Development of a QbD based PAT for inline quantification of drugs in continuous manufacturing
Gavin Andrews

Subcellular FTIR imaging with novel ZnS hemispheres for studying phospholipidosis in live macrophages
Ohood Alshareef

Vibrational Spectroscopy to Assess Degradation of Purification Resins used in the Downstream Processing of Monoclonal Antibodies.
James Beattie

21SPECIAL01: Spectrochimica Acta Atomic Spectroscopy Award

Chair: Alessandro De Giacomo

Atomic Spectrometry and SAB: Quo Vadis?
Gary M. Hieftje

The Liquid Sampling-Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge: A Combined Atomic and Molecular (CAM) Ionization Source
R. Kenneth Marcus

3rd SAB Award: Nanoparticle enhanced laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Annarosa Mangone

2nd SAB Award: Hyperfine structures and isotopic shifts of uranium transitions using tunable laser spectroscopy of laser ablation plumes
Sivanandan S. Harilal

1st SAB Award: About detectability and limits of detection in single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Francisco Laborda

21SPECIAL04: A Session in Honor of Robert (Bob) Hannah

Chair: David Scheering

Presentations and speakers coming soon.

10:10 am – 10:45 am   Poster Session and Break

10:45 am – 11:00 am   Award Presentations 

Spectroscopy's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award

Development of Raman Spectroscopic Methods for Neurochemical Sensing
Bhavya Sharma

Royal Society of Chemistry- Stokes Award

Harnessing the Power of Light for Chemical Sensing, Medical Diagnostics and Therapy
Tuan Vo-Dinh

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm    Meeting Recess

1:30 PM – 3:10 PM      PARALLEL SESSIONS

21ART02: Archaeological, Geochemical, and Remote Sensing Applications in the Search for Pleistocene Landscapes of New England

Chair: David Leslie

Presentation titles coming soon.


David Leslie

Zachary Singer

Samantha Dow

Peter Leach

William Ouimet

21AWD01: RSC Sir George Stokes Award Symposium Honoring Tuan Vo-Dinh

Chair: Tuan Vo-Dinh

Ultrafast Quantum Plasmonic PCR for Rapid Detection of COVID-19 and Molecular Diagnostics
Luke Lee

Applications of SERS in Biology and Medicine: from the Bench to the Clinic
Laura Fabris

New Methods and Paradigms in Optical Sensing
Brian Cullum

Physical Ultrasonics – From Microspheres to Manipulation
Joel Mobley

Lasers, Fibers, and Antibodies: building blocks for biosensors in the Vo-Dinh lab in the 1980s
Bruce Tromberg

21CHEM02: Chemometric Theory in Practice

Chair: Karl Booksh

Handling Noise in Portable Instrumentation
Karl Booksh

Variable Selection applied to Portable Instrumentation
Barry Lavine

Application of Hand-Held Technologies and Chemometrics to Forensic Investigations in Illicit Narcotics
James Jordan

Characterization of Chinese Celadon Ceramics by LIBS and XRF
Marcie Wiggins

Analysis of Geological Sample Suites with Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Richard Hark

21PMA01: Manufacturing of the Future: Innovative PAT Tools and Advanced Process Control

Chair: Claudia Corredor

How healthy is your culture? Cell death detection using dielectric spectroscopy
Suyang Wu

Ensuring good analytical sampling by fiber optic probes inserted into moving powder beds
Steven Hammond

Smart PAT for development and manufacturing; inform, understand, monitor and optimise
Aparajith Bhaskar

21RAM03: IRDG Raman Spectroscopy Session

Chair: Karen Faulds

Spectroscopy at the point-of-care
Samuel Mabbott

Bimolecular radiation response monitoring using Raman spectroscopy and data analytics
Andrew Jirasek

Tuning, Torturing, and Touching Up a SERS Substrate               
Jason Dwyer

3:10 pm – 3:50 pm      Poster Session and Break 

3:50 pm – 5:30 pm      FACSS Innovation Award Finalists Plenary Session


7:30 am - 7:45 am       Continental Breakfast

7:45 am – 8:00 am       Announcement of 2021 FACSS Innovation Award Winner 

8:00 am – 9:30 am       Closing Session Presentations

Mobile Spectrometers on a Dairy Farm: Applications in Milk Quality and Animal Health Analytics
Anshuman Das

The Trowel and Error Experiences of a Spectroscopist Doing Field Archaeology
Mary Kate Donais

SHERLOC: Looking for Clues in Jezero Crater
Luther Beegle

Karl Booksh

9:30 am - 10:00 am     Setting Our Sights on SciX 2022

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