Intro to Raman with Imaging Applications

Price: Conferee: $225; Student: $25; Non-Conferee: $325
Date: Tuesday 10/23/2018 - 9am to 12pm

David Tuschel - HORIBA Scientific

In this course, you will learn the basics of applied Raman spectroscopy and imaging. In addition, students will be taught the application of group theory to crystalline materials and how to apply those symmetry rules to perform “Raman Crystallography”. The topics and content will be of value to researchers in industry and academia, analytical chemists, laboratory technicians, teachers, graduate students and materials scientists. The instructor will teach Raman spectroscopy and imaging at a practical level and cover those topics which will allow the student to apply the material learned in the laboratory, workplace and classroom. Students will learn about:

• Raman spectroscopy through the classical description
• The design of a Raman spectrometer and how each component affects the spectrum
• Spatial resolution and confocality
• The effect of microscope objectives on the Raman spectrum
• Raman imaging including 3D imaging
• Phonons and lattice vibrational modes
• Low-Energy phonon modes
• Chemical bond interactions and Raman band shape
• Group theory and spectral selection rules
• Crystal classes and Raman tensors
• Polarization-Orientation micro-Raman spectroscopy
• Application of “Raman crystallography”
• Raman spectroscopy and imaging of few-layer 2D crystals