ATTENTION! There are TWO things you will receive via email: Your EVENT CODE and your ACCESS KEY. 

Your event code is for one time use only. Use your event code to receive your access key. Your access key will be your password to log in to the virtual site when needed. 

Step by step instructions are below. 

  1. Go to the virtual conference website and in the top right corner, click Login.

  2. Click Create An Account.

  3. Enter your information and the EVENT CODE you have been given via email.

  4. Then click "Create Account."

  5. Check your e-mail again! You will been sent your SciX 2020 Virtual Access Key. This is your personal access key (password) that you can use to login at any time. You cannot change your access key so please be sure to keep this e-mail handy.

  6. Return to the virtual conference website login screen and enter your e-mail address and access key

  7. You are now able to watch the pre-recorded talks and posters, and live stream content when it is available!

Where do I find my EVENT CODE?

  1. If you registered before October 5, you received an email on October 5 with your unique EVENT CODE. Subject line "Virtual SciX 2020: Access to the Conference Website is Available!"

  2. If you registered on or after October 5, your EVENT CODE is in your registration confirmation email.

  3. If you have not yet registered, register here. Then check your e-mail for your registration confirmation where your EVENT CODE will be provided.  This event code is unique and tied to your registration record.

Email with "missing event code" in the subject line if you cannot locate your EVENT CODE:

How do I know I am logged in?

If you can see your name at the top right corner of the screen, that means you are logged in.

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