Water to Wine Workshop: Aqualog® Phenolic Fluorescence Fingerprinting

Price: Conferee: $25; Student: $15; Non-Conferee: $35
Date: October 9 / 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Instructor: Adam M. Gilmore, HORIBA Scientific

The phenolic composition of red wines is linked to a variety of key quality components including visual, taste and ‘mouth-feel’ aesthetics. Phenolic analyses are typically carried out with expensive and labor intensive column-chromatography methods including HPLC and LC-MS.
This workshop will analyse several popular wine varieties to show:
• New methodology for calibrating and validating wine phenolic analysis using the Aqualog®, a patented simultaneous absorbance and fluorescence excitation-emission mapping (EEM) instrument.
• How the EEM method can provide comprehensive phenolic profiles in a few seconds to minutes, including all the information needed for CIE tri-stimulus analyses and other wine-industry standard optical parameters.
• Fingerprinting wine samples with Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and Parallel Factor Analysis (PARAFAC) for varietal- and process-related characteristics, adulterants, and oxidation or microbial spoilage.  

Workshop includes wine and appetizers.