2016 Final Program
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Democratization of Next-Generation Microscopy, Sensing and Diagnostics Tools through Computational Photonics; Aydogan Ozcan1, 2; 1California NanoSystems Institute; 2University of California, Los Angeles

Spectroscopy Magazine's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award
Serum Spectroscopic Diagnostics: The Future for Clinical Diagnostics?; Matthew Baker1; 1University of Strathclyde
ITP Plenary Lecture
Capillary Electrophoresis for bottom-Up Proteomic Analysis of Complex Mixtures; Norman Dovichi1, Liangliang Sun1, Guijie Zhu1; 1University of Notre Dame

FACSS Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy
Process Raman: Reproducibility Drove Capability; Brian Marquardt1, 2; 1MarqMetrix Inc.; 2University of Washington, APL
Coblentz Society Craver Award
Multiplexed and Quantitative Bioanalysis Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS);Karen Faulds1; 1University of Strathclyde

Metallomembranes: Exploring the Interactions of Transition Metal Ions with Lipid Bilayers; Paul Cremer1; 1Penn State University
Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award
Probing Reactions Using Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy in Solution and in the Solid State Using Quantum Cascade Lasers; Mike George1, James Calladine1, Raphael Horvath1, Andrew Davies1, Alisdair Wriglesworth1, Xue-zhong Sun11; 1University of Nottingham

Lester W. Strock Award
Spectroscopy as an Important Key for Understanding Martian Paleoclimates; Raymond Arvidson1; 1Washington University in Saint Louis
AES Mid Career Award
Electrophoretic Cytometry: Targeted Proteomics in Single Cells; Amy Herr1; 1University of California, Berkeley

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SciX 2016 Sessions and Abstracts:

Sunday , September 18
6:15 pm16KEYSUN: Sunday Evening Keynote Lecture  [Nicollet B/C ]
Monday , September 19
8:00 am16PLEN07: Spectroscopy Magazine's Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
8:30 am16PLEN08: ITP Plenary Lecture  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16ATOM01: Fundamentals and Novel Applications of Glow Discharge Spectroscopy  [Greenway A ]
9:15 am16FORENS04: Trace Detection in Forensics  [Lakeshore B ]
9:15 am16IR03: Molecular Spectroscopy - Selected Contributed Papers  [Greenway G ]
9:15 am16ITP03: Electrophoresis - Instrumentation and Detection  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16ITP08: Dielectrophoresis I - Fundamentals  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
9:15 am16LIBS01: LIBS Imaging  [Greenway J ]
9:15 am16NANO02: Semiconducting Nanomaterials for Solar Energy Applications  [Greenway E ]
9:15 am16PMA01: Raman and NIR Screening of Small Molecules and Biologics Based Counterfeits  [Greenway B/C ]
9:15 am16RAM01: Emerging Raman I  [Nicollet D1 ]
9:15 am16RAM10: Raman Microscopy  [Lakeshore A ]
9:15 am16SPECIAL12: Topics in Microscopy  [Greenway H/I ]
9:15 am16SPECIAL13: Topics in Spectroscopy  [Greenway D ]
9:15 am16SPR03: New Directions in Nanoplasmonics  [Lakeshore C ]
11:00 amMPART: Monday Posters - Art & Archaeology  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPBIM: Monday Posters - Biomedical and Bioanalytica Sciences - Session I  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPFORENS: Monday Posters - Forensics & Security  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPIR: Monday Posters - Molecular/IR  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPITP: Monday Posters - ITP - Electroseparation Methods  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPMASS: Monday Posters - Mass Spectrometry  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPRAM: Monday Posters - Raman SERS  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPUVS: Monday Posters - Deep and Far UV Spectroscopy  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amMPXRF: Monday Posters - XRay Fluorescence  [Nicollet A ]
1:20 pm16ATOM07: Novel Applications of Laser Ablation - ICPMS and Related Techniques  [Greenway A ]
1:20 pm16AWD08: RSC Awards Symposium  [Greenway H/I ]
1:20 pm16BIM02: CLIRSPEC: Biological Fluids in Health and Disease  [Greenway G ]
1:20 pm16CHEMO01: New Frontiers in Chemometrics  [Greenway D ]
1:20 pm16IR04: Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy  [Lakeshore B ]
1:20 pm16ITP04: Fundamentals of Electrophoresis  [Nicollet B/C ]
1:20 pm16ITP09: Biomedical and Bioanalysis  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
1:20 pm16MASS07: Topics in Mass Spectrometry  [Greenway J ]
1:20 pm16NANO03: Nano-Facilitated Sensing  [Greenway E ]
1:20 pm16PMA02: Counterfeit Challenges in Biopharmaceuticals  [Greenway B/C ]
1:20 pm16RAM04: Bioanalytical SERS I  [Nicollet D1 ]
1:20 pm16RAM12: Portable Raman  [Lakeshore A ]
1:20 pm16SPR05: New Directions in Plasmonic Applications and Instrumentation  [Lakeshore C ]
3:50 pm16ACS01: RSC-ACS Symposium - Solving Global Health Challenges: Elemental Techniques towards Characterization, Diagnostics, and Detection  [Greenway E ]
3:50 pm16ATOM03: Innovations and Applications in X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry  [Greenway A ]
3:50 pm16AWD07: Spectroscopy Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy Award Symposium Honoring Matthew Baker  [Greenway H/I ]
3:50 pm16BIM08: Vibrational Spectroscopy and Advanced Statistics for Medical Diagnostics  [Greenway G ]
3:50 pm16IR05: Current Applications of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy  [Lakeshore B ]
3:50 pm16ITP05: Capillary Electrophoresis Applications  [Nicollet B/C ]
3:50 pm16ITP10: Microfluidics and Minaturization  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
3:50 pm16LIBS03: Integration of LIBS in the Analytical Laboratory  [Greenway J ]
3:50 pm16MASS01: Ion Mobility: Adding New Dimensions  [Greenway B/C ]
3:50 pm16PAT01: SAS PAT Technical section: PAT in the Pharmaceutical Industries Session I  [Lakeshore C ]
3:50 pm16RAM05: Bioanalytical SERS II  [Nicollet D1 ]
3:50 pm16RAM13: Industrial Raman  [Lakeshore A ]
3:50 pm16SPECIAL06: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Analytical Chemistry  [Greenway D ]
Tuesday , September 20
8:00 am16PLEN03: Charles Mann Award for Raman Spectroscopy Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
8:30 am16PLEN05: Coblentz Society Craver Award Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16ATOM08: Atmospheric-pressure Plasmas as Tools for Atomic Analyses, Molecular Mass Spectrometry, and Chemical Synthesis  [Greenway A ]
9:15 am16AWD03: Charles Mann Award Symposium Honoring Brian Marquart  [Greenway H/I ]
9:15 am16BIM09: Multimodal Imaging for Biomedical Diagnosis and Therapy Monitoring  [Greenway G ]
9:15 am16FORENS01: Nuclear Forensics  [Greenway D ]
9:15 am16IR01: Nano-IR/Nano-Raman - I  [Lakeshore B ]
9:15 am16ITP06: Proteomics / Glycoproteomics  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16ITP13: Sample Preparation / Concentration  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
9:15 am16LIBS02: Automated LIBS for Process Control  [Greenway J ]
9:15 am16PMA03: Solving Industrial Problems with Vibrational Spectroscopy  [Greenway B/C ]
9:15 am16RAM02: Emerging Raman II  [Nicollet D1 ]
9:15 am16RAM06: Bioanalytical SERS III  [Lakeshore A ]
9:15 am16SPR02: Bottom-up Plasmonic Nanoparticles: Spectroscopic Applications  [Lakeshore C ]
9:15 am16SPSJ01: IR, Raman and Nonlinear Spectroscopies of Surfaces and Boundaries  [Greenway E ]
11:00 amTPITP: Tuesday Posters - ITP - Liquid Phase Separation Methods  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amTPLIBS: Tuesday Posters - LIBS  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amTPRAM: Tuesday Posters - Raman  [Exhibit Hall ]
1:20 pm16ATOM06: Fundamentals and Applications of Laser Ablation  [Greenway A ]
1:20 pm16AWD05: Coblentz Craver Award Symposium Honoring Karen Faulds  [Greenway H/I ]
1:20 pm16BIM03: SERS and SESORS for Biomedical Applications  [Greenway G ]
1:20 pm16IR02: Nano-IR/Nano-Raman - II  [Lakeshore B ]
1:20 pm16ITP07: HPLC and LC-MS  [Nicollet B/C ]
1:20 pm16ITP12: Dielectrophoresis II - Applications and Methodologies  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
1:20 pm16LIBS04: Fusion of LIBS with Other Techniques  [Greenway J ]
1:20 pm16MASS02: Ion Mobility: New Insights into Assembly, Interactions, and Structures  [Greenway B/C ]
1:20 pm16PAT02: Process Analytical Technology in the Biopharmaceutical Industries Session II  [Greenway D ]
1:20 pm16RAM11: Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS)  [Nicollet D1 ]
1:20 pm16RAM18: Raman Contributed Session  [Lakeshore A ]
1:20 pm16SPR01: Bottom-up Plasmonic Nanoparticles: Synthetic Strategies  [Lakeshore C ]
1:20 pm16SPSJ02: Frontiers of Far-and Deep- Ultraviolet Spectroscopy I  [Greenway E ]
3:50 pm16ATOM05: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Professor Joe Caruso  [Greenway B/C ]
3:50 pm16BIM04: Lipids and Lipodomics in Health and Disease  [Greenway G ]
3:50 pm16CHEMO03: Chemometrics in Chemical and Biological Imaging: From macro- to nano-  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
3:50 pm16IR06: Quantum Cascade Lasers - I  [Lakeshore B ]
3:50 pm16ITP02: Youngs Scientists  [Nicollet B/C ]
3:50 pm16MASS06: Clinical and Forensic Applications of Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry  [Greenway J ]
3:50 pm16NANO01: Sustainable Nanotechnology  [Lakeshore C ]
3:50 pm16PAT03: Industrial Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy  [Greenway D ]
3:50 pm16PMA04: Low Frequency Raman, A Pharmaceutical Approach  [Greenway A ]
3:50 pm16RAM15: Nano-IR/Nano-Raman- III  [Nicollet D1 ]
3:50 pm16RAM17: Raman Spectroscopy for Security and Forensics Purposes  [Lakeshore A ]
3:50 pm16SPSJ03: Frontiers of Far-and Deep- Ultraviolet Spectroscopy II  [Greenway E ]
Wednesday , September 21
8:00 am16PLEN04: ANACHEM Award Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
8:30 am16PLEN01: Applied Spectroscopy William F. Meggers Award Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16AES01: Bioelectrokinetics: Biomolecules and Particles  [Greenway J ]
9:15 am16ATOM02: Glow Discharge Spectroscopy and Related Techniques  [Greenway A ]
9:15 am16AWD04: ANACHEM Award Symposium Honoring Paul Cremer  [Greenway H/I ]
9:15 am16CHEMO05: Chemometric Opportunities in Forensic Chemistry  [Greenway G ]
9:15 am16IR07: Quantum Cascade Lasers - II  [Lakeshore B ]
9:15 am16ITP11: Metabolomics  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
9:15 am16ITP14: DNA Sequencing and Electrophoresis  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16MASS03: High-sensitivity Mass Spectrometry for Basic and Translational Research  [Greenway B/C ]
9:15 am16NANO04: Biotemplate-Based Nanomaterials for Energy Applications  [Lakeshore A ]
9:15 am16PAT04: Online Analysis of Industrial Processes and Reactions  [Greenway D ]
9:15 am16RAM14: Standoff Raman Spectroscopy: Instrumentation and Applications  [Nicollet D1 ]
9:15 am16SPECIAL03: The Power of Many: Supporting Diversity in Analytical Chemistry  [Greenway E ]
9:15 am16SURFACE03: Surface Analysis of Biomaterials and Biological Materials  [Lakeshore C ]
11:00 amWPCHEMO: Wednesday Posters - Chemometrics  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amWPIR: Wednesday Posters - Molecular Spectrometry - IR, Near IR, 2D Correlation, Imaging  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amWPMASS: Wednesday Posters - Mass Spectrometry  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amWPNANO: Wednesday Posters - Nanotechnology  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amWPRAM: Wednesday Posters - Raman - SERS/TERS  [Exhibit Hall ]
11:00 amWPSURFACE: Wednesday Posters - Surface Plasmon Resonance and Surface Science  [Exhibit Hall ]
1:20 pm16ACS02: RSC-ACS Symposium - Solving Global Health Challenges: Molecular Techniques towards Diagnostics and Detection  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
1:20 pm16AES02: Micro- and Nanofluidics for Preparation, Separation and Detection of Biomolecules and Cells  [Greenway J ]
1:20 pm16ATOM04: ICPMS: Fundamentals and Applications  [Greenway A ]
1:20 pm16AWD01: Meggers Award Symposium Honoring Mike George  [Greenway H/I ]
1:20 pm16BIM01: CLIRSPEC Biomedical Applications of Near-field Infrared Spectroscopy  [Greenway G ]
1:20 pm16IR08: CLIRSPEC: Clinical Applications of IR Spectroscopy and Imaging  [Lakeshore B ]
1:20 pm16ITP01A: ITP Closing Keynote Lectures I  [Nicollet B/C ]
1:20 pm16ITP01B: ITP Closing Keynotes Lectures II  [Calhoun ]
1:20 pm16LIBS05: Fundamentals of LIBS for Enhanced Analytical Performance  [Greenway B/C ]
1:20 pm16PAT05: Advances in On-line Process Analysis  [Greenway D ]
1:20 pm16PMA05: Novel Approaches to Biopharmaceutical Analysis  [Lakeshore C ]
1:20 pm16RAM03: Raman Spectroscopic Sensing  [Nicollet D1 ]
1:20 pm16RAM19: Raman Contributed Session  [Lakeshore A ]
1:20 pm16SPECIAL04: Making the Leap: Pathways from Graduate School to a Permanent Position  [Greenway E ]
3:05 pm16ITP01C: ITP Closing Plenary and Closing Remarks  [Nicollet B/C ]
3:50 pm16AES03: Nanoscopic Porous Sensors  [Greenway J ]
3:50 pm16ATOM09: Atomic Spectrometry with Glow Discharges at Atmospheric Pressure  [Greenway A ]
3:50 pm16BIM05: Clinical Biomedical Imaging  [Greenway G ]
3:50 pm16CHEMO04: Rethinking Calibration  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
3:50 pm16FORENS02: Forensic Analysis: From the Lab to the Crime Scene  [Greenway D ]
3:50 pm16IR09: Decoding Circulating Biomarkers with Spectroscopy: Next Generation Assays  [Lakeshore B ]
3:50 pm16MASS04: Recent Advances in Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry  [Greenway B/C ]
3:50 pm16RAM07: Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Group  [Nicollet D1 ]
3:50 pm16RAM16: Nano-Raman  [Lakeshore A ]
3:50 pm16SPECIAL05: Chemistry in Art and Archaeology  [Greenway H/I ]
3:50 pm16SPECIAL07: Recent Developments on Mass Cytometric Analysis  [Greenway E ]
3:50 pm16SPR04: Bioanalytical Applications of Plasmonics  [Lakeshore C ]
Thursday , September 22
8:00 am16PLEN02: Lester W. Strock Award Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
8:30 am16PLEN06: AES Mid Career Award Plenary  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16AES04: Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry for Ultrasensitive Bioanalyses  [Greenway J ]
9:15 am16ATOM10: Development and Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharges  [Greenway A ]
9:15 am16AWD02: Lester Strock Award Symposium Honoring Raymond Arvidson  [Greenway H/I ]
9:15 am16BIM06: Novel Biomedical Technologies  [Greenway G ]
9:15 am16CHEMO02: Metabolite Pattern Recognition: The Key to Authentication  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
9:15 am16IR10: Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis - I  [Lakeshore B ]
9:15 am16MASS05: Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics  [Greenway B/C ]
9:15 am16NANO05: Topics in Nanotechnology  [Lakeshore C ]
9:15 am16PAT06: PAT: Flow Chemistry and Continuous Manufacturing Monitoring  [Greenway E ]
9:15 am16PMA06: Chirality in Pharma  [Nicollet B/C ]
9:15 am16RAM08: Biomedical Raman Spectroscopy (CLIRSPEC)  [Nicollet D1 ]
9:15 am16RAM20: Raman Contributed Session  [Lakeshore A ]
9:15 am16SURFACE01: Application of Photoelectron Spectroscopy Techniques to Analysis of Nanomaterials and Devices  [Greenway D ]
11:00 amTHPAES: Thursday Posters - Electrokinetiks-AES  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPATOM: Thursday Posters - Atomic Spectroscopy  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPBIM: Thursday Posters - Biomedical and Bioanalytical Sciences  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPCHROM: Thursday Posters - Chromatography  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPENVIRON: Thursday Posters - Environmental and Oceanographic Sciences  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPLIBS: Thursday Posters - LIBS  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPMICRO: Thursday Posters - Microscopy and Materials Characterization  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPPAT: Thursday Posters - Process Analytical Technology  [Nicollet A ]
11:00 amTHPPMA: Thursday Posters - Pharmaceutical Analysis  [Nicollet A ]
1:20 pm16AWD06: AES Mid-Career Award Symposium Honoring Amy Herr  [Greenway H/I ]
1:20 pm16BIM07: Clinical Vibrational Spectroscopy  [Greenway G ]
1:20 pm16CHEMO06: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Finding the Helpful Variables and Removing the Harmful Variables in Data  [Nicollet D2/D3 ]
1:20 pm16FORENS03: CBRNE Detection  [Lakeshore C ]
1:20 pm16IR11: Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis - II  [Lakeshore B ]
1:20 pm16LIBS06: LIBS for Forensic Analysis  [Greenway D ]
1:20 pm16PAT07: Rapid Testing Using Field-Deployable Spectrometers  [Greenway J ]
1:20 pm16RAM09: Pharmaceutical Applications of Transmission Raman Spectroscopy  [Nicollet D1 ]
1:20 pm16SPECIAL01: Analytical Chemists Easing World Poverty  [Greenway E ]
1:20 pm16SPECIAL10: Handheld and Portable Spectroscopy Applications  [Lakeshore A ]
1:20 pm16SPECIAL11: Topics in Microfluidics  [Nicollet B/C ]
1:20 pm16SPECIAL14: Topics in Chromatography  [Greenway B/C ]
1:20 pm16SURFACE02: Scanning Probe Methods for Surface Science Problems  [Greenway A ]
3:50 pm16AWD09: FACSS Innovation Award  [Nicollet B/C ]
Friday , September 23
8:00 am16SPECIALFRI: Science Beyond Borders  [Lakeshore A ]