Intro to Bio-Spectroscopy

Price: Conferee: $225; Student: $25; Non-Conferee: $325
Date: October 9 / 1:00  - 4:00 pm
Instructor: Frederic Leblond, Polytechnique Montreal

This workshop will provide an overview of basic physics concepts relating to the interaction of light with biomolecules, cells and tissue, with an emphasis on linear processes including absorption, elastic scattering as well as fluorescence and inelastic scattering.  Specific biomedical optics applications will be described including: i) fluorescence spectroscopy for the quantification of molecularly-targeted fluorescence (intraoperative for surgical guidance and for the evaluation of chemotherapeutic agents using 3D cell models), ii) absorption spectroscopy for hemodynamic tissue response assessment, iii) Raman spectroscopy as a tool to improve the safety and accuracy of interventional medicine procedures including radiotherapy, surgical resection and biopsy sample collection. For each application, emphasis will be on engineering and clinical translation challenges relating with instrument design, calibration procedures and standardization of processed optical data.