Booth 12 - H2Optx Inc.

H2Optx provides on-line process control solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and specialty chemicals industries. Our solutions make near real time measurements of critical physical parameters for manufacturing and new product development. H2Optx is now shipping the mPAT™ system for monitoring of powder constituents in pharmaceutical applications. mPAT™ fuses image data of particle size distribution and morphology, 3D powder bed texture mapping, and chemical composition. It can be easily integrated directly with powder handling equipment or used stand-alone. The system runs under Windows 8.1 and can be flexibly customized using the H2-OS™ user API. mPAT™ enables pharmaceutical companies to reduce their manufacturing costs, accelerate new product introduction, bring up new manufacturing equipment and lines more quickly, increase product quality, lower the cost of quality assurance and ease regulatory compliance – all which are critical to profitably produce advanced drugs. Please contact Scott Tandy at to discuss your process control needs.