On Demand Content

SciX 2020 has on-demand content available for viewing at any time that is convenient for you! Visit the virtual meeting website to browse available titles (must be registered/logged in to watch content). In addition to the scheduled live sessions, SciX 2020 features over 90 on-demand oral presentations and over 150 posters with mini orals that you can freely browse and listen to whenever you want. All on-demand content allows you to leave questions and comments for presenters who can respond directly. 


ORAL Sessions On-DEmand

Each featuring 10 to 15-minute oral presentations. 

Forensics and Security Sessions

AAF-OD1 Nuclear Forensics

Presenters: Luther McDonald, Jenifer Shafer, David Weisz

AAF-OD2 Food Forensics

Presenters:  Euiwon Bae, Jianwei Qin, Luis Rodriguez-Saona

AAF-OD3 Forensic Analysis in the Lab and at the Crime Scene

Presenters: Gregory Dutton, Ruth Smith, Tatiana Trejos

AES Electrophoresis Sessions

AES-OD1 Microfluidics for Electric-field Driven Analysis

Presenters: Rosanne Guijt, Umut Gurkan, Leena Pade

AES-OD2 Electric-field Mediated Techniques for biological applications

Presenters: David Chen, Christopher Easley, Liangliang Sun

AES-OD3 Electrokinetic Fundamentals

Presenters: Sagnik Basuray, Mark Hayes,  Aliaksei Boika

Atomic Spectroscopy Sessions

ATOM-OD1 Atomic Mass Spectrometry

Presenters: John Olesik, Jorge Pisonero, Marcus von der Au

ATOM-OD2 Nanoparticles and Microscopy

Presenters: Gerardo Gamez, Alexander Gundlach-Graham, Joachim Koenen


Presenters: Jozef Kaiser, Kheireddine Rifai, Vincent Motto-Ross

ATOM-OD4 Automation and Machine Learning in LIBS

Presenters: Xiaohui Li, Kristjan Leosson, Prasoon Diwakar

ATOM-OD5 SAS Atomic Section Student Awards - featuring the 2020 Award winners

Presenters: Asaf Harel, Anika Retzman, Marcel Macke, Kelsey Williams

ATOM-OD6 Applications of Atomic Spectroscopy

Presenters: Alan Koenig, Jen Lee,  Pablo Sobron

ATOM-OD7 Nuclear and Semi-conductor Applications

Presenters:  Nick Glumac, Bert Woods, Ewa Pruszkowski


ATOM-OD8 LIBS Frontiers and Fundamentals

Presenters: Annarosa Mangone, Jonathan Merten, Mohamad Sabsabi

Biomedical & Bioanalytical Sessions

BIM-OD1 Topics in Bioanalysis

Presenters: Sara Mosca, Darine Abi Haidar, Bayden Wood

BIM-OD2 Engineering Materials for Plasmonics and Plasmon-Driven Processes

Presenters: Jennifer Shumaker-Parry, Michelle Personick,  Matthew Sheldon

BIM-OD3 Chemical Imaging

Presenters: Ning Fang, Renee Frontiera,  Eric Potma

BIM-OD4 Topics in Bioanalysis

Presenters: Emilie Ringe, Michael Schmitt, Sulayman Oladepo

Chemometrics Sessions

CHEM-OD1 Advances in Calibration

Presenters: John Kalivas, Zewei Chen,  Raffaele Vitale

CHEM-OD2 Chemometrics Opportunities in Food Security

Presenters: James Harnly, Mengliang Zhang,  Eirik Magnussen

Molecular Spectroscopy Sessions

MOLEC-OD1 New Components and Systems for Mid-IR Sensing 

Presenters: Markus Brandstetter, Borislav Hinkov,  Nuria Teigell Beneitez

MOLEC-OD2 Nanoscale IR I 

Presenters: Oxana Klementieva, Karsten Hinrichs,  Seth Kenkel

MOLEC-OD3 SERS, TERS, and Surface Plasmon Resonance

Presenters:  Jaebum Choo, George Schatz


Presenters: Andrew Berger, Ben Gardner,  Ioan Notingher

MOLEC-OD5 Higher energy UV and NIR

Presenters: Yusuke Morisawa, Igor Lednev,  Christian Huck

MOLEC-OD6 Nanoscale IR II

Presenters: Guangxin Ni, Georg Ramer,  Thomas Taubner

MOLEC-OD7 Topics in Molecular Mass Spectrometry

Presenters: Christopher Chouinard, Luke Hanley

MOLEC-OD8 Raman Imaging/Microscopy

Presenters: Young Jong Lee, Hilton de Aguiar

MOLEC-OD9 Raman for Security

Presenters: Haochen Dai,  Alexis Weber

MOLEC-OD10 Biomedical Raman

Presenters: Michelle Bailey, Thomas Hubbard, Rekha Gautam

Pharmaceutical Analysis and Process Analytical Sessions

PP-OD1 Solving Industrial Problems

Presenters: James Humphreys, Patrick Wray, Mohammed Ibrahim

PP-OD2 PAT in the Biopharmaceutical Industries and Industrial IR

Presenters: Christopher Mahoney, William Wang

PP-OD3 Pharmaceutical Investigations

Presenters: Lydia Breckenridge, Anna Luczak, John Wasylyk

PP-OD4 Topics in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Presenters: Rina Dukor, Claudia Corredor,  Venkata Bobba

e-poster gallery with mini-orals

With over 150 posters, the e-poster gallery features full color, high-definition poster images accompanied by a mini-oral presentation by the author. 

You will be able to search by topic when browsing the posters. Click on the title to read the abstract, listen to the summary, and favorite it!

Poster Topics

  • Art/Archaeology/Forensics

  • Atomic Spectroscopy

  • Biomedical and Bioanalytical

  • Chemometrics

  • Electric-Field Driven Phenomena

  • Molecular Spectroscopy

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis and Process Analytical



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