SciX 2023 program

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SciX Program Chair
Karen Faulds
University of Strathclyde

Sunday, October 8 - Keynote Presentation

Fifty years of FACSS and SciX Conferences: The remarkable correspondence with advances in vibrational spectroscopy

Peter Griffiths

Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Chemistry
University of Idaho, USA

Plenary Presentations by Award Winners

Expanding the droplet microfluidic toolkit through electrokinetic separations

Robbyn K. Anand

AES Mid-Career Achievement Award

Structural Characterization of Biological Systems at Macro and Nanoscale Using Vibrational Spectroscopy

Dmitry Kurouski

Spectroscopy's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy

Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecular Polaritons: How Can A Photonic Cavity Modify Molecular Dynamics?

Wei Xiong

The Coblentz Society Coblentz Award

Presentation Title to be Determined

Mathew Horrocks

Royal Society of Chemistry Joseph Black Award 

Presentation Title to be Determined

Maria Montes-Bayón

NESAS and SAS Lester W. Strock Award

The Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Multimodal Spectroscopy & Imaging: A Potent Strategy to Combat Infections and Cancer

Juergen Popp

FACSS Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy

From Spectroscopy to Solutions: Transformative Biophotonics in Disease Detection and Monitoring

Ishan Barman

The Coblentz Society Clara Craver Award

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