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Sunday , October 18

Biomedical Raman

12:09 amGeometrically-Accurate Tissue Phantoms for Transcutaneous Raman Spectroscopy
"Novel optically and geometrically accurate standards (phantoms) for tissue spectroscopy. Michael D.
Esmonde-White, Karen A. Esmonde-White, Kathryn A. Dooley, Michael D. Morris; 1University of Michigan
12:09 amQuantification and Structural Analysis of Protein PTMs using Raman Spectroscopy
first example of PTM quantification using Raman and the first application of evolutionary computing
Jarvis; 1University of Manchester
12:09 amIn-Vivo Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Pediatric Tissues
Intraoperative application of Raman spectroscopy for pediatric diseases
Lieber, Mustafa Kabeer; 1Children's Hospital of Orange County
12:10 amRaman Microscopy of layered materials for improved signal localization
Depth resolution achieved with angled off-axis illumination
Rohit Schulmerich, Anil Kodali, Brynmor Davis, Laura Jane Elgass; 1University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
12:10 amMultimodal spectroscopy of single immune cells responding to stimuli: what Raman and elastic scattering can tell us
"detailed, quantitative characterization of single immune cells\' responses to stimuli"
Berger, Zachary Smith; 1University of Rochester
12:10 amNondistructive Screening for Pluripotency and Onset of Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Using Raman Microspectroscopy
This is the first report to identify specific Raman markers of differentiation status in human embry
Jamie Blades, Georg Schulze, Stanislav Konorov, Nicholas Caron; 1"Michael Smith Laboratories, The University of Bri, 2"Department of Chemistry, The University, 3Department of Chemical & Biological Engi