SAS Student Poster Awards and FACSS Poster Awards

SAS - A competition for SAS students who are presenting authors will be held and recognition for 4 outstanding posters will be given. The judging will take place on Sunday evening. All SAS students should put up their posters on Sunday evening before the opening mixer as well as on their assigned presentation day. All SciX conferees are invited to submit titles. Student SAS members must select the appropriate box on the on-line paper submission form to ensure they are considered. Student awardees will receive a free 1-year SAS membership and a plaque highlighting their achievement. For more information please contact the SAS Office by either email: or phone: 301-694-8122.

SAS Student Poster Awards:
Erin Boyle, UW - Madison; Fully Coherent Hybrid Raman-IR Multimensional Spectroscopies.
Joanna Denbigh, University of Manchester; ToF-SIMS as a Tool for Probing Lipid Saturation in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Cells Treated with a Novel Combination Therapy
Sarah Holton, University of Illinois; Towards Stimulated Raman Scattering for Cell Type Differentiation
Shweta A. Raina, Purdue University; Using Environment Sensitive Fluorescence Probes to Estimate Amorphous Solubility and Characterize Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation Behavior in Highly Supersaturated Solutions of Poorly Soluble Compounds. 


FACSS - FACSS awards poster prizes to students during the SciX conference poster sessions Monday through Thursday.

2013 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients
Monitoring the Uniformity of α-Helices in Lipophilic Environments; Anahita Zare; University of Missouri-Columbia
Manipulation of Mitochondria by Insulator-based Dielectrophoresis; Jinghui Luo, Arizona State University
Oscillator Strength Measurements in Lanthanides and Transition Metals using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy; Russell Putnam; University of Windsor
Absolute Number Densities of Helium Metastable Atoms in Helium-Based Discharges Used as Ambient Desorption/Ionization Sources; Charlotte Reininger, Brigham Young University
Application of Band Target Entropy Minimization Technique to Extract Eutectic Features from Raman Spectra; Md Anik Alam, Duquesne University
Time Resolved Raman Spectroscopy for Depth Analysis of Multi-Layered Mineral Samples [1]; Jain-Hein Hooijschuur, Vrije University
An Examination of Matrix Effects of Carbon and Iron Mixtures in LIBS Spectra, Experimental and Numerical Approaches; Leon Taleh, Delaware State University
Integrating Second Harmonic Generation and Two-Photon Ultraviolet Fluorescence into an X-ray Diffraction Beamline for Protein Crystal Centering; Christopher Dettmar, Purdue University
Effects of Local Environmental on UV-VIS Spectra of Zinc Porphyrins: Protein & Solvent; Hannah E. Wagie, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Limits of Detection from the Viewpoint of Statistical Hypothesis Testing; Kaylee R. McDonald, University of South Carolina
Monitoring DNA Binding to a Yellow Fluorescent Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Helicase Fusion Protein using FRET; Shady Girgis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
ToF-SIMS as a Tool for Probing Lipid Saturation in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Cells Treated with a Novel Combination Therapy; Joanna Denbigh, University of Manchester
Analysis of the Surface Aggregation of Phospholipids using Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy; Elyse Towns, University of California, Davis
Modeling Heat Transfer through Multiple Interfaces of Differing Phase for Predictive Temperature Cycling Regulation; Bradley M. Moran, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee