Booth 78 - Cobolt AB

Cobolt manufactures high performance, single frequency CW and modulated lasers in the UV-VIS-NIR spectrum, as well as Q-switched pulsed lasers, Mid-IR sources and options and solutions for light engine integration. The lasers are manufactured using Cobolt’s unique and proprietary HTCure™ technology yielding unrivaled robustness and reliability. Cobolt provide lasers for a wide variety of advanced analytical applications ranging from laser induced fluorescence microscopy, DNA sequencing and flow cytometry for biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, through to high resolution Raman spectroscopy and advanced metrology technologies based on interferometry and scattering used in e.g. material science and particle analysis as well as for quality control in semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. The optical performance, power and wavelength flexibility and reliability of the Cobolt lasers make them the perfect laser choice for today’s most demanding analytical applications, in the research laboratory or for OEM integration