What's Hot Vendor Presentations

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Tahoe Ballroom

4:10 pm

Applied Spectra “Novel applications with Tandem LA-ICP-MS and LIBS

4:20 pm

HORIBA Scientific “ GD-OES Advanced Features to Answer to New Needs

4:30 pm

Flash Analysis “Flash Photonics sensing Solutions from the MIR to the UV

4:40 pm

Andor “Instrumental Advances in High-Resolution Spectroscopy and Super-Resolution Imaging

4:50 pm

LLA Instruments “New Echelle Spectrographs and Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras Developed by LLA Instruments

5:00 pm

Czitek “The Power of Vision - Enhancing Material Identification by Combining IR Spectroscopy with Visible Imaging

5:10 pm

Molecular Vista

5:20 pm

SciAps “Only Handheld on the Market measuring Low Grade Carbon

5:30 pm

Analytik Jena “PlasmaQuant® MS Elite – The New Perspective in ICP-MS

5:50 pm

Anasys Instruments





Exhibit Hall (Summit Pavilion)

11:40 am

BaySpec “High Performance Portable Mass Spectrometers for Rapid Screening of Trace Residues and Novel Aerial Hyperspectral Imagers for the Full Spectral Range of 400-1700nm

11:50 am

Thermo Fisher Scientific

12:00 am

Ocean Optics “A SERS “Solution”: Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles

12:10 pm

HORIBA Scientific “Raman Imaging: Finally...Speed & Clarity You've Been Waiting For

12:20 pm

Kaiser Optical Systems The Impact of Representative Sampling in Raman Spectroscopy

12:30 pm

Innovative Photonic Solutions “Lasers and Technologies Enabling Next Generation Raman Spectroscopy

12:40 pm


12:50 pm

Princeton “Easy, Aberration-free Spectroscopy with the FERGIE Spectroscopy System

1:00 pm

Ibsen Photonics “Ultra-compact OEM Spectrometers for LIBS and Raman




Exhibit Hall (Summit Pavilion)

11:40 am

Applied Spectra “J200 Tandem Clarity – Gateway to Powerful LIBS and LA-ICP-MS Data Analysis

11:50 am

BioTools “Disruptive Vibrational Spectroscopy: RAMAN, FT-IR, VCD & ROA

12:00 pm

B&W Tek “Seeing More and Identifying Rapidly with Raman: the i-Raman Pro ST

12:10 pm

Metrohm USA “Accelerated Results and Improved Reliability with Metrohm Spectroscopy

12:20 pm

Ondax “Rapid Discovery in Industrial Applications: High Throughput Screening with THz-Raman®

12:30 pm

Flash Analysis “Innovative Sensing Solutions from Flash Photonics

12:40 pm

Necsel “Narrow Linewidth Laser Modules for RAMAN Spectroscopy with Fail Safe Power Control

12:50 pm

Wasatch “Raman – Lowest Limit of Detection in the Palm of your Hand

1:00 pm

HORIBA Scientific “NanoRamanTM Platform: Physical and Chemical Imaging at the Nanoscale



New this year! – Review this important information BEFORE your trip to Reno

  • Speakers will NOT be able to present from their own laptop, but instead present from a USB stick on session laptop. The session laptops are PC running Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 with PowerPoint.
  • Prepare your slides and save to a USB stick (flash drive). Bring this with you to Reno. For What’s Hot presentations, suggested aspect ratio is 16:9.
  • Arrive in the session room 30 minutes prior to the session start to connect your USB stick to laptop  (PC running Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 with PowerPoint).  If you are presenting on Sunday arrive by 3:50 pm. If you are presenting on Tuesday or Wednesday arrive by 11:10 am.
  • There is a Speaker Practice Room in the registration area where speakers may preview presentation slides on a PC laptop (identical to session room PC laptops).