Navigating the Startup World as a Female or Minority Founder

Price: $25 for all
Date: Wednesday 10/24/2018 - 9am - 12pm

Samantha Friedman - FairFounders

You've heard about the bias that non-white, non-male startup founders face when fundraising, but do you know how successful minority founders dealt with bias? Do you know what investors are really looking for in the companies they fund? In this short course, you will learn strategies to help your startup beat the odds. You’ll hear from female and minority founders who have successfully navigated the startup world and hear real investors’ perspectives on what they want to see in your pitch (their advice may surprise you). Whether you're already building your startup or are still thinking about taking the plunge - you're bound to learn something new in this course.  Samantha Friedman was co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of a Y Combinator-backed biotech company that raised over $3M in venture capital. She is currently co-founder and Head of Technology at FairFunders Inc., a nonprofit that connects underrepresented startup founders with investors.