Booth 103 - art photonics GmbH

art photonics GmbH was founded in Berlin in 1998 to develop and produce specialty fiber cables, bundles and spectroscopy probes for a broad spectral range of 0.2-16µm. FlexiSpec® fiber probes are produced for all methods of remote process-spectroscopy used in lab, industry and clinical diagnostics. The robust industrial fiber probes can withstand aggressive or toxic media under high or low pressure and temperature to analyze process with fluorescence, FT-IR-absorption, Raman-scattering and UV-Vis-NIR-reflection or transmission spectroscopy. The tiny medical fiber probes help to define tumor margins in oncology using all these methods with Multi-Spectral Fiber systems – which enable optimal selection of the most sensitive, specific and accurate methods for any tumor and development of spectral fiber sensor customized for its type.