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Chair: Garth Simpson, PhD

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence in Analytical Chemistry
Rohit Bhargava

Award Presentations and Plenary Lectures

Chair: Mary Kate Donais, PhD

RSC Theophilus Redwood Award/2018 Coblentz Society Craver Award

Polymer-enabled Plasmonic Sensing

Christy L. Haynes, PhD

Ellis R. Lippincott Award

From Bond-selective Chemistry to Bond-selective Imaging: My 30 Year’s Path to Tackle Missions Impossible

Ji-Xin Cheng, PhD

Spectroscopy's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award

Ishan Barman


Award Presentations and Plenary Lectures

Chair: Mary Kate Donais, PhD

Charles Mann Award for Raman Spectroscopy

Development of SERS and SESORRS for Multiplexed Bioanalysis

Karen Faulds, PhD


Droplet Microfluidics with Mass Spectrometry for High-Throughput Chemistry, Screening, and Sensing

Robert Kennedy, PhD


Award Presentations and Plenary Lectures

Chair: Mary Kate Donais, PhD

Lester W. Strock Award

Remote LIBS, Raman and Hyperspectral Raman Imaging Using a Monolithic Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer

S. Michael Angel, PhD

AES Electrophoresis Mid-Career Award

Digitizing Endocrine Tissue Secretions into Nanoliter Droplets for Analysis of Hormones and Metabolites at High Temporal Resolution

Christopher J. Easley, PhD


Award Presentations and Plenary Lectures

Chair: Mary Kate Donais, PhD

Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award

Reflectance Spectra of Solids & Liquids - Easier to Obtain, Harder to Interpret: The Case for the Optical Constants

Tim J. Johnson, PhD

Coblentz Society Craver Award

Have Fun & Impact with in situ Spectroscopy in the Chemical Industry

Xiaoyun Chen, PhD


Award Presentations and Special Presentations

Chair: Garth Simpson, PhD

Student Poster Awards

Innovation Award

SciFri Presentations


The following represents invited presentations during parallel symposia at SciX. Oral abstract presentations are currently being selected and assigned to sessions and are not yet included in the session listings below. More detailed program information is coming soon – we thank you for your patience.

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Chairs: Sagnik Basuray, PhD and Adam Woolley, PhD


19AES01 - Electrokinetic Fundamentals

Chair: Aliaksei Boika, PhD

Co-Chair: Karina Torres Castro

Gigantic Dielectrophoresis of Proteins in Solution

Invited Speaker: Dmitry Matyushov, Dr

Exploiting Dielectrophoresis to Separate Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Invited Speaker: Alexandra Ros

AC Electrokinetic Phenomena in Electroanalysis

Invited Speaker: Aliaksei Boika, PhD


19AES02 - Electrokinetic Applications

Chair: Jeffrey Moran

Co-Chair: Anna Nielsen

Breaking the Diagnostic Barrier for Hemoglobinopathies in Low-Resource Settings with Electrophoresis

Invited Speaker: Umut Gurkan, PhD


19AES03 - ACS ANYL-AES Joint Session: Micro/Nano Scale Analytics Driven by Electric Fields

Co-Chair: Lane Baker

Chair: Mark Hayes

Thread-Based Sensors and Fuel Cells

Invited Speaker: Frank A. Gomez


Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Christopher Baker

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Juan Santiago


Single-Particle Analysis of Virus Capsid Assembly by Resistive-Pulse Sensing

Invited Speaker: Stephen C. Jacobson, PhD

19AES04 - 3D Printed Microfluidics: New Materials and New Applications

Co-Chair: Ana Egatz

Chair: R. Scott Martin, PhD

Miniaturizing 3D Printed Microfluidics: Materials, Tools, and Trends

Greg Nordin, PhD

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation Systems Fabricated By 3D Printing

Invited Speaker: Michael Roper, PhD

19AES05 - Biosensors

Chair: Erin Henslee

Co-Chair: Rucha Natu

AWARE: A Wearable Awareness with Real-time Exposure, for monitoring alcohol consumption

impact through Ethyl Glucuronide detection.

Invited Speaker: Shalini Prasad, PhD

Detecting Single Nucleotide Polymorphism With Giant Magnetoresistive Biosensor

Invited Speaker: Todd Klein, PhD

19AES06 - AES - Leaders in the Field

Co-Chair: Sagnik Basuray, PhD

Co-Chair: Adam Woolley, PhD

Precision Medicine Is Advanced By Profiling Cellular-To-Molecular Diversity Using Electrophoretic Cytometry

Invited Speaker: Amy E. Herr, PhD

3D-Printed Tools for Quantitative Bioanalysis

Invited Speaker: Dana Spence, PhD

Microfluidic Organic Chemical Analyzers for Detection of Solar System Biosignatures

Invited Speaker: Richard A. Mathies, PhD

19AES08 - Biological and Pharmaceutical Applications

Co-Chair: Mike Beauchamp

Chair: Wenwan Zhong

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Mark Hayes

Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry for top-down proteomics

Invited Speaker: Liangliang Sun, PhD

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Chairs: Jorge Pisonero and Derrick Quarles Jr.


19ATOM01 - Low Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopies

Chair: Jorge Pisonero, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Nerea Bordel

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy With Compressed Sensing Encoding in The Spectral Dimension

Invited Speaker: Gerardo Gamez, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Matthieu F. Chausseau, Product Manager

The Continued Development of a New DC/RF/Pulsed-RF Glow Discharge Lamp and Supply

Invited Speaker: Kim Marshall, PhD Chemistry

19ATOM02 - Laser Ablation Based Spectroscopies

Chair: Jorge Pisonero, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Jose Miguel Vadillo

Fast And High Resolved Elemental Analysis Using ns-LA and fs-LA-ICP-MS

Jorge Pisonero, PhD: 744108

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Mauro Martinez, PhD

Exploring The Potential of Fast Washout LA With Quasi-Simultaneous Multi-Isotope Detection for Single Cell Elemental Imaging Using LA-ICP-Tof-MS

Invited Speaker: Kharmen Billimoria, Msc

19ATOM03 - Atomic Spectroscopy Techniques for Nuclear Applications

Chair: Benjamin T. Manard, PhD

The Use of Automation To Improve Analytical Precision of Isotopic And Impurity Analysis.

Invited Speaker: Cole R. Hexel, PhD

Balancing actinide measurement quality with the needs of the data end-user: A critical

evaluation of ICP-MS instrumentation and techniques in the nuclear sciences

Invited Speaker: William S. Kinman, PhD

Overview of Laser Ablation-Based Optical Spectroscopy Techniques for Radiological Analysis

Invited Speaker: Kyle C. Hartig, PhD

Innovative Sample Preparation Methodologies for ICP-MS Analysis of Nuclear Materials

Invited Speaker: John D. Brockman, PhD

19ATOM04 - Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopies I (Instrumentation)

Chair: R. Kenneth Marcus, PhD

A New Ionization Source for Environmental Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Charles L. Wilkins, BS,PHD

Factors Effecting Uranium Isotope Ratio Measurements in the LS-APGD/Orbitrap Coupling

Invited Speaker: R. Kenneth Marcus, PhD

SAS Atomic Section Student Award Winner - Elemental Mass Spectrometry of Fluorine:

Challenges and Innovations in Ionization and Detection

Invited Speaker: Joseph E. Lesniewski, BS, MS

Investigations of Matrix Management Protocols for The Solution Cathode Glow Discharge (SCGD)

Invited Speaker: Stuart Schroeder, PhD

New MS Applications for a Combined Atomic and Molecular (CAM) Ionization Source

Invited Speaker: David Koppenaal


19ATOM05 - Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopies II (Applications)

Chair: R. Kenneth Marcus, PhD

Analysis of Nanoparticles using Novel Approaches to Solution-Cathode Glow Discharge Atomic

Emission Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Steven J. Ray, PhD


Developments in Solution-Cathode Glow Discharge for Elemental Analysis of Aqueous Samples

Invited Speaker: Michael R. Webb, PhD


Liquid-Electrode Plasma Induced Vapor Generation Method

Invited Speaker: Zhenli Zhu, PhD


Plasmas in Contact With Liquids: Physicochemical Processes At The Plasma-Liquid Interface

Invited Speaker: Selma Mededovic Thagard, PhD


19ATOM06 - Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopies III (Molecular)

Co-Chair: Steven J. Ray, PhD

Chair: Jacob Shelley

Simple, Rapid Chemical Modification and Analysis of n-Alkanes with Flowing Atmospheric-

Pressure Afterglow (FAPA) Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Brian T. Molnar

Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas coupled with Differential Mobility Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Theresa Evans-Nguyen, PhD

Molecular Analysis with High Repetition-Rate Laser-Induced Micro Plasma in Air

Invited Speaker: Yi You, PhD

SAS Atomic Section Student Award Winner

Invited Speaker: Htoo W. Paing

Evaluating the use of the LS-APGD Ionization Source for Protein Analysis

Invited Speaker: Edward D. Hoegg, PhD

19ATOM07 - Atomic Spectroscopy Techniques for Nano & Bioanalysis

Co-Chair: Jose Manuel Costa-Fernandez, PhD

Chair: Martin Resano, PhD

AF4 coupled to ICP-MS/MS and molecular detectors for quantitative assessment of nanoparticle populations present in bioconjugate mixtures

Invited Speaker: Jose Manuel Costa-Fernandez, PhD

SAS Atomic Section Student Award Winner

Invited Speker: Ingo Strenge, MSc

New Developments in The Generic Quantification of Organic Compounds And Biomolecules Using Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Jorge Ruiz Encinar, PhD

Copper and Iron Tissue Analysis- Clinical significance and analytic challenges

Invited Speaker: Sarah A. Erdahl, MS

Dried Blood Spots for Elemental Analysis

Invited Speaker: Martin Resano, PhD


19ATOM08 - Atomic Spectroscopy Techniques for Clinical/Medical

Chair: C. Derrick Quarles Jr., PhD

Accurate Quantification of Carboplatin Adducts With Serum Albumin By Monolithic Chromatography Coupled To Icp-Ms With Isotope Dilution Analysis

Invited Speaker: Christian L. Ward-Deitrich, PhD

Automated Sample Preparation Techniques for Clinical Analyses Using A Single Platform Sample

Introduction System

Invited Speaker: C Derrick Quarles Jr., PhD

Copper Isotopic Composition As An Indicator of Changes in Copper Processing in The Colon of

Mice Due To Antibiotic Treatment

Invited Speaker: Kerri A. Miller, PhD


Gd-based Contrast Agents: A Clinically Significant Analytical Interference in ICP-MS Elemental


Invited Speaker: Patrick Day, MPH

Enriched Stable Isotope Tracers in Medical Applications

Invited Speaker: Johanna Irrgeher, Dr.

19ATOM09 - High End ICP-MS Instrumentation

Chair: Johanna Irrgeher, Dr.

SAS Atomic Section Student Award Winner - "A Comparative Analysis of Optical Spectrometric MethodsAnd MC-ICP-MS for Stable Isotope Analysis of Magnesium in Geological Samples"

Invited Speaker: Carlos Abad, PhD

Application of Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (sp-ICP-MS/MS) in theanalysis of nanoparticles in Hydrocarbons

Invited Speaker: Jenny Nelson, PhD

Optimizing ICP-MS/MS for Ultra Trace Analysis of Challenging Elements in Environmental Applications

Invited Speaker: Daniel Proefrock

Sulfur Isotope Analysis At Ultra Trace Levels by EA-MC ICP-MS

Invited Speaker: Michael Wieser, PhD

Potential of MC-ICP-CC-MS in cosmochemistry and geochronology

Invited Speaker: Justin Simon, PhD

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Chair: Mary Kate Donais


19AWD01 - RSC Theophilus Redwood Award Honoring Christy Haynes

Chair: Christy L. Haynes, PhD

Plasmon-Enhanced Single-Molecule Fluorescence in Living Bacterial Cells

Invited Speaker: Julie S. Biteen, PhD

Tunable Chiroptical Properties in Metamaterials And Nanocrystals

Invited Speaker: Vivian Ferry, PhD

Breakdown of Plastics in the Environment: The Impact of Weathering On The Fate And

Transformation of Aquatic Plastic Debris

Invited Speaker: Melissa Maurer-Jones, PhD

Nanoscale battery materials induce DNA damage in bacteria

Invited Speaker: Tian (Autumn) Qiu, PhD

Studies of Biomolecules With Multiphoton Microspectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Janina Kneipp

19AWD03 - Charles Mann Award Symposium Honoring Karen Faulds

Chair: Karen Faulds, PhD

Mann Versus Food

Invited Speaker: Roy Goodacre

SERS Optophysiology for Monitoring Chemical Gradients

Invited Speaker: Jean-Francois Masson, PhD

Biosensing Devices for Consumer Focused Healthcare Applications

Invited Speaker: Kristy S. McKeating, PhD

Electrochemically Modulated Liquid Chromatography (EMLC): an Approach to Manipulate Solute

Retention and Quantify Fundamental Electrosorption Phenomena

Invited Speaker: Marc D. Porter, PhD

At Last, a Wo-Mann

Invited Speaker: Duncan Graham

19AWD04 - William F. Meggers Award Symposium Honoring Tim Johnson

Chair: Tim Johnson, PhD

Accurate Methods to Determine the Optical Constants n/k for Liquids

Invited Speaker: Tanya Myers, PhD

Using Reference Spectra in the Form of n/k Values to Enable Improved OpticalTrace Surface Detection: Examples from IARPA'S SILMARILS Program

Invited Speaker: Kristin M. Dewitt, PhD

Applications of Optical Constants (n and k) to Standoff Detection of Threat Chemicals

Invited Speaker: Robert Furstenberg, PhD


First Principles Calculation of Reflectance Spectra of Solid Materials from n/k Values

Invited Speaker: Bradley G. Henderson, PhD

19AWD05 - Lester Strock Award Symposium Honoring S. Michael Angel

Chair: S. Michael Angel, PhD

Exploring the Planets with LIBS, Raman, and luminescence spectroscopies: ChemCam, SuperCam and SHERLOC on NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, and more to come

Invited Speaker: Roger Wiens, PhD


Advances in Combined Time-Resolved Remote LIBS and Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Shiv K. Sharma, PhD

Laser Ablation Spectrochemical Analysis

Rick Russo, PhD


Characterizing Limiting Noises in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Still- Challenging Issues

Invited Speaker: Nicolò Omenetto

Deployment of a LIBS System Using A Remotely Operated Vehicle at Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents

Invited Speaker: Alan D. Chave, PhD

19AWD06 - Spectroscopy's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award Symposium Honoring Ishan Barman

Chair: Ishan Barman

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Nick Stone

Raman Microscopy for High-Throughput Molecular Analysis

Invited Speaker: Katsumasa Fujita, PhD

Label-free Morphomolecular Microscopic Investigation of Live Leukemic Cells

Invited Speaker: Rishikesh Pandey, PhD

Nanoengineered Interfaces for Optical Sensing of Chemicals and Biochemicals

Invited Speaker: Steve Semancik, PhD

19AWD07 - AES Mid-Career Award Symposium Honoring Chris Easley

Chair: Jason Dwyer

Co-Chair: Chris Harrison

Microfluidic Systems for Studying the Gut Microbiome

Invited Speaker: Charles Henry, PhD

Electrophoretic Analysis of Small Molecules Released from Islets of Langerhans

Invited Speaker: Michael Roper, PhD


Integrating Microfluidic-based Cell Culture with Analysis

Invited Speaker: R. Scott Martin, PhD

Selective Assembly and Analysis of Cell Clusters at an Array of Bipolar Electrodes

Invited Speaker: Robbyn K. Anand, PhD

19AWD08 - ANACHEM Award Symposium Honoring Robert Kennedy

Chair: Robert Kennedy, PhD

Microfluidic Design Advances Immunoblotting To the 21st century

Invited Speaker: Amy E. Herr, PhD

Microfluidic Strategies for Measuring Adipocyte Signalling

Invited Speaker: Michael T. Bowser, PhD

Microflulidic Devices To Investigate Dynamic Signaling in Pancreatic And Liver Cells

Invited Speaker: Michael Roper, PhD

Microfluidic Tools for Epigenetic Profiling And Diagnostics

Invited Speaker: Ryan Bailey, PhD

Microfluidic Manipulation of Living Immune Tissue

Invited Speaker: Rebecca R. Pompano, PhD

19AWD09 - AES Lifetime Acheivement Award Session

Chair: Satyajyoti Senapati

Co-Chair: Gongchen Sun

Isolation, Fractionation and Analysis of Exosomes

Invited Speaker: Hsueh-Chia Chang, PhD


Acoustic-Electric Interactions at Micron and Nanometre Scales

Invited Speaker: Leslie Yeo, MENG, ACGI, PhD, DIC

Nanochannel Electroporated Cell Transfection And Vesicle Secretion  for Nucleic Acid Delivery - Cancer Therapy, Immune Disease Treatment, And Regenerative Medicine

Invited Speaker: James Lee

19AWD11 - Clara Craver Award Symposium Honoring Xiaoyun "Shawn" Chen

Chair: Xiaoyun Chen, PhD

Molecular Structures of Buried Interfaces Involving Polymers

Invited Speaker: Zhan Chen, PhD

Industrial Spectroscopist: the Joys and Challenges of Delivering Solutions

Invited Speaker: Katherine A. Bakeev, PhD

Theoretical Support to Industrial Spectroscopy Application

Invited Speaker: William Wang, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Michael M. Bishop, PhD

Measuring the Infrared Absorption and Scattering Coefficients of Polymeric Foams

Invited Speaker: Mark Rickard, PhD

19AWD13 - Ellis R. Lippincott Award Honoring Ji-Xin Cheng

Chair: Ji-Xin Cheng, PhD

Stimulated Raman Imaging with Chemical Tags

Invited Speaker: Wei Lu, PhD

Retinal Oximetry By Visible Light Optical Coherence Tomography

Invited Speaker: Ji Yi, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Rohith Reddy, PhD

Revealing Subcellular Structures with Live-cell and 3D Fluorescence Nanoscopy

Invited Speaker: Fang Huang, PhD

Dispersion-Based Spectroscopic Imaging: Principles and Applications in Biomedicine

Invited Speaker: Francisco E. Robles, PhD

19AWD14 - NASLIBS/SAS Award Symposium Honoring Ammon Williams

Chair: Ammon Williams, PhD


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Chairs: Karen Esmonde-White and Jürgen Popp, PhD


19BIM01 - Biomedical Spectroscopy And Imaging for Cancer

Chair: Michael Schmitt, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Laura Marcu, PhD


Hyperspectral SRS Imaging for Label-Free Molecular Subtyping of Glioblastomas

Invited Speaker: Zhiwei Huang, PhD

Multiplex SRS Imaging Cytometry Reveals Novel Metabolic Signatures in Drug-Resistant

Cancer Cells

Invited Speaker: Ji-Xin Cheng, PhD


Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Nick Stone


Nonlinear Multimodal Imaging for Intraoperative Tumor Diagnosis

Invited Speaker: Michael Schmitt, PhD


19BIM02 - Spectroscopic Approaches To Tackle Infectious Diseases

Chair: Jürgen Popp, PhD

Finally, A Slam Dunk SERS Application: Metabolic Responses for Fast Antibiotic

Susceptibility Testing

Invited Speaker: Lawrence Ziegler, PhD

Plasmonic Nanostructures for Pathogen Fingerprinting And Killing

Invited Speaker: Wei-Chuan Shih, PhD


Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Leukocyte in Scenario of Infection And


Invited Speaker: Anuradha Ramoji, PhD

Phosphorescent Liquid Bandages for The Identification of Inflammatory Bacterial


Evans Conor, PhD

Raman Spectroscopic Phenotyping - Identification of The Infection Causing Bacteria

And Quantification of The Antibiotic Susceptibility

Invited Speaker: Jürgen Popp, PhD

19BIM03 - Liquid Biopsies for Biomedical Applications (Clirspec)

Chair: Matthew Baker, PhD

The Role of Phospholipid Protein Balance in Neurodegenerative Disorders. Analysis of Human Blood Serum Using Raman Spectroscopy in Liquid Biopsies

Invited Speaker: Joanna Depciuch, PhD

Plasmonic Point of Care Sensors for The Detection of Disease Specific miRNA in Biofluids

Invited Speaker: Samuel Mabbott, PhD

A Triage Blood Test for Brain Cancer: Development of High-Througput ATR-FTIR Technology for Rapid Spectroscopic Serum Diagnostics

Invited Speaker: Holly J. Butler, PhD

19BIM04 - Spectroscopy and Precision Medicine

Chair: Michael J. Walsh, PhD

Investigating Scleroderma Skin Biopsies with Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Hari Sreedhar, MD

Multi-Modal Imaging Analysis On Joint Capsule Tissue From Total Hip Replacement Patient

Invited Speaker: Songyun Liu, MS


19BIM05 - Vibrational spectroscopy: Toward clinical applications

Chair: Karen Esmonde-White

Co-Chair: Fay Nicolson, PhD

Investigating Term and Preterm Labor using in Vivo Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Laura Masson

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Katherine Cilwa

19BIM06 - Machine and deep learning for biomedical diagnostics

Chair: Thomas W. Bocklitz, PD Dr rer nat habil

Co-Chair: Rohith Reddy, PhD

Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing

Invited Speaker: Aydogan Ozcan, PhD

Classical Machine Learning And Deep Learning for Multimodal Imaging

Invited Speaker: Thomas W. Bocklitz, PD Dr rer nat habil

Your Deep Learning Toolbox: Selecting the Appropriate Architecture for Spectral Images

Invited Speaker: David Mayerich, PhD

Deep Representation And Transfer Learning for Infrared Spectral Imaging Data

Invited Speaker: Arne Peter Raulf, MSc

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Chair: Peter Harrington

19CHEM01 - New Frontiers in Chemometrics

Chair: Federico Marini, PhD

Accelerated Restricted Boltzmann Machines

Invited Speaker: Peter B. Harrington, Founder

Chemometric Analysis of Mass And Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Data in The Investigation of Biological Tissues Under Environmental Stresing Conditions

Invited Speaker: Roma Tauler

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Ludovic Duponchel, MA, PhD

Coupling Variable Selection And Multi-Block Predictive Modeling Through the SO-CovSel Algorithm

Invited Speaker: Federico Marini, PhD

19CHEM02 - Exploiting Spatial and Spectral Information in Hyperspectral Images

Chair: Thomas W. Bocklitz, PD

Very important pixels in MCR analysis of hyperspectral images

Invited Speaker: Cyril Ruckebusch, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Achim Kohler, PhD

Chemical Imaging Modalities Combined With Chemometrics for Characterization of Interfacial Water: Potential And Current Challenges

Invited Speaker: Junli Xu, PhD

Investigations On The Data Analysis Pipeline Raman Spectroscopic Imaging

Invited Speaker: Thomas W. Bocklitz, PD

19CHEM03 - Chemometrics at Work in Industry

Chair: Barry Wise

Application of NIR in the Oil/gas Industry

Invited Speaker: Randy T. Bishop, PhD

Autonomous Calibration

Invited Speaker: Brian G. Rohrback, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Bryan Bowie

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Amanda LInes, PhD

Modern Tools for Model Development and Maintenance

Invited Speaker: Paul J. Cammarata, PhD

19CHEM04 - Chemometric Opportunities in the Forensic Sciences

Chair: Rabi A. Musah, PhD

Food Authentication and Adulteration Detection with Data Fusion of Non-Optimized Classifiers

Invited Speaker: John H. Kalivas, PhD

Determining The Strength of Forensic Lubricant Evidence From DART-MS and GC-MS Data

Invited Speaker: Candice Bridge, PhD


A Regression-Based Algorithm To Maximize The Confidence in Mass Spectral Identifications

Invited Speaker: Glen P. Jackson, PhD

Multi-label Classification Methods for the Forensic Identification of Fauna or Flora within Mixtures

Invited Speaker: Samira Beyramysoltan, PhD


19CHEM05 - Unraveling Sample Matrix Effects with Chemometrics

Chair: John H. Kalivas, PhD

The Development of Chemometric Functional Libraries

Invited Speaker: Leonardo Ramirez-Lopez, PhD


Local Calibration Using Multivariate Curve Resolution Methods

Invited Speaker: Hamid Abdollahi, Prof.


Quantification of Mixtures in Presence of Interferences And Matrix Effects By Multivariate Curve Resolution

Invited Speaker: Roma Tauler

Identifying Matrix Matched Samples by Leveraging Spectral Calibration Model Regression Vectors

Invited Speaker: John H. Kalivas, PhD


19CHEM06 - Sample and Variable Selection-Memorial Honoring Frank Vogt

Chair: Barry K. Lavine, PhD

Variable Selection to Improve the Classification and Authentication of Edible Oils

Invited Speaker: Barry K. Lavine, PhD

Speciation of Dalbergia (Rosewood) via Hand-held Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Chemometric Analysis

Invited Speaker: James A. Jordan, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Karl Booksh

19CHEM07 - Chemotyping Complex Materials by Chemometrics

Chair: Mengliang Zhang, PhD

Classification of Cultivation Locations of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) using DART-MS and Chemometrics

Invited Speaker: Mengliang Zhang, PhD

Raman Mapping and Multivariate Image Analysis for Characterization of Transdermal Delivery Systems

Invited Speaker: Daniel Willett, PhD

Deconvolving Co-Eluted Peaks in GC-MS Fuel Data via EWFA-MCR with Automated Library Matching

Invited Speaker: Jeffrey Cramer, PhD

High-Coverage And Quantitative Metabolome Analysis for Fingerprinting Complex Biological Samples

Invited Speaker: Liang Li, PhD


Chemometric Application in FIMS and Metabolomics for Botanical Authentication and Quality Evaluation

Invited Speaker: Jianghao Sun, Ph.D

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Chair: Rebecca Airmet


19CTP01 - Commercialization of Analytical Technologies (Commercialization in Biotech)

Chair: Karen Esmonde-White

Tips 4 Successful Entrepreneurship – Jump don’t step!

Invited Speaker: Scott Rudder

Moving Disruptive Innovation to Market

Invited Speaker: Isao Noda, PhD

The Road Less Traveled' - The Thrill of Technology Commercialization

Invited Speaker: Rina Dukor

Navigating A Successful Pathway to Exit: Strategies for Building Value and Finding the Right Partner

Invited Speaker: Randy Heyler, MS

Speaker Roundtable

19CTP02 - Women in Analytical Chemistry

Chair: Rina Dukor

Titles TBA

19CTP03 - Solving Developing World Chemistry Challenges: Where Are We Now?

Chair: Diane Parry

Spectroscopy and Alternative Plastics from Vegetable Oils

Invited Speaker: Isao Noda, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Jacob Shelley

Applying Chemistry to Confront International Humanitarian Problems

Invited Speaker: Ronda L. Grosse, PhD

Strategies to Keep Research Moving Amidst Disaster Relief

Invited Speaker: Ellen V. Miseo, PhD

19CTP04 - Deviations from the Beer-Lambert Law: New Perspectives and Solutions

Chair: Jürgen Popp, PhD

The Bouguer-Beer Lambert Law (Re-)Viewed From A Wave Optics Perspective

Invited Speaker: Thomas G. Mayerhöfer, PhD

Beyond the Beer-Lambert approximation, considerations for quantitative chemical analysis at the nanoscale with the PTIR technique

Invited Speaker: Andrea Centrone, PhD

A Comparison of Computational Approaches To Remove "Artefacts" in IR Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Shuxia Guo, PhD

Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging - From A Simple Combination of Spectroscopy And Microscopy To New Design Concepts

Invited Speaker: Rohit Bhargava, PhD

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Chairs: Greg Klunder and Rob Lascola


19FORENS01 - Nuclear Forensics

Chair: Dallas Reilly

Co-Chair: Greg Klunder

Co-Chair: Rob Lascola

Infrared Spectroscopic Method for Uranium Isotopic Analysis

Invited Speaker: Alicia Strange Fessler, MSc, PhD

Inferring Nuclear Fireball Properties from Experimental Data

Invited Speaker: Batikan Koroglu, PhD


Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Actinide Isotope Analysis

Invited Speaker: Brett H. Isselhardt, PhD

19FORENS02 - Food Forensics

Chair: Betsy Jean Jean Yakes, PhD

Co-Chair: Luis Rodriguez-Saona, PhD

Indra’s Net: A Reflection On The Potential of Rapid Detection Methods in Food Systems

Invited Speaker: David I. Ellis, PhD

Determination of Seafood Decomposition by Large Volume Static Headspace Analysis and Chemometrics

Invited Speaker: Zhengfang Wang, PhD

Miniature Instruments in The Hands of The Consumer - Are They Making The Right Measurement in The Right Place

Invited Speaker: Ellen v. Miseo, PhD

Opportunities of Food Sensors for Field Applications – From Crop to your Grocery Store

Invited Speaker: Luis Rodriguez-Saona, PhD


19FORENS03 - Forensic Analysis in the Lab and at the Crime Scene

Chair: Igor K. Lednev, PhD

Forensic Science R&D Funding at the National Institute of Justice: Opportunities for Novel Spectroscopic and Analytical Techniques Applied to Forensic Problems.

Invited Speaker: Gregory Dutton, PhD


Utilization of Portable Gas-Chromatographic Systems Coupled with CMV for On-site Detection of Ignitable Liquid Residues

Invited Speaker: Jose Almirall, PhD


On The Mass Spectral Interpretation of Cathinones And Fentanyl Analogs

Invited Speaker: Glen P. Jackson, PhD


Nondestructive Analysis of A Bloodstain By ATR FT-IR Spectroscopy for Forensic Purposes

Invited Speaker: Ewelina M. Mistek, MS

On-Scene Trace Identification of Materials of Grave Toxicity With Handheld Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Christopher Brown, PhD

19FORENS04 - Advances in Fingerprinting Techniques for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Chair: Mark J. Cejas, MSc

Analysis of PCB and Dioxin/Furan Data in Environmental Forensics: Experience And Application

Invited Speaker: Glenn W. Johnson, PhD

Advances in Fingerprinting Techniques for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Invited Speakers: Ioana Petrisor and Mark J. Cejas, MSc

The Application of Multi-Proxy Statistical Techniques in Identifying The Sources, Fate And Transformation of Natural Organic Carbon in South Florida Wetlands

Invited Speaker: Alice Chao Ya, PhD

Development of an R-based Implementation of the Polytopic Vector Analysis Mixing Model

Invited Speaker: Nicholas D. Rose, MS

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Alan Jeffrey

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Chairs: Michael George, Bernard Lendl and Curt Marcott


19IR01 - Optical Photothermal Infrared Spectroscopy – I

Co-Chair: Andrea Centrone, PhD

Chair: Curtis Marcott, PhD

Bone and Ligament Structure and Failure as Studied by Photothermal Infrared Microscopy

Invited Speaker: Mark Banaszak-Holl, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Dennis J. Walls, PhD

Biomedical Applications of Photothermal Spectroscopic Imaging

Invited Speaker: Rohith Reddy, PhD


Investigation of Breast Calcification Microstructure in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Using Multi-modal Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jayakrupakar Nallala, Dr

Recent Advances Is Submicron Photothermal Infrared Spectroscopy And Imaging

Invited Speaker: Curtis Marcott, PhD

19IR02 - Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy I: Recent Advances

Chair: Andrea Centrone, PhD

Unlocking the Potential of Photothermal Infrared Microscopy on Spatial Resolution, Sensitivity, and Richness of Information

Invited Speaker: Xiaoji Xu, PhD

Tapping-mode PTIR: A Versatile IR Nanoscopy Method for Challenging Samples

Invited Speaker: Georg Ramer, MSc PhD

Tapping Mode AFMIR: A Versatile Tool To Characterize Drug-Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles

Invited Speaker: Ariane Deniset-Besseau, PhD

Correlative Nanoscopy for Organic, Inorganic And Hybrid Material Analysis

Invited Speaker: Tobias Gokus, PhD

Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Imaging (s-SNOM and AFM-IR) using a Femtosecond Difference Frequency Generation Laser Source

Invited Speaker: Qichi Hu, PhD

19IR03 - Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy II: Fundamentals and Applications

Chair: Andrea Centrone, PhD

Co-Chair: Georg Ramer, MSc PhD

Thermal Effects in Photo-Induced Force Microscopy (PiFM)

Invited Speaker: Eric O. Potma, PhD

Novel Concepts in Infrared Nano-Imaging – Competing And Confusing?

Invited Speaker: Markus Raschke

Characterization 2D Materials And Heterostructures With Infrared Nanospectroscopy (PTIR)

Invited Speaker: Andrea Centrone, PhD

Nanoscale Materials Analysis using AFM-IR

Invited Speaker: Liang Gong, PhD

19IR04 - Advances in Molecular Spectroscopy

Chair: Xianghuai Wang

19IR05 - Quantum Cascade Lasers

Chair: Bernhard Lendl, Phd

Monitoring Trace Levels of Benzene in Ambient Air

Invited Speaker: Arto Branders, MSc, MBA

Real-World Applications of Quartz-Enhanced Photo Acoustic Gas Sensing

Invited Speaker: Vincenzo Luigi Spagnolo, PhD

New Modalities in EC-QCL Spectroscopy for Liquid Sensing

Invited Speaker: Bernhard Lendl, PhD

A QCL-based Photoacoustic Sensor for Online Monitoring of N2O Emissions of Wastewater treatment plants

Invited Speaker: Christoph Haisch, Prof.

19IR06 - Mid-IR Frequency Combs

Chair: Bernhard Lendl, Phd

Dual Comb Spectroscopy With Quantum Cascade Lasers: Development, Outlook, And New Possibilities

Invited Speakers: Raphael Horvath, PhD

Molecular Spectroscopy with Frequency Combs

Invited Speaker: Oliver Heckl, Dipl Phys Dr

Electro-Optic Dual Optical Frequency Comb Generators: Evolution and Opportunities in Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Pedro Martín Mateos, PhD

Semiconductor Laser Frequency Combs: from Fundamentals towards Applications

Invited Speaker: Johannes Hillbrand, MSc ETH

Multi-Species Chemical Sensing Using QCL Based Dual Comb Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jonas Westberg, PhD

19IR07 - Time-resolved IR and 2D-IR Spectroscopy – I

Chair: Mike George

Pulse Radiolysis with Time-Resolved Infrared Detection: A Powerful Method for Unraveling the Mechanisms of Redox Processes

Invited Speaker: David C. Grills, PhD


Development And Applications of Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Comb Spectroscopy for Fast Time-Resolved IR Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Raphael Horvath, PhD

Time-resolved Resonance Raman Studies of Re(I) Complexes With Blended Intraligand And Metal-To-Ligand Charge-Transfer States

Invited Speaker: Keith Gordon, PhD


Filming Chemical Reactions at the Single-Molecule Level Using Electron Beam

Invited Speaker: Khlobystov N. Andrei, PhD


19IR08 - Recent Advances in Chemical and Material Detection Using Molecular Spectroscopy

Chair: Mike George


19IR09 - Recent Advances in Using Molecular Spectroscopy for PAT and Pharmaceutical Research – I

Chair: Mike George


19IR10 - Recent Advances in Using Molecular Spectroscopy for PAT and Pharmaceutical Research – I

Chair: Mike George

Process Optimisation for Manufacturing with Light

Invited Speaker: Mike George


19IR11 - Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy III: Bio- Applications

Chair: Andrea Centrone, PhD

Co-Chair: Liang Gong, PhD

Understanding the Recorded Signal in Atomic Force Microscopy-Infrared Spectroscopy (AFM-IR) Measurements of Biological Samples

Invited Speaker: Rohit Bhargava, PhD

Nanoscale Chemical Analysis from Single Biomolecules to Living Organisms in Air and Native Liquid Environment

Invited Speaker: Francesco Simone Ruggeri, PhD

Infrared Difference-Nanospectroscopy To Probe The Light-Induced Conformational Changes of Transmembrane Proteins in Individual Membrane Patches

Invited Speaker: Valeria Giliberti, PhD

Structural Characterization of Plant Epicuticular Waxes Using AFM-IR

Invited Speaker: Dmitry Kurouski, PhD

19IR12 - Forefront of Molecular Spectroscopy

Chair: Isao Noda, PhD        

Understanding of Biodegradable Polymer Blend Thin Films Using 2D Correlation Analysis And Chemical Images

Invited Speaker: Young Mee Jung

Raman Hyperspectroscopy for Forensic Purposes And Medical Diagnostics

Invited Speaker: Igor K. Lednev, PhD

Application of NIR spectroscopy to physical chemistry

Invited Speaker: Yukihiro Ozaki, PhD

Effective use of spectral database software with two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy (2D-COS)

Invited Speaker: Isao Noda, PhD

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Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Chair: François R. Doucet


19LIBS01 - Fundamentals

Chair: Alessandro Digiacomo, PhD

Time-resolved characterization of laser induced plasmas with dual-comb spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jason Jones, PhD

Modeling Equilibrium Chemistry in Laser Induced Plasmas And Plasma Chemical Reactors

Invited Speaker: Igor Gornushkin, PhD

What are we looking at? An atypical view of the LIP

Invited Speaker: Jonathan A. Merten, PhD

Probe Volume And Energy Balance in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jörg Hermann, PhD

On The Plasma Phase Immediately After The Laser Matter Interaction.

Invited Speaker: Alessandro De Giacomo, PhD

19LIBS02 - LIBS for industry 4.0

Chair: Francois R. Doucet, BSc, MSc, PhD

LIBS for industry 4.0 - LIBS in Aluminum Recycling Processes

Invited Speaker: Amy J. Ray Bauer, PhD

LIBS The Ideal Tool for Industry 4.0

Invited Speaker: Francois R. Doucet, BSc, MSc, PhD

19LIBS03 - Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Chair: Noureddine Melikechi

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

Invited Speaker: Rosalba Gaudiuso, PhD

Diagnosis of Human Malignancies Using Blood Sample Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in Combination With Chemometric Methods

Invited Speaker: Xiaohui Li, PhD

Bacterial Limit of Detection Reduction Utilizing A Novel Sample Preparation Protocol.

Invited Speaker: Steven J. Rehse, PhD

In Situ Analytical Characterization And Chemical Imaging of Tablet Coatings Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Lanfang Zou, PhD

From Bench To Bedside: LIBS Imaging Is Entering The Clinic As A New Diagnostic Tool for Respiratory Diseases

Invited Speaker: Motto-Ros Vincent, PhD

19LIBS04 - Molecular Signal in LIBS

Chair: Michael Gaft

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Alexander Bol'shakov, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Lev Nagli

Molecular Emissions in The Laser-Induced Plasma in Simulated Martian Conditions – Calibration Models And New Insights From Plasma Imaging

Invited Speaker: David S. Vogt, PhD

Using Molecular Bands for Geological Purposes : An Exploratory Fluor Study

Invited Speaker: Cécile Fabre, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Igor Gornushkin, PhD

19LIBS05 - Archaeology and Anthropology

Chair: Matthieu Baudelet, PhD

pXRF and pLIBS for Archaeological Ceramics

Invited Speaker: Mary Kate Donais, PhD

Matrix-Matched Standards for Anthropology Studies

Invited Speaker: Matthieu Baudelet, PhD

19LIBS06 - Forensics and Security

Chair: Jose Almirall, PhD

Using LIBS for Elemental Signature Discovery in Forensic Applications

Invited Speaker: Tatiana Trejos, PhD


Improving The Forensic Relevance of LIBS By Quantifying Spectral Interferences

Invited Speaker: Matthieu Baudelet, PhD


Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Jhanis J. Gonzalez, PhD

19LIBS07 - Innovation in Instrumentation

Chair: Francois R. Doucet, BSc, MSc, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Steve Buckley


19LIBS08 - LIBS Elemental Imaging

Chair: Vincent Motto-Ros, Dr

Combining Spectroscopic And Tomographic Data

Invited Speaker: Jozef Kaiser, PhD


Imaging Biochemical Signatures of Stress Events in Human Deciduous Teeth

Invited Speaker: Bruno Bousquet, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Jhanis J. Gonzalez, PhD


Elemental Imaging by LIBS: Recent Advances And Remaining Challenges

Invited Speaker: Vincent Motto-Ros


19LIBS09 - Geology

Chair: Lütfü Özcan, PhD

19LIBS10 - Environmental Monitoring

Chair: Cassiana S. Nomura, PhD

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: An Interesting Tool for Monitoring Potentially Toxic Metal in Water

Invited Speaker: Cassiana S. Nomura, PhD

Effect of Powder Compact Parameters on LIBS Quantitative Analysis

Invited Speaker: Matthieu Baudelet, PhD

Solid Phase Extraction Combined With Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy To Elemental Analysis

Invited Speaker: Ivanise Gaubeur, PhD

Monitoring The Uptake And Toxicity of Nanoparticles in Plants Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Pavel Porizka, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Jhanis J. Gonzalez, PhD

19LIBS11 - New Methodology

Chair: Kheireddine Rifai

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu


Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Pablo Sobron

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Chairs: Glen Jackson and Chris Hendrickson


19MASS01 - MS Characterization of Proteins, Protein Complexes, And Therapeutic Proteins

Chair: Joseph A. Loo, PhD

The Role of Denaturing and Native-MS in Biopharma: From Target Validation to mAbs, ACDs and Beyond

Invited Speaker: Iain D G Campuzano, BSc PhD

Measuring Membrane Interactions By Mass Spectrometry of Intact Lipoprotein Complexes

Invited Speaker: Michael T. Marty, PhD

Native Mass Spectrometry And Surface Induced Dissociation for The Study of Membrane Proteins

Invited Speaker: Sophie Harvey, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Roy Martin, PhD

Native Mass Spectrometry for a Top-Down View of Protein Structures

Invited Speaker: Joseph A. Loo, PhD

19MASS02 - Untargeted Metabolomics: Innovations and Applications

Chair: Amina Bouslimani, PhD

Unraveling Drug Metabolism Complexity via Untargeted Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Alan Jarmusch, PhD

Contextualizing Host-Parasite-Microbiome Interactions Using LC-MS/MS-based Metabolomics And Chemical Cartography

Invited Speaker: Laura-Isobel McCall, PhD

Mass Spectrometry Based Machine Learning Approaches To Discover Nutrients That Can Revitalize The Modern Diet

Invited Speaker: Gabriel Navarro, PhD

Characterizing The Chemotypic Landscape of Polymicrobial Communities

Invited Speaker: Vanessa Phelan, PhD

Scaling Molecular Networks to the Cloud Enables New Visualizations

Invited Speaker: Mingxun Wang, PhD

19MASS03 - Identification of Peptide Isomers With Mass Spectrometry

Chair: Ryan Julian, PhD

Lysosomal degradation of peptide isomers and epimers

Invited Speaker: Ryan Julian, PhD

Molecular Basis for Chirality-regulated Aβ Self-Assembly and Receptor Recognition Revealed by Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Gongyu Li, PhD

Developing New Approaches for the Better Characterization of Isomeric Peptides: Ion Mobility Separations Enabled by Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations

Invited Speaker: Gabe Nagy, PhD

Coupling Enzymatic And Mass Spectrometry Based Approaches for Non-Targeted D-amino Acid Containing Peptide Discovery

Invited Speaker: David Mast

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Roger Truscott

19MASS04 - Forensic Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Chair: Glen P. Jackson, PhD

Sourcing of Latent Print Chemical Residue using 2D-GC-MS

Invited Speaker: Candice Bridge, PhD

GC-MS and Product Ion MS-MS Studies on Substituted Cathinone Designer Drugs

Invited Speaker: Randall Clark

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Combating Illegal Trade in Endangered Wood Species With Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Rabi A. Musah, PhD

Statistical Comparison of Mass Spectra for Seized Drug Identification

Invited Speaker: Ruth Smith, PhD

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Chair: Wei Zhao


19NANO01 - Carbon-based Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Chair: Wei Zhao, PhD

Resolving Carbon Nanotube Structures by DNA

Invited Speaker: Ming Zheng, PhD

Magnetic Brightening of Hidden Fine Structures in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Defects

Invited Speaker: HAN Htoon, PhD


Carbon-Based Functional Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Technologies

Invited Speaker: Shaowei Chen, PhD

Carbon Nanomaterials in Energy Storage: From 1D to 3D

Invited Speaker: Jie Liu, PhD


19NANO02 - Nano-Facilitated Sensing

Chair: David E. Thompson, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Lei Geng


Imaging Nano Particles With X-Ray Excited Optical Luminescence

Invited Speaker: Jeffrey N. Anker, PhD


Investigating Antibody-Gold Nanoparticle Adsorption Dynamics to Optimize Conjugates for Biosensing

Invited Speaker: Jeremy Driskell, PhD

Sensor Surface Temperature and Headspace-Sampled SERS Signals

Invited Speaker: David E. Thompson, PhD


Prospects for Detection of a Wide Variety of Analytes with SERS

Invited Speaker: Erik Emmons, PhD

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Chairs: John Wasylyk and Anna Luczak

19PMA01 - Solving Industrial Problems using Vibrational Spectroscopy

Chair: Patrick Wray

Co-Chair: Andrew Marriott, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Sergei Kazarian, PhD

Use of FT-IR Modelling To Determine Isotopic Impurities in The Deuterated Reagent D3-Methylamine Hydrochloride

Invited Speaker: Andrew Marriott, PhD

ATR-FTIR Imaging To Study The Aggregation of Biopharmaceuticals Through Secondary Structure Analysis

Invited Speaker: Hannah Tiernan, MSc


Drug-Amino Acid Co-Amorphous Formulation Analysis by FTIR Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Mohammed Alsalhi, Pharmacist

19PMA02 - Biophysical Characteristics of Biotherapeutics: From Discovery to Development

Chair: Deniz Temel

Oral Abstracts TBA


19PMA03 - Biopharmaceutical Raw Material Characterization

Chair: John Bobiak

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Lisa Bareford

Evaluation of Cell Culture Media Using Absorption and Transmission Fluorescence Excitation Emission Matrix (A-TEEM) Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Alvin Togonon

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Alan Ryder

Protein Mobility Evaluated by Fourier-Transform Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FT-FRAP)

Invited Speaker: Andreas C. Geiger

19PMA04 - Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques in Pharma

Chair: Sergey Arzhantsev, PhD

Raman Optical Activity in Pharma: Studying Pharmaceutical Peptides in Solution

Invited Speaker: Christian Johannessen, PhD

Enabling Faster Route Discovery and Process Optimization with Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Justin L. Neill, PhD

Protein Solutions: Routine Higher Order Structure Analysis By Raman And Scattering Techniques

Invited Speaker: Eunah Lee

19PMA05 - Atomic Spectroscopy Applications in Pharmaceuticals

Chair: Sharla Wood, PhD

Analysis of Common Counter-ions in Pharmaceuticals by XRF

Invited Speaker: Sharla Wood, PhD

Ion Chromatography for Determining Metals in Pharmaceuticals

Invited Speaker: Jeff Rohrer, PhD

ICP-MS in Pharmaceuticals

Invited Speaker: Chris Grinnell

19PMA06 - Counterfeits Food Products and Dietary Supplements

Chair: Sulaf Assi

XRF in Pharmaceuticals

Invited Speaker: Sharla Wood, PhD

IC in Pharmaceuticals

Invited Speaker: Jeff Rohrer

ICP-MS in Pharmaceuticals

Invited Speaker: Chris Grinnell

Identification of Counterfeit Medicines using Near-Infrared Imaging

Invited Speaker: Ian Robertson

PharmaChk: Testing the quality of medicines in the field

Invited Speaker: Darash Desai, PhD

19PMA07 - Metabolic Screening and Small Molecule Detection

Chair: Katherine A. Hollywood, PhD, MSc, BSc

Co-Chair: Roy Goodacre

High-Throughput Chemical Reaction Screening And Correlative Metabolomics By MRM-profiling

Invited Speaker: Christina Ferreira, Ph.D

Using Mass Spectrometry to Discover New Bile Acids from the Gut Microbiome

Invited Speaker: Emily Gentry, PhD

Online Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds By Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry- Applications Within Synthetic Biology.

Invited Speaker: Katherine A. Hollywood, PhD, MSc, BSc

19PMA08 - Artificial Intelligence in Pharma

Chair: Steve Buckley

Co-Chair: Peter B. Harrington

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Vipul Baxi

Machine Learning for Characterizing and Authenticating Natural Medicines

Invited Speaker: Peter B. Harrington, Founder


19PMA09 - Pharmaceutical Forensics – Applying Analytical Science to Safe Manufacturing, Supply, and Screening

Chair: Ravi Kalyanaraman

Co-Chair: Scott Huffman

USP Technology Review program for evaluating screening technologies for medicine quality assurance

Invited Speaker: Stephen Muendo Kimatu, MSc


19PMA10 - Enable Intensified Downstream Manufacturing by Advanced Online Sensor Technologies

Chair: Richard Wu, PhD


Practical Downstream Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jim Cronin, PhD


Variable Pathlength Spectrophotometry as a PAT tool for downstream processes

Invited Speaker: Ramsey Shanbaky


Raman Spectroscopy for Bioprocesses: How Hardware, Sampling and Data Analysis Decisions Drive Success

Invited Speaker: Brian Marquardt, PhD

Turning off "Autopilot" On An Adaptive, Handheld Raman Spectrometer

Invited Speaker: Robert C. Brush


Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Mehran Mojarrad

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Chairs: Jim Rydzak and Xiaoyun Chen


19PAT01 - SAS PAT Technical section: PAT in the Pharmaceutical Industries Session I

Chair: Jim Rydzak, MS 

Interfacing PAT Sensors with Processing Equipment

Invited Speaker: Steve Hammond, MA

Prediction of Dissolution Shelf-Life of Packaged Pharmaceutical Tablets Using Accelerated Stability Testing

Invited Speaker: Caitlin Schram

Distillation Process Understanding from In-Situ Headspace Vapor Condensate Monitoring with Infrared Spectroscopy and Computational Modeling

Invited Speaker: Charles Goss, PhD

19PAT02 - SAS PAT Technical section: PAT in the Biopharmaceutical Industries Session II

Chair: Saly Romero

Co-Chair: Dan Hill

Enabling Process Optimization, Scale-Up and Technical Transfer using Raman Spectroscopy in Production Bioreactors

Invited Speaker: Karin Balss, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Chelsea Worley, MS

Use of Integrated Process Models Towards Data Driven Risk Assessments And Optimized Characterization

Invited Speaker: Christopher Mark Taylor, MSc

A Hybrid Modeling Approach Using Monod Kinetics To Model Growth And Data Driven Methods for Modeling Protein Production And Product Quality Focusing On Analysis of Specific Consumption/Secretion of Metabolites

Invited Speaker: Chris McCready, MEng


19PAT03 - Industrial Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy

Chair: Mark Rickard, PhD

Co-Chair: Xiaoyun Chen, PhD

Titles TBD

Invited Speaker: David Heap

Invited Speaker: Peter J. Larkin, PhD

Invited Speaker: Keqing Fa

Invited Speaker: Guangru Mao

Invited Speaker: Bryan Bowie

19PAT04 - Online Analysis of Industrial Processes and Reactions

Chair: Anna Sandlin, PhD

Co-Chair: J.D. Tate

Shelterless Gas Chromatographs for On-line Analysis: Past, Present, and Future

Invited Speaker: Eric Schmidt, PhD

Implementing Process Optical Spectrometers

Invited Speaker: Edward A. Orr, PhD

Microspectrometer Chips for Integrated Applications

Invited Speaker: Nadia Pervez, PhD

19PAT05 - Advances in On-Line Process Analysis

Chair: Alison Nordon

Machine learning and Online Analysis for Advanced Process Control and Optimisation

Invited Speaker: Aparajith Bhaskar

Rapid In-Situ Measurement of Parahydrogen Fraction with Raman Spectroscopy and the Use of Parahydrogen for Enhanced Sensitivity Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Andrew Parrott, PhD

Advantages of Measuring Moisture Content with Process Analytical Technology

Invited Speaker: Adam J. Hopkins, PhD

A Digital Science Platform for Process Chemometric Model Maintenance.

Invited Speaker: David A. Joyce

19PAT06 - PAT Enabled Flow Chemistry and Continuous Manufacturing

Chair: Jim Rydzak, MS 

Process Intensification Tactics in the Quest for Advancing Global Health Access

Invited Speaker: Katherine Belecki, PhD

In-Line FTIR Technology: Application to Continuous Flow Chemistry

Invited Speaker: Norman A. Wright, PhD

Sampling Devices for In-Line Near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring of Powder Blend Homogeneity in Continuous Manufacturing

Invited Speaker: Anders B. Sparen, PhD

The Tablet Press Feed-Frame As An Optimum Point for Monitoring The Quality of A Tablet Product Made Using A Continuous Manufacturing Process

Invited Speaker: Steve Hammond, MA

Development of Chemometric Models to Support Continuous Manufacturing of a Triple Active Product

Invited Speaker: Caitlin Schram

19PAT07 - Process Analytical in the Petroleum/Refineries Industry

Chair: Toni Miao

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Michael Kleimann, PhD

Using Infrared Spectroscopy for Alkylation Process Monitoring

Invited Speaker: Howard Lacheen, PhD

The Benefits of High-Throughput Raman for Process Analysis

Invited Speaker: Mark S. Kemper, MSci

Evaluating the Capability of The Ultraportable, Ergonomic 4300 FTIR for Rapid Delineation of Hydrocarbons in Soil

Invited Speaker: Natasha Sihota, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Simon lui

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Chairs: Ian Lewis, Pavel Matousek, and Duncan Graham

19RAM01 - Low Frequency Raman

Chair: Anjan Roy, PhD

Time-Resolved (Ten Milli-Second) Low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy: A Method of Evaluating Dynamic Behaviour in Drug Formulations.

Invited Speaker: Keith Gordon, PhD

Low-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy of Modern and Ancient Pigments

Invited Speaker: Timothy M. Korter, PhD

Quantification of crystalline active pharmaceutical ingredients by transmission low-frequency Raman spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Motoki Inoue, PhD

Novel Method for Solubility Determination of Crystalline Drugs in Polymeric Matrices Using Hot Melt Extrusion And Terahertz-Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Ecaterina Bordos

THz-Raman Measurements of Crystallinity And Form in Pharmaceutics And Drug Development

Invited Speaker: Anjan Roy, PhD


19RAM02 - Raman Spectroscopic Sensing

Chair: Torsten Frosch, PhD

Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectro-Electrochemistry for Target Specific Analysis

Invited Speaker: Inez Weidinger, Prof

New developments in Raman gas sensing for energy and environmental research

Invited Speaker: Torsten Frosch, PhD

Early Disease Detection by Raman Spectroscopy Over Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction in Plant Disease Diagnostics

Invited Speaker: Dmitry Kurouski, PhD


Enhancing DUV Raman Sensing And Imaging With Surface Plasmons

Invited Speaker: Atsushi Taguchi, PhD

19RAM03 - Nano Raman

Chair: Andrew Whitley, PhD

TERS investigation of combustion-generated ultrafine particulate matter

Invited Speaker: Marc Chaigneau

Forward and Reverse Chemical Nanoscopy at Solid-Air and Solid-Liquid Interfaces

Invited Speaker: Patrick El Khoury

Recent TERS Adventures at the Solid-Liquid Interface: Chemical and Chemical Reaction Imaging

Invited Speaker: Ashish Bhattarai

19RAM04 - Industrial Raman

Chair: Karen Esmonde-White

Real-time Monitoring of Amino Acid Consumption in CHO Fed-Batch Production Media By Raman Spectroscopy And Regression Models

Invited Speaker: Christopher Mahoney, PhD

Industrial Applications of Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: William Wang, PhD

Raman Spectroscopy: A Process Control Tool in Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysis

Invited Speaker: Ulrike Böcker, PhD

19RAM05 - Portable Raman

Chair: Neil C. Shand, PhD FRSC

Mobility Integration into Handheld Raman Devices

Invited Speaker: Keith Carron, PhD

Sense and Sensitivity: Compact Raman without Compromise

Invited Speaker: David Creasey, PhD

Portable Raman Spectroscopy for Medical Applications

Invited Speaker: Fay Nicolson, PhD

Raman-On-Chip for High-Throughput, High-Resolution Handheld Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Hilde Jans, PhD

19RAM06 - SERS 1

Chair: Roy Goodacre

Co-Chair: Colin Campbell, BSc, PhD

Co-Chair: Duncan Graham

SERS in Tissue Models

Invited Speaker: Colin Campbell, BSc, PhD


Multimodal Optical Biosensing toward Point-of-Care Diagnosis and Monitoring

Invited Speaker: Gerard L. Cote, PhD

Reproducible Immunoassay of Multiple Biomarkers Using SERS Mapping On Three-Dimensional Nanopillar Arrays

Invited Speaker: Jaebum Choo, PhD

19RAM07 - SERS 2

Chair: Colin Campbell, BSc, PhD

Co-Chair: Roy Goodacre

Co-Chair: Duncan Graham

Electrochemical SERS for Bacterial Detection

Invited Speaker: Christa Brosseau, MSc, PhD

Ultrasensitive And Reproducible Detection of Inti1 Enabled By Slippery Liquid-Infused

Porous Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SLIPSERS) And Hot-Spot Normalization (HSN)

Invited Speaker: Peter Vikesland, PhD

SERS as an analytical tool for synthetic cannabinoid screening in oral fluid

Invited Speaker: Chiara Deriu, MS

19RAM08 - SERS 3

Chair: Duncan Graham

Co-Chair: Colin Campbell, BSc, PhD

Co-Chair: Roy Goodacre

SERS-active Microneedles for in vivo measurements

Invited Speaker: Dong Jian, Doc.


Chemically Imaging Cells With Super-Resolution SERS

Invited Speaker: Nathan Linquist, PhD

Gold Nanostars Enable Quantification of Cancer Biomarkers at the Single Cell Level

Invited Speaker: Laura Fabris, PhD

19RAM09 - IRDG

Chair: Karen Faulds, PhD

What Can we Learn from SERS of Bacteria and Their Metabolites

Invited Speaker: Bell Steven, PhD

SERS Probes to Monitor Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases

Invited Speaker: Laura Fabris, PhD

Single-Molecule and Single-Particle Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) in Analytical Chemistry

Invited Speaker: Alexandre G. Brolo, PhD


Determining the Level And Location of Functional Groups On Commercial Graphene Using Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Elizabeth J. Legge


19RAM10 - Raman Imaging/Microscopy

Chair: Katsumasa Fujita, PhD

Co-Chair: Duncan Graham

Raman Imaging of The Immune Cell Response To Local Environmental Changes

Invited Speaker: Alison J. Hobro, PhD


Saturated Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy for Super-Resolution Vibrational Imaging

Invited Speaker: Zhiwei Huang, PhD


Novel applications of SERS labels in molecular sensing and imaging

Invited Speaker: Wei-Chuan Shih, PhD


19RAM11 - Food Security

Chair: Roy Goodacre

Detection of Multiple Food Bacteria by SERS

Invited Speaker: Karen Faulds, PhD

Confirmatory, Non-Invasive And Non-Destructive Raman-Based Diagnostics of Biotic And Abiotic Stresses On Plants

Invited Speaker: Dmitry Kurouski, PhD

Emerging approaches for representative food analysis using Raman spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Nils Kristian Afseth, PhD

19RAM12 - Emerging Raman

Chair: Pavel Matousek, PhD

Co-Chair: Duncan Graham

Co-Chair: Ian Lewis

Interference-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy As A Tool for Developing Chip-Based Sample Preparation Strategies

Invited Speaker: Susanne Pahlow, PhD

Time-Gated Raman Mapping Using DMD-Based Spectral Multiplexing

Invited Speaker: Ioan Notingher, PhD

Raman Fusion Spectroscopy: Multi-Wavelength Excitation for Compact Devices

Invited Speaker: Johannes Kiefer

19RAM13 - Biomedical Raman (Clirspec)

Chair: Nick Stone

19RAM14 - Transmission Raman Spectroscopy

Chair: Mark Mabry

Evaluation of a Low Cost Portable Transmission Raman System for Content Uniformity Analysis of Solid Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Invited Speaker: Jun Zhao, PhD

Comparison of Raman Imaging and Transmission Raman spectroscopy results on a Pharmaceutical tablet

Invited Speaker: Tim Prusnick


Transmission Raman Spectroscopic Quantification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Coated Tablets of Hot-Melt Extruded Amorphous Solid Dispersion

Invited Speaker: Yemin Liu, PhD

Drug Product Identification and Physical Stability Analysis by Transmission Raman based Chemometrics

Invited Speaker: Ashish Punia

Quantification and Control of Amorphous Contents by Raman. Applications and Case Studies in Pharmaceutical Processing

Invited Speaker: Michelle Raikes

19RAM15 - Spatially of fset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS)

Chair: Pavel Matousek, PhD

Surface-Enhanced Spatially of fset Raman Spectroscopy for in Vivo Neurochemical Detection

Invited Speaker: Bhavya Sharma, PhD

In Vivo Imaging of Cancer Using Surface Enhanced Spatially of fset Raman Spectroscopy (SESORS)

Invited Speaker: Fay Nicolson, PhD

Offset Geometry for Deep Tissue Raman Imaging With OCT

Invited Speaker: Mingzhou Chen, PhD

19RAM16 - Stand-off Raman

Chair: Nathaniel R. Gomer, PhD

Standoff Chemical and Explosive Detection of Military Relevant Threats

Invited Speaker: Jason Guicheteau, PhD

Standoff Raman and Raman Imaging using a Monolithic Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer

Invited Speaker: S. Michael Angel, PhD

Underwater Time-Gated Standoff Raman Spectroscopic Sensor for Detecting Hazardous Chemicals

Invited Speaker: Shiv K. Sharma, PhD

Advancements in Standoff Detection of Chemical, Explosive and Narcotic Threats Using Raman FAST Hyperspectral Imaging

Invited Speaker: Matthew P. Nelson, PhD

Government Applications for Emerging Standoff Detection Equipment

Invited Speaker: Michael Shepard, PhD


19RAM17 - Raman Spectroscopy for Security and Forensics Purposes

Chair: Igor K. Lednev, PhD

Point-of-use Raman solutions for Security and Forensics Purposes - Opportunities and Challenges of Real-World Deployment

Invited Speaker: Jürgen Popp, PhD

How Raman Spectroscopy Can Be Used To Assess Selective Drug Detection Using Molecular Imprinted Polymers

Invited Speaker: Amanda J. Haes, PhD

Development of Standoff Deep UV Resonance Raman Determination of Trace Explosives

Invited Speaker: Sandy A. Asher, PhD

New Horizons in Organic Gunshot Residue Analysis

Invited Speaker: Shelby R. Khandasammy, Forensic Science BS

19RAM18 – TBD

19RAM19 - Raman with Spatial Light Modulators

Chair: Ioan Notingher, PhD

Multi-beam Raman Microscopy Using Spatial Light Modulators

Invited Speaker: Zhiyu Liao, PhD

Compressive Raman Imaging Via Digital Micromirror Devices

Invited Speaker: Hilton B. de Aguiar, PhD

Shaping Light Through A Single Multimode Fibre for Wide-Field Raman Imaging

Invited Speaker: Mingzhou Chen, PhD

Integrated Holographic Optical Tweezers Raman (HOT-Raman) Imaging

Invited Speaker: Wei-Chuan Shih, PhD

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Chairs: Garth Simpson, Robert Lascola, and Andrew Whitley


19SPECIAL01 - SAS Session Commemorating John Jackovitz

Chair: Robert Lascola

How a Spectroscopy Legend Helped a Pittsburgh Start Up

Invited Speaker: Chuck W. Gardner, PhD, PMP

Deep Ultraviolet Standoff Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of Trace Explosives

Invited Speaker: Sandy A. Asher, PhD

Biosensing with Raman Spectroscopy  - A Career Influenced by John F. Jackovitz

Invited Speaker: Bhavya Sharma, PhD

Innovative Vibrational and Rotational Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical Industry - from Small Molecules to Biologics

Invited Speaker: Rina Dukor


Hyperspectral Raman Imaging using a Monolithic Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer

Invited Speaker: S. Michael Angel, PhD


19SPECIAL02 - Microplastics in the Environment

Chair: Andrew Whitley, PhD

Co-Chair: Shelly Moore, MS

Atmospheric Microplastics

Invited Speaker: Emily Walsh


A Comparison of Multiple Techniques, FT-IR, py-GCMS, and Raman for Polymer Identification in Plastic Marine Debris

Invited Speaker: Bridget O'Donnell, PhD


Methods Workshop Held to Advance the Development of Standardized Methods to Measure Microplastics

Invited Speaker: Shelly Moore, MS

19SPECIAL03 - Society for Archaeological Sciences Session on Chemistry in Art and Archaeology (I)

Chair: Mary Kate Donais

Co-Chair: Andrew Zipkin

Spectroscopic Mapping of The Vinland Map And Related Manuscripts: New Analytical Tools of fer New Evidence

Invited Speaker: Richard R. Hark, PhD

When Heritage Meets Science - Integrated Approaches And International Cooperation

Invited Speaker: Antonio Candeias

Novel biotechnological approaches for Cultural Heritage: challenges and perspectives

Invited Speaker: Ana Teresa Caldeira

19SPECIAL04 - Society for Archaeological Sciences Session on Chemistry in Art and Archaeology (II)

Chair: Mary Kate Donais, PhD

Co-Chair: Andrew M. Zipkin, PhD

From Coast To Karoo: A Radiogenic Bioavailable Strontium Isoscape in South Africa for Provenience Studies

Invited Speaker: Andrew M. Zipkin, PhD

Micro- to Nanoscale IR in Heritage Science:  the Distribution of Metal Carboxylates in Oil Paint

Invited Speaker: XIAO Ma, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Beth K. Scaffidi, JD, PhD

Strengths And Limitations of Fecal Stanols As A Population Proxy for Cahokia, Illinois And The Jordanian Desert

Invited Speaker: AJ White, MS

Food, Networks, Power: Exploring Ancient Cypriot Foodways Through Organic Residue Analysis

Invited Speaker: Rebecca Gerdes, MSc, MA

19SPECIAL05 - Microplastics in the Environment 2

Chair: Andrew Whitley, PhD

Increasing The Accessibility for Characterizing Microplastics: Introducing New Application-Based And Spectral Libraries of Plastic Particles (SLoPP & SLoPP-E)

Invited Speaker: Bridget O'Donnell, PhD


Open Specy: An Open Source, Online, Spectra Classification And Sharing Tool

Invited Speaker: Win Cowger, B.S.

Microplastic Identification Using Non-optimized Discriminant Fusion Classification Based on ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: John H. Kalivas, PhD

19SPECIAL06 - SAB Special Session

Chair: Sara Tufi, PhD

Co-Chair: Alessandro De Giacomo, PhD

Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium in A Laser-Induced Plasma Evidenced By Blackbody Radiation

Invited Speaker: Jörg Hermann, PhD

Investigation of The Atomization Mechanism of Gold Nanoparticles in Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Kerstin Leopold, PhD

Quantification of Water Content By Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy On Mars

Invited Speaker: William Rapin, PhD

Depth Profile Analyses With Sub 100-nm Depth Resolution of A Metal Thin Film By Femtosecond - Laser Ablation - Inductively Coupled Plasma - Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Invited Speaker: Debora Käser, MSc

Editing Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Personal reflections and considerations on the development of analytical spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Nicolò Omenetto

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Chairs: Jean-François Masson and Kateryna Artyushkova

19SPR01 - Nanostructure Implications on Plasmonics

Chair: Amanda J. Haes, PhD

Aluminum Plasmonic Antennas for Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jennifer S. Shumaker-Parry, PhD

Plasmonic Properties of Non-precious Metal Cu-based Nanostructures

Invited Speaker: Jingyi Chen, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Martin Moskovits

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Dong Qin

19SPR02 - Sensing with Plasmonics

Chair: Amanda J. Haes, PhD

Co-Chair: Jean-Francois Masson, PhD

Pyrolyzed Photoresist Films: Utility of Carbon Substrates in Immunometric Assays Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Invited Speaker: Marc D. Porter, PhD

3D Printing for Plasmonic Interfaces and Biosensing

Invited Speaker: Quan Jason Cheng, PhD

The Plasmonic Stability of Gold Nanostars Synthesized Using Good’s Buffers

Invited Speaker: Amanda J. Haes, PhD

Going Green with Silver - Development of Sustainable Plasmonic Sensors

Invited Speaker: Christa Brosseau, MSc, PhD

19SPR03 - Plasmon And Imaging - Catalysis

Chair: Zachary Schultz

Tailoring Plasmons And Interfaces Toward Optimized Hot Electron Generation And Injection

Invited Speaker: Laura Fabris, PhD

Plasmon-Induced Reactions At The Single Particle Level.

Invited Speaker: Emiliano Cortes, PhD

Quantifying Plasmon-Generated Hot Carrier Energie

Invited Speaker: Katherine Willets, PhD

Imaging Plasmons with Electrons: Coupling Molecular Vibrations and Infrared Plasmons

Invited Speaker: Jon P. Camden, PhD

Catalytic nanoparticles as labels for biosensing

Invited Speaker: Xiaohu Xia, PhD

19SPR04 - Plasmon-enhanced Techniques

Chair: Gregory Wallace

Hybrid Gold-Conductive Metal Oxide Films for Attenuated Total Reflectance Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: J Burgess, PhD

Single-Molecule Spectrum And Polarization Reshaping By Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Invited Speaker: Julie S. Biteen, PhD


Single Nanoparticle SPRI for Ultrasensitive Biosensing with Magnetic Hydrogel Nanoparticles

Invited Speaker: Robert M. Corn, PhD

Enhancing Enantioselective Absorption with Plasmonic and Dielectric Metasurfaces

Invited Speaker: John M. Abendroth, PhD


19SPR05 - Multimodal and Multifunctional Plasmonics

Chair: Wei-Chuan Shih, PhD

Nanostructured Metasurfaces for Plasmon-Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Andrea R. Tao, PhD

Title TBD

Invited Speaker: Wei Wu

Plasmonic Bio-Chip for RGB Cameras

Invited Speaker: Wei-Chuan Shih, PhD

Asymmetric Deposition of Platinum Atoms on Gold Nanorods Induced by a Substrate for Synthesis of Anisotropic Bimetallic Nanostructures

Invited Speaker: Mahmoud Abdelwahed, PhD


Utilization of Plasmonic Nanostructures for Highly Sensitive Vibrational Biospectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Jürgen Popp, PhD

19SPR06 - Rising Stars in Plasmonics

Chair: Jean-Francois Masson, PhD

Ångstrom Scale Chemical Analysis of Metal-Supported Regioisomeric Assemblies By Ultrahigh Vacuum, Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Nan Jiang, PhD

Hot Electron Dynamics in Plasmonic Thermionic Emitters

Invited Speaker: Matthew Sheldon, PhD

Point-Of -Care Plasmonic Devices for Bacterial Pathogen Detection

Invited Speaker: Laura Sagle, PhD

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Chairs: Yukihiro Ozaki, Prof. Igor Lednev, Prof. Yuika Saito, and Prof. Yusuke Morisawa


Chair: Yukihiro Ozaki, PhD

Standoff Deep UV Raman Imaging Spectrometer for Trace Explosives: Photonic Crystal Narrow Wavelength Devices

Invited Speaker: Sandy A. Asher, PhD

DUV Raman Spectroscopy for Probing Protein Aggregates: Spontaneous Refolding of Amyloid Fibrils

Invited Speaker: Igor K. Lednev, PhD

UV Photochemistry and Photophysics of Tryptophan in Azurin

Invited Speaker: Judy Kim, PhD

Synchrotron-based UV Resonance Raman investigation of DNA structure and interactions

Invited Speaker: Barbara Rossi, PhD


Spectroscopic Characterization of Individual Wide-gap Semiconductor Nanoparticles

Invited Speaker: Yuika Saito, Dr


Chair: Yukihiro Ozaki, PhD

Laser Cooling of (Anti)Hydrogen Using Pulsed VUV Radiation

Invited Speaker: Takamasa Momose, PhD

Taming DUV Raman Microscopy With Plasmonic Metals

Invited Speaker: Atsushi Taguchi, PhD

Investigation for Sigma Orbitals in The Liquids And Solids of Normal- And Cyclo-Alkanes Using ATR-FUV

Invited Speaker: Yusuke Morisawa, PhD

Electrochemical Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectroscopy in Far- And Deep-Ultraviolet Regions

Invited Speaker: Ichiro Tanabe

Attenuated Total Reflection FUV-DUV Spectroscopy of Graphene Nanostructures And Graphene-Polymer Nanocomposites With Quantum Chemical Calculations

Invited Speaker: Krzysztof B. Bec, PhD

19SPSJ03 - Near Infrared Spectroscopy I

Chair: Shigeaki Morita, PhD

Quantitative Analysis of Weakly and Strongly Interacting Three-Component Solvent Systems: NIR versus Raman Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Heinz Wilhelm Siesler

Anharmonic Quantum Mechanical Simulation of NIR Spectra. Applications in Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Invited Speaker: Krzysztof B. Bec, PhD

Spectral Analysis of Saccharides Focusing on the Anomer Structure

Invited Speaker: Sae Tanaka, PhD

Gradient LC-NIR and Its Application

Invited Speaker: Shigeaki Morita, PhD

19SPSJ04 - Near Infrared Spectroscopy II

Chair: Shigeaki Morita, PhD

Novel Miniaturized Spectrometric Attempts to Monitor Quality of Food and Medicinal Plant Products

Invited Speaker: Christian W. Huck

Improving Preprocessing of Spectral Data by the VSN (Variable Sorting for Normalization) Algorithm

Invited Speaker: Federico Marini, PhD

Relationship Between Bioactivity and Water Structure Analyzed by NIR Spectroscopy

Invited Speaker: Mika Ishigaki, PhD

Optimization of Enhanced Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Technique for Rapid Chemical Composition Analysis

Invited Speaker: Kodai Murayama, PhD

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