Price: Conferee: $450; Student: $50; Non-Conferee: $550
Date: October 8/ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Instructors: Peter Larkin, Cytec Solvay Group; John Wasylyk, Ravi Kalyanaraman, Bristol Myers Squibb

The course is designed to provide an overview of the theory of vibrational spectroscopy and will encompass three widely used techniques, namely, Infrared, Near-infrared and Raman Spectroscopies.   The full day session will cover basic spectroscopy principles, review the advantages and disadvantages of each technique, summarize the group frequency concept, and provide a comparison of the spectra-structure correlations of the three topical spectroscopies.  Examples designed to complement the fundamentals of vibrational spectroscopy will provide a broad spectrum of application examples with reference to the chemical and physical analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous materials.  The course will not only help to more efficiently evaluate vibrational spectroscopic data but will also enable participants to assess the pros and cons of the vibrational spectroscopies relative to other techniques.