Booth 407 - HORIBA Scientific

HORIBA is mining at SCIX. If you’re in the field of nanoRaman, HORIBA’s silver TERS probes are guaranteed to provide the highest signal enhancement @ 10nm resolution and below. Dig up the latest in Raman spectroscopy, Raman imaging, AFM/Raman, in-situ/in-line process Raman, and CL/PL/Raman accessories for SEM. Our modular Raman solutions make it easy to build a system from the ground up, and navigating Raman images is no longer a minefield with EasyNav™ software that gives Raman imaging clarity and speed. On the subject of metals, our MESA-50 EDXRF can screen for purity, while our GD-OES elemental analyzers can perform depth profiles. Our ICP and C/S/O/N/H analyzers can detect how valuable your sample lode is, our SPRi instruments make Multiplex Label-free molecular interaction fast and easy, and our fluorescence systems offer the highest sensitivity on the market. If you’re in the dark about Raman, elemental analysis, XRF, SPRi or fluorescence, HORIBA’s silver mine is your ‘mother lode.’