SAS Student Poster Awards and FACSS Poster Awards

SAS - A competition for SAS students who are presenting authors will be held and recognition for 4 outstanding posters will be given. The judging will take place on Sunday evening. All SAS students should put up their posters on Sunday evening before the opening mixer as well as on their assigned presentation day. All SciX conferees are invited to submit titles. Student SAS members must select the appropriate box on the on-line paper submission form to ensure they are considered. Student awardees will receive a free 1-year SAS membership and a plaque highlighting their achievement. For more information please contact the SAS Office by either email: or phone: 301-694-8122.

2017 SAS Poster Awards coming soon.

2016 SAS Student Poster Awards:

Kyle C. Doty, University at Albany, SUNY; Human and Animal Blood Differentiation using Raman Spectroscopy and Chemometrics
Aboualizadeh, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; The potential of FTIR Spectroscopy and Computational Analysis in Characterizing the Mechanism of Action of Blue-Light against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Larkey, Oregon State University; Dual Functioning Reporter+Probe Biosensors to Visualize Absence or Presence of microRNA
C. Kyle
Almlie, Oregon State University; Co-Localized Excitation-Emission Resolution (CLEER) of Multiple Fluorophores


FACSS Student Poster Awards - FACSS awards poster prizes to students during the SciX conference poster sessions Monday through Thursday.

2017 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Nalin Andersen, University of New Mexico; Spectrochemical Detection of Chemical Analytes in Microfluidic Systems
MD Nayeem Hossain, Duquesne University; One-Class Classification Method for Pharmaceutical Product Authentication System using Spectroscopy
Fanny Chu, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Optimization of Single Hair Proteomics for Human Identification
Oscar Ayala
, Vanderbilt University; Bacterial identification in ex vivo Human Fetal Membrane Biofilms using Raman Microspectroscopy
Krystine Hill, Naval Medical Research Center; Spectroscopic Investigation of Early Tissue Pathology in Combat-Wounded Patients Diagnosed with Heterotopic Ossification
Carmen Gondhalekar, Purdue University; Detection of anti-Toxin Heavy-Metal Tagged Antibodies using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
Sugato Ray
Univerity of Wisconsin Milwaukee; Precise Recovery of Coordinates by Image Processing Algorithm for FTIR Micro-Spectroscopy Limited Angle Computed Tomography
Joseph Lesniewski, Georgetown University; Role of Clusters for Non-metal Ionization in ICP-based Plasma Assisted Reaction Chemical Ionization (PARCI)
Christopher Wiseall, University of Nottingham; Water Solubility Measurements with FTIR for Carbon Capture and Sequestration Relevant Gas Mixtures
Maria Rivera
, University at Buffalo; Microwave-Assisted Electrospray Ionization (µAESI)
Kevin Higgins, University of Tennessee; Label-free Imaging of Amphotericin B Interacting with Live Cells Using Transient Absorption Microscopy
Mercede Erikson, Brigham Young University; The Use of a Capillary Dielectric Barrier Discharge Ionization (DBDI) Source for Spatially-Resolved Measurements of Cholesterol in Mouse Brains