Booth 802 - BioTools, Inc.

BioTools is pleased to announce several disruptive new products: 1) the first portable Raman microscope - -BioRAMAN - combining the capabilities of a portable Raman microscope with resolution and specifications of a bench-top Raman systems. 2) MANTIS – a DualPEM VCD accessory for Thermo FT-IR spectrometers and 3) a RAMAN spectrometer that provides measurements of four forms of ROA, Raman microscopy / imaging and AFM. With these introductions, BioTools continues its tradition developing state-of-the-art innovative and unique vibrational spectroscopy products. BioTools was the first company to introduce spectrometers for the measurement of VCD & ROA– the ChiralIR-2XTM and the ChiralRAMAN-2XTM. Our PROTA-3S system for measurements and analysis of FT-IR spectra of proteins, viruses, sugars and nucleotides is the number one choice of biopharmaceutical scientists. We also offer software for calculations and modeling, databases and unique sampling cells and accessories for temperature controlled studies.