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Sunday , September 28
11:00 pmMicroplasmas for Life
11:00 pmFundamental Advances in Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmArcheometry: Analytical Measurements on Archaeological Samples
11:00 pmApplications of Atomic Spectroscopy
11:00 pmBioanalytical-Nanoparticles and Nanosensors
11:00 pmBioanalytical-Cellular Analysis
11:00 pmForensics in Food Safety
11:00 pmFundamentals of Electrospray Ionization
11:00 pmFundamentals of MALDI Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmA Spectrometer in the Hand is Worth Two in the Lab
11:00 pmEmerging Optical Spectroscopy Techniques and Applications (Sponsored by SAS)
11:00 pmControlling Nanostructures with Atomic Precision: The Ultimate of Nanochemistry
11:00 pmNuclear Magnetic Resonance
11:00 pmIndustrial and Environmental Applications of LIBS
11:00 pmAdvances in Analytical Techniques for Petroleum Industry
11:00 pmRaman Imaging: Developments in Instrumentation and Applications
11:00 pmDevelopments in Raman Spectroscopy (SAS Technical Session)
11:00 pmTeraHertz
11:00 pmMonday Posters
Monday , September 29
11:00 pmSample Introduction: From A to Z
11:00 pm40 Years of Atomic Spectroscopy Innovation: A Tribute to Gary Hieftje (sponsored by SAS)
11:00 pm40 Years of Spectroscopy Innovation: A Tribute to Gary Hieftje (sponsored by SAS)
11:00 pmANACHEM Award Session Honoring Scott McLuckey
11:00 pmCharles Mann Award Session - Ian R. Lewis (Awardee)
11:00 pmBioanalytical-Raman
11:00 pmPharmaceutical Forensics
11:00 pmForensic Analytical Chemistry Applications of Chemometrics
11:00 pmQuantitative Mass Spectrometry I: Peptides and Proteins
11:00 pmNew Developments in Mass Spectrometry
11:00 pmChemometrics Along Spatial and Chemical Dimensions
11:00 pmNIR Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis: Technology Transfer in Action
11:00 pmUltrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy: Chemistry, Material and Biological Science
11:00 pmChiral Analysis using Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD)
11:00 pmInfrared Imaging
11:00 pmSpectroscopy and Nanomaterials
11:00 pmNeSSI - Application of Sensors for Increased Process Control
11:00 pmPlenary - Charles Mann Award for Applied Spectroscopy - Ian Lewis awardee
11:00 pmPlenary - ANACHEM Award - Scott McLuckey awardee
11:00 pmTuesday Posters
Tuesday , September 30
11:00 pmLIBS
11:00 pmLaser Ablation
11:00 pmMeggers Award Symposium
11:00 pmLester Strock Award Symposium
11:00 pmChemometrics in Separations
11:00 pmNovel But Important Data Analysis Techniques for Analytical Science
11:00 pmFACSS Student Awards
11:00 pmIon Mobility Spectrometry - Recent Applications I
11:00 pmIon Mobility Spectrometry - Recent Applications 2 (sponsored by SAS)
11:00 pmTwo-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy I
11:00 pmVibrational Spectroscopy, Chemical Imaging and QbD
11:00 pmElectron Transfer Chemistry and Nanostructured Materials
11:00 pmProcess Analytical Monitoring - SAS Technical Session
11:00 pmSpectroscopic and Sensing Technologies in Pharmaceutical Industry
11:00 pmRaman Spectroscopy and Astrobiology: Terrestrial Analogues and Extraterrestrial Scenarios
11:00 pmInnovations in Analytical Applications of SERS
11:00 pmIndustrial Applications of SERS
11:00 pmBio & Pharmaceutical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmPlenary - Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award - Taka-aki Ishibashi and Toshiki Maeda
11:00 pmPlenary - Lester W. Strock Award - Annemie Bogaerts awardee
11:00 pmWednesday Posters
Wednesday , October 1
11:00 pmHidden Isotope Ratio Information - Yours to Discover with MC-ICP-MS I
11:00 pmActinide Analysis
11:00 pmLippincott Award Symposium - Richard Van Dyne (Awardee)
11:00 pmCoblentz Society Clara Craver Award - John Conboy (Awardee)
11:00 pmBioanalytical-SERS
11:00 pmMicroanalytical Chemistry
11:00 pmClassification and Multivariate Calibration for Bioanalytical Applications
11:00 pmSpectral and Multiway Pattern Recognition
11:00 pmApplications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Related Techniques
11:00 pmApplications of Microscopy and Microanalysis in Forensic Science
11:00 pmMass Spectrometry and Arrays
11:00 pmMid-IR Imaging: From Basic Developments towards Clinical Translation
11:00 pmTwo-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy II
11:00 pmEmerging Areas in Raman Spectroscopy
11:00 pmRaman in Pharma/Biotech
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance: Innovation and Application I
11:00 pmSurface Plasmon Resonance: Innovation and Application II
11:00 pmPlenary - Coblentz Clara Craver Award - John C. Conboy awardee
11:00 pmThursday Posters
11:00 pmPlenary - Ellis R. Lippincott Award - Richard P. Van Duyne awardee